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CWUNITS is now five files (plus one for the FAQ) as follows:

Part Contents

1    USA national & states A-I

2    USA states K-N

3    USA states O-W

4    CSA national & states A-M

5    CSA states N-V

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Parts 1-5 include this intro as well as the listings.

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Carol Botteron (ancestors on both sides)





UNION (continued)




All Ohio units             (Tom Townsend)

Ohio In the Civil War WWW Page (Larry Stevens)

Ohio Historical Society Civil War Documents

1st Ohio Inf.            

1st Ohio Volunteer Inf., Co.H

1st Ohio Vol. Inf., Co. I (Phil Lange)

1st OH Light Artil. Batt. H (Edward Browne)

1st OH Light Artil. Batt. H  1861-5 (Edward Keen)

1st OH Light Artil. Batt. I (David Medert)

1st Ohio Vol. Heavy Art., Co.L

1st Indep.OH Cav.Batt'n   1861-6 (K Torgler)

  (11th Ohio Cavalry)

1st Ohio Cavalry           (Warren Gentzel)

2nd Ohio Heavy Artil.Co.A 1863-4 (Joseph Gardner)

2nd Ohio Cavalry, Co. A  (Michael Elliott)

3rd Ohio Infantry            1861-4 (Mark Snyder)

3rd Ohio Vol. Cav.       (Dave Frederick)

3rd Ohio Vol Cavalry, Co. A,D,I

4th O.V.I.              (William C. Stark)

4th OVI, 3 Months, Co.B (Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell)

4th Ohio Cavalry             1861-5 (Nancy Findley)

4th Ohio Vol. Cavalry        1861-5

4th Ohio Vol. Cavalry       (Bill Krebs)

4th OH Vol.Cav.Roster Co A-M 1861-5 (Karin Corbeil)

5th Indpt. Co. OH Sharpshooters (Sarah R Brooks)

5th Indpt Batt'y, OH Lt. Artil. (Kevin P. Shanesy)

6th Ohio Vol. Infantry      1861-4 (Tom Townsend)

6th Indpt Batt'y-OH Lt. Artil. (Michael Elliott)

6th Ohio Cavalry              1861-5 (Jamie Adams)

7th Ohio Cav., Co. G        

8th Ohio Infantry             1861-4 (Tom Schneider)

8th Ohio Infantry (Steve Hartzell)

8th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry 

9th Ohio Infantry           (Joe Reinhart)

9th Ohio Cavalry            1865 (Ernest Dollar)

9th Ohio Vol. Cavalry, Co. F

10th OH Vol. Infantry     1861-4 (Ruth C. Carter)

10th Ohio Vol. Cavalry   1862-5 (Mary Helen Chrisman)

11th Ohio Cavalry        1861-6 (K Torgler)

  (1st Independent Ohio Cavalry Battalion)

12th OVI, Co. H               (Nikki Nickell)

12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry   (Brent Nimmo)

12th OH Cav. Stoneman's Raid, 22 Mar-May 1865 (Wayne)

13th OH Reg. Cavalry Vols (Larry Stevens)

14th O.V.I.                    1861-5

14th Ohio Infantry             1861-5 (Dan Masters)

15th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co. D

19th Ohio Inf.Co.G,I,K 1861(3 mo.) (Michael Elliott)

19th OH Lt.Artil.(Shields Battery) (Chris Whipple)

20th Ohio Vol. Inf.  May 1861-1865? (Kate Forster)

20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Jeff Creamer)

20th Ohio Infantry    (D. Reid Ross)

21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Judy Ulrich)

21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Robert Kipp)

21st OH Vol. Inf. Co. A,C,E,F,H,I,K

21st Ohio Infantry, Co. C     1861-5 (Dan Masters)

23rd OVI                   (Larry Stevens)

24th Ohio Inf. Regiment    1861-4 (John C. Rutherford)

25th Ohio Vol. Inf.   (Tom J. Edwards)

27th OH Vol. Inf. Ohio Brigade

29th OVI, Co. D, G, and H (Michael Elliott)

31st Ohio Vol. Inf., Co. C (J. Forrest Luker)

32nd O.V.I.           (William C. Stark)

33rd Ohio Inf.           

