doughoregan manor


Doughoregan Manor
Variant names: The House of Kings

Location: Anne Arundel Co., MD

History: Doughoregan Manor was the favorite plantation among the many properties of Charles Carroll (of Carollton) the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. Carroll was very well-off, having owned various plantations, residential and business properties in Baltimore and Annapolis, herds of livestock, and many slaves. After Carroll's death in 1832, the heir to the property, the younger Charles Carroll of Homewood Plantation took charge and dismissed the plantation manager William Gibbons. In Gibbons' absence, the order among the slaves rapidly broke down, giving many of the slaves the opportunity to flee. Three slaves, Andrew, Moses, and John, escaped to Homewood Plantation, hid out in the slave quarters, and began to make further plans. Gibbons, the previous manager, was rehired and eventually the slaves were found and punished. Andrew and Moses were sold at auction.

Associated Surnames: Carroll, Gibbons

Associated Plantations: Homewood Plantation (Anne Arundel Co., MD)

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Slaves of Doghoregan Manor
From "Runaway Slaves: Rebels on the Plantation" by John H. Franklin and Loren Scheninger



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