Slaves in Jones & Covington Co.s MS

Slaves in Jones and Covington Co.s MS
African ancestors documented as property of Jones County and Covington County free whites

INTRODUCTION: According to oral history, my ancestors Thomas and Cora Knight fled from the plantation of "Captian Newton Knight" in Soso, Mississippi and settled in North Carolina. What seemed to be an obvious lead only led to more mystery, since no evidence suggests that Newton Knight of Soso, MS ever owned any slaves. Therefore, I have decided to research slaves and slave-owners in the area where Newton Knight's family resided. This section of my web site is dedicated to the genealogy of the ancestors enslaved by the KNIGHT family and related families of Jones and Covington Co.s MS.

The Slave-Holding Families of Jones and Covington Counties
My central focus is slave holder John "Jackie" Knight (????/VA -1762/VA ) and his descendants. Other surnames are connected to this lineage by marraige. In many cases, slaves were inherited and sold amongst family members. Deciphering the genealogy of the slave-holding family is important when investigating the migration patterns, where-abouts, and surnames of enslaved ancestors. These genealogies are often readily available at Rootsweb's GenConnect project.








Slave Holders: John "Jackie" Knight & Descendants
Associated Surnames: Brumfield/ Broomfield, Clarke, Hathorn, Morgan, Whitehead
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John "Jackie" Knight
slave holder
(1773/NC - 1861/VA)
wi. Keziah Davis
(1778 - 1859/MS)
Albert Knight, Sr.
(1799 - 1862/MS)
wi. Mary Mason Rainey
(1805/NC - 1868/MS)
John Knight
(1821/MS - 1837/NC)
wi. Sarah A. Anderson
(1825/KY - 1905)
Thomas Knight
(1823 - 1903)
wi.1 Nancy Duckworth
(1838 - )
wi.2 Sarah Duckworth
(1827 - )

Keziah Knight
( - )

Reuben B. Knight
(1827 - 1862)
William W. Knight
(1829/MS - 1862)
Newton Knight
(1829/MS - 1922/MS)
James W. Knight
(1831 - 1865/GA)
  Albert Knight, Jr.
(1833 - 1887)
Jesse M. Knight
(1835 - 1898)
Leonard Knight
(1839 - )
George Franklin Knight
(184 - )
Martha Ann Knight
(1846 - 1926)

hus. William N. "Bill" Morgan
slave holder
(1840 - 1865/MS)

Harriet Knight
(1804 - 1870)
hus. Charles Brumfield
slave holder
(1796 - 1870)
Elizabeth Knight
(1806 - 1885)
hus. John B. Clarke
(1790 - ????)
John Knight Jr.
(1808 - 1833)
Mary Ann Knight
slave holder
(1810/GA - 1863)
hus. John Whitehead
( - )

William H. Knight
slave holder
(1812/GA - 1880)

James Knight
slave holder
(1815 - 1901)
Benjamin Franklin Knight
(1817/MS - ????)
Altimirah Knight
slave holder
(1819 - 1871)
hus. George Mattison Brumfield
slave holder
(1812 - 1901)
Jefferson "Jesse" D. Knight
slave holder
(1822/MS - 1863/MS)
Daniel C. Knight
slave holder
(1824/MS - 1863)