34th Ohio Vol. Infantry   (Leslie Lienert)

34th Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. D

35th Ohio                      1861-3 (Richard Bloss)

35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry  1861-4 (John Hale)

35th Ohio Vol. Inf., Co. "C"  1861-4 (Rich Saum)

35th Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. K   

36th Ohio Vol. Inf.           1861-5

36th Ohio Vol. Inf.         1861-5 (Leslie Lienert)

39th OH Vol. Inf. Ohio Brigade

39th OVI or (Brad Miklosovic)

40th OVI (mainly from Darke Co., OH) (Wally Garchow)

40th Regiment, Co. K OVI      1861-4 (Max McDaniel)

41st Ohio Infantry        1861-5 (Bill Christen)

43rd Ohio Infantry    1861-5 (Nick Lennard)

43rd OH Vol. Inf. Ohio Brigade

44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Mark Schilling)

46th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co. K

48th Ohio Vol. Infantry       1861-5 (Don D. Worth)

48th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co. A

49th Ohio Vol. Inf.         1861-5 (Joshua Mann)

49th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co. A

50th OVI                  (Gloria J. Snow)

51st OVI        (Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell)

51st OVI (mainly from Darke Co., OH) (Wally Garchow)

51st Regiment, Co. K OVI      1864 (Max McDaniel)

52nd Ohio Vol. Inf.            1862-5

53rd Ohio Vol. Inf.        1861-3 (Marben Graham)

53rd Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. B      1861-5 (Earl S. Elliott jr)

54th OVI (Zouaves) Co.A 1861-4 (Joseph Gardner)

55th Ohio               1860-5? (Ernest Blevins)

55th Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. K    1861-5 (Tom Althauser)

56th O.V.I.                  1861-4 (Randy Nickell)

57th Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. C & I

58th OVI                    (Gary Gack)

60th Ohio Vol. Inf.   (Chris Volker)

63rd OH Vol. Inf. Ohio Brigade

63rd OH Vol. Inf., Co. A      1861-5 (Wayne Lowery)

64th Ohio Inf. Regt. (USA) (Don Wester)

64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Kent Dorr)

64th OVI, Co. G           (Michael Elliott)

65th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Kent Dorr)

66th Ohio Vol Inf              1863-4

66th OVI       (Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell)

67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Dan Masters)

67th Ohio Vol. Inf., Co.F,G,I,J

68th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co.G

69th OVI         1862-5 (Jeanne Larzalere Bloom)

71st Ohio Vol. Infantry      1861-5 or

                        (Karel Lea Biggs)

73rd OVI                    (Warren Gentzel)

73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

74th Ohio Vol. Infantry      1861-5 (Jim Cross)

76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry  1862-5

76th OVI Co. D & I            1864-5 (Jim Graves)

78th OH Volunteer Infantry  

78th Ohio Infantry, Co. G (Michael Elliott)

78th Reg. OH Inf.Vols, esp Co.K (Carl J. Denbow)

79th Ohio Vol. Inf., Co.E  1862-5 (Doug Hanauer)

80th Ohio Vol. Inf. (USA)  1862-5 (Jerry Johnson)

81st OVI                    1861-5 (Steve Beatty)

82nd Ohio Infantry          1861-5 (Richard Fink)

83rd OH Vol. Infantry, Co.G

86th OH Vol. Infantry, Co.D

89th Ohio Vol. Inf.            1862-5 (Lee Fenner) (10 MB of info on regt.)

89th Ohio Vol. Inf., Co. K (J. Forrest Luker)

90th Ohio Inf Reg           (Warren Gentzel)

90th Ohio Vol. Inf. Co. H  

92nd OVI             (Dale R. Pool)

92nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Trip Wiggins)

93rd O.V.I.    1862-5 (William G. Schmidt)

97th OH Volunteer Infantry  

99th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Debbie Moore)

99th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. A

100th Ohio Vol. Inf.  1862-5 (Anthony Valentine)

100th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. E

101st Ohio Infantry         1862-5 (Matt Burr)

102nd Ohio Vol. Infantry (K Torgler)

102nd OH Vol. Infantry, Co. K  

103rd OH Vol. Infantry          (William King)

103rd O.V.I.             (William C. Stark)

103rd OH Vol. Infantry, Co. H

104th Ohio Infantry, Co. H (Michael Elliott)

107th Ohio Vol. Inf. (Ron Chojnacki)

110th Ohio Vol.r Infantry   1862-5 (Jim Cross)

111th Ohio Infantry         1862-5

114th Ohio Vol. Infantry    

114th Ohio Inf. Regiment (Vol.) (Warren Gentzel)

114th O.V.I.                  1862-3 (Randy Nickell)

114th Ohio Vol. Infantry  1862-5 (Raymond K. Moore)

115th OVI, Co. C, G, and K (Michael Elliott)

115th OVI, Company F        1862-5 (Paul Swartz)

116th Ohio Vol. Infantry    1862-5 (Mark D. Okey)

118th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. C

118th Ohio Infantry         1862-5 (Mike Keefer)

118th Regiment, Co. C OVI   1862-5 (Max McDaniel)

120th OH Vol. Infantry (Susie Holderfield)

121st OH Vol. Infantry, Co. K

122nd Ohio Vol. Inf.        (Jack Casner)

123rd Ohio Infantry (Steve Hartzell)

123rd Ohio Infantry            1862-5 (Matt Burr)

123rd OH Vol. Infantry, Co. D

124th Reg't OH Vol. Inf. Co.C  1863-4 (Carol B.)

