brighton plantation


Brighton Plantation

Location: Adjacent to Brighton Woods place, near Second Creek; Adams Co., MS

History: A relatively small 180-acre plantation run by about twenty slaves during John S. Mosby's ownership. John Mosby, born in Virginia in 1801, was a prosperous farmer, but not wealthy by Adams County standards. In spite of his second-class economic status, he established close connection with many of the wealthier planters int he vicinty through the school, Elva Academy, located on his land. His wife was visited by their very well-off immediate neighbor Mrs. Annis Dunbar Jenkins and her children. Mosby's plantation suffered from waivering financial stability: He borrowed money heavily and often used his slaves as collateral. This was a constant threat to the fragile family integrity of the slaves on the plantation

Associated Surnames: Jenkins

Associated Free White Names

Associated Black Slave Names

1850's: John S. Mosby slaves
Winthrop D. Jordan, From "Road Duty, UTA; Road Duty, MDAH"

1854: John S. Mosby's slaves
Winthrop D. Jordan, From "Road Duty, UTA; Road Duty, MDAH"

1860: Slave sale, John S. Mosby to a Natchez slave-trading firm
Winthrop D. Jordan, From "Adams County Deeds, Book LL, 535, Book MM, 273, 443"

1862: Adams County Personal Property Assessment Rolls
Winthrop D. Jordan


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