helm plantation


Helm Plantation

Location: Prince William Co., VA


Austin Steward
Austin Steward was born a slave in Prince William County, Virginia, in 1793. His master, William Helm, owned over a hundred slaves. When Steward was eight years old he became a house slave at Helm's mansion. Helm sold his plantation and moved to Bath in Steuben County. In financial difficulties, Helm had to hire his slaves out to local farmers. Some of these men treated him very badly and eventually he escaped. Steward reached Canada in 1815 where he joined the Wilberforce Colony that had been established by the Society of Friends. Steward's autobiography, Twenty-Two Years a Slave appeared in 1857 and is considered one of the best slave narratives available. Austin Steward died in 1860.

Associated surnames: Helm, Steward

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