125th Reg't Ohio Vol. Inf.    1862-5 (J. Potts)

125th Reg't Ohio Vol. Inf. 1862-5 (B.B. Hemmingsen)

125th Ohio Vol. Inf. (Nelson C. Haldane)

126th Ohio Infantry           (Dave Knoch)

126th Regiment Ohio Vol. Inf.

128th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. G

129th Reg. OH Vol. Inf. Co. K  1863-4 (GeneRoller)

130th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. C

135th Ohio Vol. Inf. (B. Kevin Bennett)

135th Reg. OH Vol. Inf. Co.D&E 1864

136th Ohio Vol. Inf.         (Jeff Mitchell)

138th Ohio Nat. Guard    (Tommy Stovall)

142nd Regiment Ohio Vol. Inf.  (David McKay)

142nd OVI      (Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell)

144th Ohio Vol. Infantry      1864 (Dan Masters)

144th OH Vol. Inf., Co. B,E,F,I

144th Ohio Vol. Infantry Co. I (Doug Decker)

145th OH Inf., all companies  1864 (William Morgan)

150th Ohio Vol. Infantry (Michael O'Connor)

152nd OVI (mainly from Darke Co., OH) (Wally Garchow)

152nd Ohio Inf. May 11-Sept.2,1864 (Larry Stevens)

154th Ohio Vol. Infantry  1864 (D.B. Grabill)

157th OH Vol. Inf. Reg't   1864 (Tim Capstack)

164th OVI, Co. D, F, and H (Michael Elliott)

164th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. K

174th Ohio Vol. Inf. Regiment (Jim Oiler)

175th OVI                    (Bob Werner)

  including 'Roll of Honor' lists (killed and wounded)

177th Ohio Vol. Infantry (Michael Elliott)

178th Ohio Vol. Infantry     (Jeff Creamer)

183rd OVI                    (Bob Werner)

  including 'Roll of Honor' lists (killed and wounded)

186th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. E

188th OVI, Co. I         (Michael Elliott)

189th OH Vol. Infantry, Co. G

191st OH Vol. Infantry, Co. A  1865 (Richard Cordi)

Carroll's Brigade             1861-4 (Tom Schneider)

Cleveland Light Artillery     (Michael Fahrion)

Fremont's Body Guard (MO/OH Cav.) (John L. Maurath)

McLaughlin's Squadron Calvary    (Kent Dorr)

Trumbull County, OH soldiers & vets (Anne Colucci)

Trumbull Guards, O.V.I. 11/62-7/65 (Mike Trowbridge)









Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War (searchable rosters)

Pennsylvania Civil War Volunteers  (Military Service Files & Pensions)

                          1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

Pennsylvania in the Civil War (Alice J. Gayley)

Pennsylvania State Archives

1st PA Reserve Infantry   (William Stroud)

1st Penna. Reserve, Co. B (Wm. MaGargle)

1st Penn. Light Artillery  1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

1st PA Light Artil. Batt'y B

1st PA Light Artil. Batt'y F&G 1861-5 (J. Potts)

1st Pa. Vol. Cavalry          1861-5 (Tony Mann)

1st PA Cavalry         (Andrew W. German)

1st PA Cavalry, or 44 Regiment of PA: Companies I, &  K

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

1st PA Cav. Regiment, Co's L & M (Roy F. Gehris)

2nd PA Reserves (31st PA Infantry) (Bob)

2nd Regiment PA Heavy Artil. (Richard Stanley)

2nd PA Heavy Artil. Vols.      1861-6 (Randall Black)

2nd PA Heavy Artil. Co. M 1862-4

2nd PA Provisional Heavy Artil. 1864

2nd Regiment PA Heavy Artillery, Battery K

  (Fayette co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

3rd PA Inf. (Colored) Co. F    1863-5 (John Carter)

