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County of Ponoka GenWeb Project: Can You Help? Page
County of Ponoka GenWeb Project!

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CAN YOU HELP? ... at the County of Ponoka GenWeb Project ...
This page was created so that emails received from people asking for assistance, that we have been unable to help can be posted with the hope that someone visiting this site, might be able to lend a hand. If you can provide any information to the queries below, it would be very much appreciated - Please contact the reseacher listed directly...
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Email received: Contact: Information provided/needed:
15 January 2001
SAUVE Family
Dawn Boston Thank-you for sending that information on. They are not the family I'm looking for, but your effort is really appreciated.
My Mother was Dolores Bernadette Mary Sauve February 21, 1934 Lloydminster Sk
She had two three sisters sisters born between 1926 and 1935 Pearl Evelyn, Evangeline and Doreen(Doreen died at about age eight) their was also a brother born around 1930-1935 who died either at birth or shortly thereafter.
Their father(my grandfather) was Pierre Sauve born 1893 in Duck Lake who married Josephine Dumont also from Duck Lake about 1927. My grandfather was badly injured in a train mishap about 1943 and he died in 1965. My grandparents split up in about 1935 for good.
Pierre's Father was Jimmy Sauve Josephine's Mother was Napoleon Dumont All of them were full Metis.
I got most of this information from an extremely helpful woman named Rose in Duck Lake. Please feel free to post this along with my e-mail address where you feel would be appropriate.
24 October 2000
Jonas Nystedt

Thank You! It was very kind of You trying to help me, but it seems -even though it was close- that he isnt my lost relative.
The one i was looking for, Lars Wilhelm Nystedt,left Sweden in 1887.
Ill keep searching!

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