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The Teachers
The History of Waterglen School District #499
The Teachers

Mr. George Ashman

A log cabin served as the Smith's Grove School from 1899 until 1903 when the new school was built in the spring and summer to accomodate the larger number of students.
On 9 May 1899, the Fair School was established to serve the Waterglen District. It was located on the corner of S.E. of 20-43-22-W4th. The first annual meeting was held on 21 June 1899. Nels JOHNSON was elected Secretary and Trustee. The other two trustees were Jonas KALLMAN and Andrew LYDEEN. It was decided to purchase a log house from Christian SIGALET for $50.00 1 July 1899, school was opened with Miss CARRUTHERS of Wetaskiwin as the first teacher.
The schoolhouse served for only four years as in 1903 the another schoolhouse was built. The material was hauled from Wetaskiwin at a cost of $35, and the construction cost $125. the carpenters were John T. Person and E.J. Lundy.
The first tax rate was set at 21 mills which at the next meeting was reduced to 17 mills. In 1901 it was 11 mills. The teacher's salary in the early years was $45 per month.
The name was changed to Waterglen School District #499 on 4 June 1926 and was included in the Ponoka School Division 34, Sub division 1, on 23 September 1938. The district was included in the Mecca Glen Centralization on 5 October 1949.
The ratepayers held a meeting and voted unanimously in favour of purchasing the school and outbuildings to be used for community purposes at $150. In 1967 it was donated to Clifford VOLD to use as a museum. It was an ideal climax for a building dearly remembered by the oldsters and ones not so old that received their education there.

Mr. Neill

Miss Bellamy

Miss Dagmar Nelson

Mrs. Margaret Bolch

Miss Mary Nelson

Miss Burns

Miss R. Nelson

Miss Clara Clintberg

Mrs. Gilbert Patterson

Miss Grace Cole

Mr. Gilbert Patterson

Miss Margaret Curruthers

Miss Mamie Peterson

Miss Janet Dick

Miss Minnie Ringwall

Miss Enid Jones (Mrs. Roy Vold)

Miss Olive Ringwall

Mr. Alex McCauley

Mr. A.B. Smith

Miss McCready

Mrs. Spackman

Miss Kate McPartland
(Mrs. John Bolch)

The Students in 1905 The Students in 1905 (con't)
Chris Albers Nellie Falk
Emil Albers Rosy Humphrey
Bertha Bergman Alvin Peterson
Carl Bergman Emil Peterson
Clara Bergman The Students in 1905 (con't) Joel Peterson
Jennie Bergman
Nellie Bolch
Daniel Dufva
Mamie Peterson
Judith Bergman
Peter Bolch
Edwin Dufva
Olga Peterson
Ruth Bergman
Preston Bolch
Emil Dufva
Oscar Peterson
Eva Bolch
Albert Dufva
Louis Falk
Jessie Bolch
Axel Dufva
Lyndia Falk

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
>1896 - Smith's Grove
First teacher(s):
Miss Carruthers
Date established:
corner S.E. of 20-43-22-W4th
Last school year:
Name changes:
> 1899 became Fair
> 1926 became Waterglen
Last teacher:
Orig school was a log cabin
Later Bldg Usage:
Final bldg became a private museum
Carpenters: John T. Person & E.J. Lundy
Additional Information:
-1967 - the bldg was donated to C. Vold to set up a museum in.
$50.00 for first log cabin
$160 for the 2nd school hse
School tax info:
initially 21 mills

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