3rd PA Heavy Artillery    1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

3rd PA Artillery, Battery B

4th Penn. Cavalry (64th Vols) (Russ Kirchner)

5th Pa H. Art. (aka 204th Reg), Co C 1864

6th Pa Reserves Infy           1862-4

6th Regiment of PA Militia, Companies A, F

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

6th PA Heavy Artillery         1864-5 (Art Lutz)

  (212th Pa)

6th PA Cavalry (Rush's Lancers)

7th Penna. Cavalry           (Robert Frederick)

8th PA Inf. (Colored) Co. C,I  1863-5 (John Carter)

8th Pa Reserves (37th Inf), Co. A  1861-4

8th PA Reserve Regiment, Co. D, G

  (Fayette co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

8th PA Res. (37th PA Inf.), Co. G  1861-4

8th PA Reserve Regiment or 37th Regiment of PA: Co. K

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

8th PA Cavalry                1862-5 (Sue Mohring)

  (information on unit only, not individuals)

9th Rgt. PA Volunteers        1861 (Ray Downing)

9th Pa. Vol. Cavalry          1861-5 (Tony Mann)

10th PA Reserve Inf., Clarion Co. (Jim Yates)

10th PA Reserve Regiment or 190 and 191 Regiments of PA: Co. D

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

11th PA Res. (40th PA Inf.) Co. F 1861-4

11th PA Reserve Regiment, Company F

  (Fayette Co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

11th Reg., Penn. Cavalry, Co. M (Sally Goehring)

  (108th Harlan's Light Cavalry)

12th PA: Co. E&G (Washington Co. enlistees only)

13th Pennsylvania Cavalry     (Sonny Hand)

  (117th PA Vol. Regiment)  

14th Penn. Cavalry           (Jim Wolford)

14th PA Cavalry, Co. B, E, F

  (Fayette Co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

14th Penn. Cavalry, Co. D  1864-5 (David Monahan)

14th PA Cavalry, or 159th Regiment of PA: Co. H

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

15th Pennsylvania Cavalry (James Houston)

  (160th PA Vol. Reg.)

15th PA Cavalry (Grace-Marie Moore Hackwell)

15th PA Cav. Stoneman's Raid, 22 Mar.-May 1865 (Wayne)

16th PA Cavalry            (Robt Schmelzlem)

16th PA Cavalry, Co. B, G

  (Fayette Co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

16th Pa Cavalry (aka 171st Reg), Co D 1862-3

16th PA Cavalry, or 161 Regiment of PA: Co. K

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

17th Regiment PA Vol. Cavalry (Ted Myers)

18th PA Cavalry              1861-5 (Harold Mischler)

18th PA Cavalry        1862-5 (Tony Klingensmith)

18th PA Cavalry, Co C        1862-5 (Howard Hickman)

19th Penn. Vol. Inf    1861 (Keith W. Macferran)

21st PA Cav.(182nd Inf.Dismounted) (John Trimble)

22nd PA Cavalry, or 185th Regiment of PA: Co. A,B,C,D,E,F,&G

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

23rd PA Vol. Inf.   (Frank Marrone Jr.)

25th Penn.Inf.(Colored) Co.C  1864-5 (John Carter)

26th PA Volunteer Infantry    1861-4 (Eileen Campos)

27th Pennsylvania Infantry (Susan Biedron)

28th PA Vols.               (Michael Belgie)

28th PA Vols. Co. A         (Ryan Quinn)

29th PA                   (William Stroud)

30th Pa Inf. (1st Pa Reserves) (Chris Haines)

31st Pa. Infantry (2nd Reserves) (Bob)

32nd Penn.Inf.(Colored) Co.F  1864-5 (John Carter)

34th PA Inf. (5th Reserves)    1861-4 (Shawn McCormick)

35th PA 6th Res. Co. G Infantry 1860-2 (Patrick Mahek)

36th Regiment PA Vols (7th Reserves) (Brad Rhoads)

40th PA Regiment, 11th Reserve, Co. F (Fayette County)

                               (Mary Ann Gallo)

42nd Penn. Vol. Inf. (Rich Adams)

43rd Colored Troops (Penn.), Co. G (Diane Kamp)

46th Penn. Inf.                1861-5 (George Bradley)

47th PA Vol. Inf.              1861-5 (Lew Schmidt)

49th PA Vol. Infantry      1861-5 (Carl F. Breth II)

49th Rgt., PA Volunteers      1862-5 (Ray Downing)

51st PA Vol. Militia          1861-5

52nd PA Infantry Regiment  (Ted Myers)

