hygiene plantation


Hygiene Plantation

Location: Plaquemines Pa., LA
Constructed: ca. 1850

History: David Raymond Fox, son of Rev. James Angel Fox and Sarah Otis Fox, was born in 1822 in Pinckneyville, Mississippi. He earned his MD from the University of Louisianaand later served as a surgeon in the Confederate Army. He built a home, known as Hygiene Plantation in Plaquemines, Parish sometime before 1852. From 1858 to1878 Dr. Fox treated the plantation families and slaves of the neighboring southern plantations.

Associated Surnames: Drew, Field, Fox

Associtated Plantations: Woodburne Plantation (Warren Co., MS)

Associated Free White Names

Associated Black Slave Names

1865: Freedmen who applied for land at "Dr. Fox Plantation"
From "Register of Applications of Freedmen for Land", http://www.freedmensbureau.com/louisiana/landapps.htm Visit page for more details. Ordered by surname.


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