moffatsville plantation


Moffatsville Plantation

Location: Madison Co., TX
Constructed: ----

History: Following the death of her husband Langston Goree in 1853, Sarah Goree moved her family from Trinity Bend Plantation in Huston Co. to Moffatsville Plantation in Madison Co. to be near her brother Pleasant Williams Kittrell. Early in 1858 she purchased Raven Hill plantation in Walker (now San Jacinto) County from Sam Houston.

Pleasant Williams Kittrell was instrumental in the formation and naming of Madison County Texas and its first representative to the legislature. He was also Sam Houston's physician and in attendance at the general's death. At the time of Patrick Lawson Hayes' untimely death (see Seven Oaks Plantation), Dr. Kittrell became the executor of the estate and guardian of Patrick's children, Hugh and Melissa. That same year, 1863, Melissa Married Sudy and Thomas' brother, Robert Daniel Goree. After his death Melissa married Dr. John W. Thomason and became the mother of John W. Thomason, Jr., the famed Marine Corps officer, illustrator, and author.

Notes: It should be noted that Madison County was formed in 1853 from Grimes, Walker and Leon Counties, Texas. Many years can be wasted looking in the wrong county because of changes in boundaries during the mid to late 1800s. Current day Gorees deny any association with Goree Island. Helen M. Ross

Associtated Surnames: Goree

Associated Plantations: Raven Hill Plantation (San Jacinto Co., TX); Seven Oaks Plantation (Madison Co., TX); Trinity Bend Plantation (Huston Co., TX)

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