52nd Penn. Reserves    1863 (Keith W. Macferran)

54th Reg't PA Vol. Inf. Co. H (Michael Jones)

57th Pennsylvania Inf.    1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

57th Pa. Vols (mostly Co. A)   1861-5 (Steve Wilke)

57th Pa. Inf. (mainly Co. D&I) 1861-5 (Tom Graham)

57th PA Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

58th Reg. PA Vol. Inf.     1861-5 (James DiRisio)

58th Pa Infantry, Co B        1861-6

58th PA Militia                1863

61st PA Vol. Inf.             (Rob Wingert)

61st PA Infantry, Co G        1861-4

61st Pa Infantry, Co H (new)  1865

62nd PA, Co. H       (Cherie Atkinson Clark)

62nd Pa Infantry, Co I        1861-4

63rd Reg't PA Vol Co. A       (J. Buchanan)

63rd PA Reg.  Kearney Cross recipients only

64th Pennsylvania Vols (4th Cavalry) (Russ Kirchner)

66th Regt. PA Vol.            1861-2

67th PA Infantry, Co D (Karen Morgan Denmark)

67th Regiment, Regular PA Vol, Co.F  1861-5

67th Pa Infantry, Co F        1861-5

68th PA Inf.Vols, Scott Legion (Don Teesdale)

68th PA Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

72nd PA Vol Inf            1861-4 (John Brasko)

  [Baxter's Phila. Fire Zouaves]

72nd PA, Co. L           (William Stroud)

74th Penn. Infantry Regt.   (Lon Strickler)

74th Pennsylania Inf.      1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

74th PA Infantry (1st German) (Rod Fleck)

76th Pa. Inf., Co. F.          1861-4

78th Penn. Volunteer Infantry

79th PA Inft. Regt.  (William G. Jeff Davis)

79th PA Vols.           (Michael Belgie)

79th PA Vols.            1861-5 (Geoff Blankenmeyer)

79th PA Reg: Co. D  (Washington Co. enlistees only)

81st Pennsylvania Inf.    1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

82nd Pennsylvania Inf.    1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

82nd Pennsylvania Inf. (Jack S. Seifert)

82nd PA Rgt Vol Inf, Co G      1863-5 (Dave Farmer)

83rd PA                   (William Stroud)

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

83rd Penn. Vol. Inf.  1861-3 (Michael Schellhammer)

84th Penn. Vol. Infantry (Roderick Gainer)

85th PA Reg: Co. A, B, partial C, D, & E

  (Washington Co. enlistees only) (K.Souhrada)

85th PA Regiment, Co. C,E,G,I,K

  (Fayette co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

85th Pa. Inf., Co. K          1861-4

87th Penn. Infantry           1861-5 (Dennis W. Brandt)

88th Pennsylvania             (Bonita Yuhas)

88th Pennsylvania Infantry 1861-5 (Robert von Lunz)

88th Penn. Volunteer Infantry (Adam Flint)

90th Penn. Vol. Inf  1861-3 (Keith W. Macferran)

90th PA Vol Inf (Nat'l Guards) Co. K

                                1861-4 (Lew Berger)

91st Pennsylvania Infantry    1861-5 (Harry A Ide)

96th Penn. Infantry            1861-4 (George Kain)

96th Penn. Vols.           (David A. Ward)

97th Penn. Regiment (Frank Vattelana Jr.)

98th Pa Infantry, Co D        1865

99th PA Vol. Inf., Co. B  1861-5 (David Condit)

99th PA Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

100th PA "Roundhead Regiment"  1861-5

100th PA.Vol.Reg't(Roundheads) 1861-2

                      (Carolyn Schriber)

100th PA Reg: Co. A (Washington Co. enlistees only)

101st PA Vol Inf          1861-4 (Edward Boots)

101st PA Vols., Co G          1861-2 (Robert Warren)

102nd Pa. Inf. (Co. C)        1861-5 (Angus Gunn)

104th PA                      1861-5

104th PA Volunteer Infantry (William Kleintop)

105th Regiment Penn. Vols.    1861-5 (Nate Zipfel)

105th PA Company A (infantry)

105th PA Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

106th Pa Infantry, Co D        1864

111th Pa. Vol. Infantry     1861-5 (Patrick Knierman)

111th PA Vol. Inf.          1861-5 (Harold Mischler)

114th PA Vol. Inf.        1861-5 (Shaun Grenan)

114th PA Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

115th Pennsylvania          (Ken Woodington)

116th PA Regiment, Company K

  (Fayette co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

117th PA Volunteer Regiment   (Sonny Hand)

