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The History of the Monte Vista School District
It is likely that the name, Monte Vista, was chosen because the Rocky Mountains were visible from the site of the schoolhouse where the younger children attended school starting in September of 1905. This school district was among the few that had sufficient students to have both an elementary/public school as well as a high school in later years.
On 8 December 1903, Mrs. SIMON hosted a meeting of the newly appointed school trustees where a decision was reached to erect a temporary school on a 3 acre site located at the SE corner of the SE 1/4 15-43-2-W5. The land was purchased for $5 per acre, the school built and completed by 8 August 1904, but due to a lack of a qualified teacher and that fact that no seating had arrived for the classroom, the school did not officially hold classes until September 1905.
Given the large numbers of settlers who came to the district to homestead, it became apparent quite early on that the small temporary building would have to be replaced by a larger permanent structure. Bids were solicited and 5 were received, with the winning bid of $130 going to Mr. W.S. Mellis who set about building the new schoolhouse which was completed on 22 August 1908. Later in 1914, a motion was passed to build a barn, to which a coal shed was added on the east end.
By 1933, there was sufficient interest and students that a decision was reached to offer high school level classes. Roy JORDAN made a room available to the school for $5 per month, and Beulah Irwin was employed as the teacher at $500 per year. By 1936, a district teacherage was built, and the older student classes moved there. Funds were raised by charging non resident students a tuition fee of 20 cents per day.
During the existence of this District's School Board, two persistent issues arose on a regular basis. One was the hiring and retention of qualified teachers, and the second was the collection of tuition fees.
In 1942 the schools closed and the children were bussed to Rimbey under the new County wide School Board system.
The Teachers
The High School Teachers
Trustees from 1914 - 1939
P.S Bunch
Florence Hall
Beulah Irwin
Pat Donnelly
Miss May Stewart
Miss Hendrickson
F.C. Chiles
Mr. L.R. Clark
Mrs Pearl Zaharichuk
M.S. Aunger
Mr. G.W. Mooney 1907
Mr John McDonald
until 1942
P.R. Barber
J. H. Disher 1908 Trustees from 1903 to 1913
A.J. Hewitt
G.C. Patterson 1909
L.E. Cooper
Nora Robinson 1911 Chas. Simons 1903 - 1907
Max Vliet
Sadie Mitchell 1911 G.L. Headley 1903 - 1904
Mr Jefferson
Miss Daisy Taggart 1911 & 1913 W.K. Shalk 1903 - 1905
T.W. Chiles
Miss Dorothy Weeks 1911 H.I. Simons 1904 - 1907
John Eadie
O.M. Layton 1911 Geo. Richardson 1905 - 1908
F. Smith
C.E. Bowker 1914 Frank Dobrovenly 1907
L.R. Rimbey
Mrs. Pearl Everhart 1914 Leonard Chaffee 1907 - 1908
I.L. Wiley
Frank Donnelly 1916 Joseph Marshall 1908 - 1910
L.E. Cooper
Hazel McGonigal 1916 James. H. Vliet 1908 - 1918
1903 Tax Rolls
Miss Ronie Richards 1918 H.M. Irwin 1909 - 1916
This is the list of eligible voters who cast votes to borrow money by debenture to build a school:
Miss Elsa Maurer 1918-1919 A.W. Tegart 1910 - 1914
Mr. Godfrey 1919
J.H. Vliet
Mr. Yarwood 1923
G.L. Headley
Mr. J. Manson 1926
G.W. Miller
Mr. McKitrick 1926
L. Ellison
E.M. Bunker
G.A. Richardson
Ruth Wiley
G. Richardson
Edwina Wood
H.I. Simons
Jack Manson
1935 - 1942
William Simons
-- --
W. K. Shalk

Monte Vista School (circa 1925)
This photo courtesy of "Over the Years: A History of the Rimbey Area"

Monte Vista School District #875 Map
Monte Vista School District Map
To see full size readable version of this map, click here

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
1905 = Public
1933 = High Sch
Original name:
Monte Vista
First teacher(s):
Florence Hall = Public
Beulah Irwin = High Sch
Date established:
$500/yr = High Sch

3 acres on SE corner of the SE 1/4 15-43-2-W5

Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher:
Jack Manson = Public
John McDonald = High Sch

Land purchased at $5 per acre and Schoolhouse built for $130
Barn and coal shed built in 1914
Teacherage built in 1936

Later Bldg Usage:
Mr. W.S. Mellis, builder
Additional Information:
Original temporary schoolhouse outgrown and permanent building completed on 22 August 1908.
School tax info:
20 cents per day for tuition fees to non resident students

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