ben lomond farm


Ben Lomond Farm

Location: Prince William Co., VA
Founded: 1830

History: Robert "Councillor" Carter had 18 plantations in Northern Virginia. The site where Ben Lomond was built later was part of his Leo Plantation, his largest. After his death in 1804, is daughter, Sarah Carter and her husband John Yates Chinn, received 730 acres of the Cancer Plantation and the Leo Plantation. Benjamin Tasker Chinn, inherited 1,179 acres after his mother, Sarah, died in 1829. He then moved to Prince William County with his seven slaves, cleared the land, and built Ben Lomond House (1832). In 1837 Benjamin Chinn married Edmonia Carter. Benjamin Chinn used the land for crops and horses until 1853, and then began raising cattle. And he added acreage to the estate, expanding to 2,379 acres at his maximum (before selling 600 acres prior to the start of the Civil War).

The Federal style tone, "Manor" house and its accessory buildings are the visible reminders of Ben Lomond Farm, which was begun in about 1830 by Benjamin Chinn. Ben Lomond is one of the few remaining Carter family houses in an area which once exhibited such fine country residences as Portici, Pittsylvania, Hazel Plain, Mountain View, Elmwood, Sudley and Woodland. The house served as a hospital during the First and Second Battles of Manassas. The small stone accessory building west of the house is thought to have been a slave quarter.

Associated surnames: Carter, Chinn

Associated Plantations: Cancer Farm (Prince William Co., VA), Edge Hill Plantation (Richmond Co., VA), Leo Plantation (Loundon Co., VA)

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