  (13th Penn. Cavalry)      

121st PA Vol. Inf.       (Alan Wilder)

123rd PA                 (William Stroud)

124th PA                 (William Stroud)

124th Penn. Inf.     (Frank Vattelana)

128th Pennsylvania      

128th Pennsylvania       (Paula Gidjunis)

130th Pennsylvania Inf.    1862-3 (Robert von Lunz)

131st PA Vols. Inf.        1863-4 (Daniel Froehlich)

131st Penn. Vol. Infantry (Roderick Gainer)

132nd Penn. Inf            1862-3 (Anthony Turner)

132nd Regiment PA Vols.  (Ted Myers)

134th Penn. Vol. Infantry (Roderick Gainer)

135th Penn. Volunteers       (Vernon Cook)

138th Pennsylvania Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

140th Penna. Vols.        1862-5 (Bob Paul Jr.)

140th PA Co.C,D,E,G,K (WashingtonCo.enlistees only)

141st PA Vol. Inf. (all co's)  1861-5 (Tim Traver)

141st Pennsylvania Infantry (Robert von Lunz)

141st Pa Infantry, Cos A & K  1862-3

141st PA Reg. Kearney Cross recipients only

142nd PA Regiment, Company H

  (Fayette Co. volunteers only) (K.Souhrada)

143rd PA Infantry    (P. & R. Matthews)

143rd PA Infantry Regiment 1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

143rd Penna. Vol.            

145th Pa. Vol. Infantry      1862-5 (Patrick Knierman)

145th Pa.Vol.Inf. Co.A & Reg't HQ 1862-5

145th PA Vol. Inf., Co. D    1862-5 (Craig J. Lauer)

145th PA Vols.              

147th PA Vol. Inf.            1861-5 (Lew Schmidt)

148th PA Infantry              1862-5 (Bob Oliphant)

148th Penna. Volunteers (Craig Bathurst)

149th Pennsylania Inf.    1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

149th PA Vols "Bucktails" Descendants' Ass'n          (T.Reilley)

150th PA Infantry            1862-5 (Harold Mischler)

150th Pennsylania Inf.    1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

150th Pa Reserve Rifles, Co. G (John H. Bell)

152nd Pennsylvania Inf.    1862-5 (Robert von Lunz)

153rd Pennsylvania           (Ken Woolley)

153rd Pennsylvania Infantry (Michael Messinger)

160th PA Vol.Reg.(15th PA Cavalry) (James Houston)

168th Reg. PA Vol Inf. Co K    1862-3 (GeneRoller)

169th PA Vol. Infantry      1861-5 (Harold Mischler)

173rd Penn. Drafted Militia    1862-3 (Jim Brommer)

182nd PA Inf. Dismounted (21stCav.) (J. Trimble)

184th PA Veteran Vols. Inf. 1864-5 (Daniel Froehlich)

188th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

191st PA Inf. (191st Vet.Vol.Inf.) (Bob)

191st Pa Vols                  1864-5

191st Pa. Inf.                1862-4

192nd Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

198th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

198th PA Vols., Co. H      1864-5 (Richard Thomas)

199th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

200th Penn. Regiment  1864-5 (Mark Knold)

201st Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

203rd PA                 (William Stroud)

203rd Penn. Inf.     (Frank Vattelana)

204th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

  (Fifth Artillery)

205th PA Vol. Inf.            1864-5 (Robert Nale)

206th Pennsylania Inf.    1863-5 (Robert von Lunz)

207th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

207th PA Infantry, Co. E      1864-5

208th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

209th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

211th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

212th PA                      1864-5 (Art Lutz)

  (6th PA Heavy Artillery)

212th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

  (Sixth Artillery)

213th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

214th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

215th Pennsylvania Inf.    1864-5 (Robert von Lunz)

Durell's Independent Battery "D," P.V.A. 1861-5

                        (Pete Ballerstedt)

Ellis Post 6, Grand Army of the Republic, Philadelphia

                        (Gene Stackhouse)

Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, in the Civil War

                                                (Gene Stackhouse)

Indep. Battery B, Pa. Light Artillery

  (Muehlers Battery)        1862-5 (Patrick Knierman)

Irish in the Civil War (PA) (Michael MacNamara)

The Pioneer Brigade (PA)  1862-5 (Geoff Blankenmeyer)

Ringgold Battalion (part of 185th Regiment)

  (22nd PA Volunteer Cavalry) (K.Souhrada)

Ringgold Light Artil. of Reading, PA (First Defenders) April-July 1861

                        (Pete Ballerstedt)


