bryant place


Bryant Place

Location: Panola Co., MS
Constructed: ca. 1856

History: In 1852, Everard Green Baker and his wife Laura moved to Panola Co., Mississippi. In his diary, Baker described the surrounding country as a swamp. He wrote increasingly about farm operations after the move. The chief crops were corn and cotton. In his diary, he included personal information about slaves, such as his efforts to make their Christmas holiday pleasant, their good work during one of his illnesses, and an obituary for an older slave who died of diarrhea and dropsy. In July 1854, Baker purchased a residence in town and moved his family there. He had exchanged plantations with Thad Sorsby, which allowed him to move his slaves from the swamp closer to town.

In 1856, Baker had purchased "the Bryant Place". The family moved there, and, after this time, his farming operations were on a larger scale. Cotton picking, ginning, and pressing were carried out on the plantation and cattle and hogs were raised. In 1857, Baker performed a marraige ceremony for two of his slaves.

Associated Surnames: Baker

Associated Plantations: Richland Plantation (Jefferson Co., MS)

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