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Kansas Ridge School District
The History
The Teachers
The1st Students
The First School Board
District Quick Facts

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The Teachers
The History of the Kansas Ridge District
The 1st School Board
Mr. James Huston Vliet
Kansas Ridge School District #616 was formed in 1903 after several attempts to open a school in the district. At a meeting to set up the new district, Ben Rimbey became the Chairman, with Hoseph Marshall and Aaron Young as trustees.
In 1902, Tapley Bunch moved to the district and began working towards erecting the schoolhouse. He hauled the rocks used for the foundation, obtained logs from west of the settlement, and Joyner's Mill, which was located 5 miles to the SE. Charlie Townsend and John Dixon were the chief carpenters. The building was completed in time to hold Rimbey's 1st Christmas concert in December, 1902.
Although the name of the settlement was changed from Kansas Ridge to Rimbey in 1904, the school district name did not change until 1911.
Ben Rimbey
Miss Florence Hall
Joseph Marshall
Miss Alice Wilson
Aaron Young
Mr. W.A. Saunders
The 1st Students (con't)
The 1st Students
Aretha Rimbey (Mrs John Wright)
Verna Gwin (Mrs Jesse Lloyd)
Leroy Rimbey
Mattie Gwin
Lorue Rimbey (Mrs H. Eckhardt)
Gillie Gwin
Lilla Rimbey (Mrs Bert Saunders)
Willie Gwin
Phineas Rimbey
Johnny Gwin
Leila Vliet
Lena Anderson
The First Students (con't)
Verne Iddings
Alice Anderson
Leslie Young
John Headley
Olive Vliet (Mrs DA Whitesell)
Oscar Young
Silver Potter
Gold Potter
Walter Reed
David Reed
Hugh Reed
Mary Reed
Phoebe Reed

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
James Huston Vliet
Date established:
Last school year:
Name changes:
Last teacher:
Later Bldg Usage:
>> moved to north of the present school building
Tapley Bunch, Charlie Townsend & John Dixon
Additional Information:
School in area originally called Reed School
School tax info:

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