lloyd plantation


Lloyd Plantation

Location: Near the eastern side of Chesapeake Bay, Talbot Co., MD

History: Lloyd Plantation was owned by Edward Lloyd V, one of the wealthiest men in Maryland. The main Lloyd Plantation was near the eastern side of Chesapeake Bay, 12 miles from Holmes Hill Farm, a plantation owned by Lloyd Plantation's manager, Aaron Anthony. Lloyd Plantation received slave children born on Holmes Hill Farm. Four of these were the famous Frederick Douglas, his brother Perry, and his sisters Sarah and Eliza.

Frederick Douglas (Frederick Baily)
At the age of six, Frederick (born on Holmes Hill Farm) was sent to live and work at the Lloyd Plantation. Later, he was sent to work for Hugh Auld in Baltimore, MD where Hugh's wife Sophia Auld taught Frederick to read. Upon the death of Aaron Anthony, ownership of Frederick was passed to Lucretia Anthony Auld, who returned Frederick to Hugh and Sophia Auld in Baltimore. Within a year, Frederick was relocated yet again after the death of his legal owner Lucretia. His ownership went to Lucretia's husband Thomas Auld. In March of 1833, the 15 year old Frederick was sent to live at Thomas Auld's new farm near the town of Saint Michaels, a few miles from the Lloyd plantation. (biography continued at the Auld Farm page)

Associated Surnames: Anthony, Auld, Baily, Lloyd

Associated Plantations: Auld Farm (Talbot Co., MD), Holmes Hill Farm (Talbot Co., MD)

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