rotherwood plantation


Rotherwood Plantation

Location: Kingsport, Sullivan Co., TN
Constructed: 1818

History: Rotherwood Mansion is a historic, private home that is located above the Holston River in eastern Tennessee. The mansion was built in 1818 by Frederick Ross, who actually founded the town of Rossville, which later became Kingsport.

Frederick Ross fell into terrible financial trouble and he was forced to sell his estate to a man named Joshua Phipps in 1847. Phipps was a cruel slave holder who had a terrible reputation for evil and harshness. The mansion and the plantation prospered under Phipps until the first year of the Civil war. Summer came and Phipps came down with some sort of horrible illness that forced him to his bed. Many believe that a curse placed on him by his mistreated slaves may have taken his life. He was lying in his bed when, according to legend, a swarm of black flies came and covered his face, crawling into his mouth and nose and eventually suffocating him.

The historic mansion of Rotherwood is now a private residence and is located in Kingsport in the eastern region of Tennessee, just off of the Virginia border.

Associated Surnames: Phipps, Ross

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