chelsea plantation


Chelsea Plantation

Location: King William Co., VA
Constructed: early 1700s

History: Augustine Moore, the builder of Chelsea Plantation, was a highly successful tobacco entrepreneur in the Tidewater area of Virginia and well connected both socially and politically. Augustine Moore's son , Bernard, later married Ann Katherine Spotswood, the daughter of Governor Alexander Spotswood of Virginia. Bernard Moore was a Burgess for King William County during the stormy years at the close of the colonial period, and also served as one of the first three Judges of the Admiralty Court of Virginia during the early years of the Revolution. George Washington, a family friend, frequently visited the Moores at Chelsea as documented by his diary. During the Revolutionary War in the campaign of 1781, just prior to the Battle of Yorktown, General LaFayette's army was encamped on Chelsea Plantation near the mansion-house, and LaFayette made his headquarters in Chelsea mansion. Alexander Moore, son of Bernard Moore, was aide-de-camp to General LaFayette.

Associated surnames: Moore

Associated Plantations: Shirley Plantation (Charles City Co., VA)

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