albert h. shepherd plantation


(Albert H.) Shepherd Plantation

Location: Florence, Stewart Co., GA
Constructed: 1825

History: Sheperd's Plantation was co-ownde by borthers Dr. Albert H. Shepherd and Edward Shepherd.

In 1836, the Sheperds' plantation was attacked by Creek Indians. Peter, one of the Sheperd slaves, was killed in the battle along with seven men from the local militia. Several slaves fled to Columbus, GA (forty-five miles away), while others fled with the Creek Indians and retreated to the forest.

Albert Shepherd's family and other slaves found shelter in the courthouse in Lumkin,GA when the house was attacked. Dr. Albert H. Shepherd died a year after the battle , from "severe" cold exposure. His wife Anne Elizabeth Smythe Shepherd, and three children: Sarah Porterhous Shepherd, Mary Alberta Shepherd, and their only son William Smythe Shepherd, inherited the slaves, and made repairs to the house and the farm.

Albert's son Colonel William Smythe Shepherd eventually inherited the plantation. Former slaves from the Shepherd Plantation continued to work for Colonel Shepherd until he died in 1925. The Colonel's plantation was operated by overseers. The Colonel never married, but lived with his mother Anne Smythe Shepherd in Columbus, GA.

Associated Surnames: Shepherd

Associated Plantations: Edward T. Shepherd Plantation (Stewart Co., GA)

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1837: Slaves of Dr. Albert H. Shepherd
From Estate of Dr. Albert H. Shepherd, Sept. 1837, residence Florence, Administrator James M, Smythe et al. Appraisement of the property belonging to the estate, Dec. 1837.

1842: Slaves of William S. Shepherd
From division of "Property" May 17, 1842.


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