Rhode Island


All RI regiments - rosters (George N Kidder)

1st RI Vol. Inf. Regiment      1861-2

  (one of the 300 "Fighting Regiments")

1st RI Artillery, Battery E

  Kearney Cross recipients only

1st RI Light Artillery, Battery B (Jan Nelson)

5th R.I. Heavy Artillery      1861-5 (George Chace)

9th RI Vols. Co. B           (K. McGarry)

12th RI Vols. Co. G          (K. McGarry)


Tennessee (USA)


All Tenn. soldiers       (Gerald Kincaid)

1st Tenn. Infantry (USA)     (Nancy)

1st TN Inf., USA (1st TN Mtd. Inf.) (Carl Bridges)

1st Tenn. Artillery, Batt E (USA) 1864 (Cliff Manis)

2nd Tenn. Infantry (USA)     (Nancy)

2nd (4th) TN Cav. Vols, 2nd Reg.,Co.M

3rd Tenn. Infantry (USA)     (Nancy)

4th Tenn. (Vol.) Inf. Regt. (US) (E. Keith Johnson)

4th Tennessee Cavalry (USA) (Jessie Blalock)

4th Reg't Tenn. Cav. Co. M  (USA) 1863-5

5th Tenn. Infantry Regt., USA (Robert von Lunz)

5th Tenn. Mounted Inf. Co. H (USA) 1864

6th Tenn. Infantry (USA)       (Nancy)

7th Tennessee Mtd Infantry  (USA) (Dwayne Crandall)

7th TN Cav., USA        (Peggy Scott Holley)

7th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. C (USA)

8th Tenn. Cav. (US), Co. B  

8th TN Cav. (US) Stoneman's Raid, 22 Mar.-May 1865


9th Tenn. Cavalry, Co. A-F (USA) 1863-5 (Cliff Manis)

10th Tenn. Infantry, Co. A (USA) (Bill Allen)

10th Tenn. Cavalry, Co A (USA)  1864 (Cliff Manis)

10th Tenn. Cavalry, Co. G (USA) (Dwayne Crandall)

10th Reg't Tenn. Cav Co. G (USA) 1864-5

12th Tenn. Cavalry (USA) Co. B (Chad Booth)

12th Tenn. Cavalry (USA) Co. K

13th Tennessee Cavalry (US)    1863-5 (Cliff Manis)

13th Tenn. Vol. Cav. Regt. (US) (E. Keith Johnson)

13th TN Cav. (US) Stoneman's Raid, 22 Mar.-May 1865


14th TN Cav., USA (Bradford's Batt'n) (Derek Frisby)

39th Tenn. Mounted Inf. (USA)   1864-5 (Cliff Manis)

111 US Colored Troops (TN/AL) Co I 1863-5

East TN Nat. Guard Co.A (USA) (Michael Jones)


Texas (USA)


8th TX Inf. Co. B (USA)        1855-60

Camp Ford POW Camp, Tyler, TX  1863-5 (Vicki Betts)




Vermont in the Civil War    

VT Enlisted: discharge info (George N Kidder)

1st VT Reg.         (Tom Ledoux)

1st Battery VT Light Artil. (Tom Ledoux)

1st Company VT Heavy Artil. (Tom Ledoux)

1st U.S. Sharpshooters, Co. F (1st VT)

1st Vermont Cavalry, Co G      1861-5

2nd VT Reg, Co. B            

2nd U.S. Sharpshooters, Co. E (2nd VT)

2nd U.S. Sharpshooters, Co. H (3rd VT)

2nd Battery VT Light Artil. (Tom Ledoux)

3rd Battery VT Light Artil. (Tom Ledoux)

6th VT Regiment     (Tom Ledoux)

6th VT Reg, Co. C            

7th VT Inf. Reg. Co. F     (Des Miller)

10th VT Regiment     (Tom Ledoux)

13th VT Regiment     (Tom Ledoux)

African-American Soldiers from VT (Jim Fuller)

Vermonters in the Navy (Tom Ledoux)


Virginia (USA)


1st Indep.LoudounCo.Rangers(Union) (Robert L. Willett)

2nd VA. Infantry (USA)        1861-4  (Glen Dixon)


West Virginia


WV in the Civil War (Steve Cunningham)

2nd WVa Reg. Inf., Co F       (Mark Aubrey)

2nd West Virginia Cavalry     (Dawn Hedrick)

2nd Regt. (W)V Vol. Cav., Co. K (Tom Carey)

3rd (W)V Vol. Inf            1861-4 (Joy Stalnaker)

3rd (W)V Vol. Cav.           1864 (Joy Stalnaker)

5th (W)V Vol. Inf., Co. B    1861-4 (Steve Kelley)

5th W.VA. Cavalry            1861-4  (Glen Dixon)

6th WV Vets Vol Cav          1864-6 (Joy Stalnaker)

7th West Virginia Infantry   1861-5 (David W. Mellott)

7th West Virginia Cavalry (Steve Cunningham)

10th WV Vol Inf.             1862-5 (Joy Stalnaker)

11th WV Vol. Infantry (John C. Dawson)

13th WV Infantry          1862-5 (Kim Chambers)

13th WV Infantry          1862-5 (Kim Brownlee)

14th WV Infantry          (Richard Irwin)

15th (W)Va. Vol. Inf.        1862-5 (Joy Stalnaker)

15th WVa Reg. Inf., Co A     1862-5 (Mark Aubrey)




Any Wisconsin Regiment/Battery (Michael Melland)

1st Wisconsin Inf.              1861

1st Wisconsin        (William G. Jeff Davis)

1st WI Light Artil.First Battery (Phyllis Saucerman)

2nd Wisconsin Cavalry          1861-5 (Peter Campbell)

2nd Wisc. Cavalry Vet. Vols. (Pete Taylor)

3rd Wis. Inf. Regt.(USA)   (Don Wester)

3rd Wis. Vol. Inf.             1861-5

3rd Wisc Vol Inf Regt, emph: Co.K (Michael Howe)

3rd Wisconsin Light Artillery (David Yost)

4th Wisconsin Infantry (Cavalry) (C.Switzer)

4th WI Infantry/Cavalry, Co F  1863-6

6th Wisconsin Vol Inf., Co A  (Michael Melland)

6th Wisconsin, Co. I    1Jun1861-1863 (Paul Noel)

7th Wis. Vol. Infantry Co. B  (Brian Hogan)

8th Wisconsin Infantry (Frank Carvell)

8th Wisconsin, Co. H     1861-2 (S. Havens)

9th Wisconsin Infantry        (Kent Salomon)

10th Regiment Wis. Vol. Inf.  (Tim Sullivan)

13th WI Vol.Inf.Reg't,Co.F  1862-5 (Morris Courtright)

14th Wisconsin                (Michael Melland)

14th Wis. Inf. Reg't, Co. B   (Jeanne Davis)

14th Regt Wisconsin Inf. Co. E

15th Reg. Wis. Inf.            1861-5

18th Wisconsin Infantry        1861-5 (T. Nanzig)

19th WI.Reg't.Inf.,Co.B&E      1862-5

                   (Eric A. Smith)

20th Wisconsin Regiment      1862-5 (Kate Forster)

21st Wisconsin Infantry (William G. Jeff Davis)

21st Wisconsin       (Chris Gravelle)

21st Wisconsin Infantry       (Dan Wilson)

21st WI Regiment, Co.B Aug.14,1862-Sep.20,1863

                              (Ann Crissman)

22nd Wisconsin Infantry, Co E  1862-5 (Jim Kliese)

23rd Wisc. Vol. Infantry> (Alan Dunwiddie)

23rd Wis. Inf. Reg Co. B    1862-5 (Mike Frederick)

23rd WI Vol. Inf., Co. D      1862-5

23rd WI Vol. Inf., Co. E      1862-5 (Wayne Salisbury)

23rd WI Vol.Inf.Co.H&all 1862-5 (Glen Roosevelt)

24th Wis. Infantry   (John Scheiding)

24th Wis. Vol. Inf.           1862-5

26th WI Vol. Inf. Reg't.      1862-5 (Morris Courtright)

26th Wis. Vol. Inf. (Co. G)   1862-3

27th Wis. Vol. Inf.          (Craig Lubach)

28th Wisconsin Vol. Inf.  1862-5 (Kent A. Peterson)

29th WI. Inf., Co.A&K  1862-5 (Louisa Luce-Horton)

31st Wisc. Inf., Co. A & K     1862-5 (Molly Kernan)

36th Wis. Vol. Inf.            1864-5

37th Wisconsin                (Michael Melland)

37th Wisconsin, I company      1864-5

42nd Wisc. Inf. Vols    1864-5 (Dave Mascitelli)

45th Reg, Wis. Inf, Co. B      1864-5

Belgians in the Civil War (Mike Morrison)

Marathon County WI vets

Vicksburg campaign Jan. 25-July 4 1863, Wisconsin soldiers only

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