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Harmonien School District
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The Teachers
The History of the Harmonien District
The Teachers (con't)
Beatrice Davidson
Harmonien School was first opened in the fall of 1918, with classes being held in an abandoned log house. Later a new school was built on NW 31-44-2-W of 5, and classes commenced there in 1922.
The new school building was built on a rise in a little clearing very close to a swamp which was a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. One teacher recalled that they had to sometimes take all of the desks out of the school so they could smoke it to get rid of the mosquitoes. There were lots of children enrolled at the school for many years and all of the grades from one to nine had to be taught.
Many of the settlers in the area were from Norway and Sweden, and the children picked up English often faster than then parents. In 1918 when the school first opened, the students did not speak very much English and the teacher spoke nothing but so she taught the students songs which helped them learn the pronounciation of the English words which all all eventually learned to read and write.
Taxes started out at $14.40 per quarter, but by 1926 they had increased to $21.00 per quarter. The school remained in operation until the fall fo 1949, when bussing of the pupils to Bluffton was initiated.
Sometime after 1948 the Harmonien School was moved to the Pineville District west of Hoadley, where it was renovated and used for classes until the Pineville pupils were bussed to Bluffton. Then the building was bought by the Anglican Church and used for services. It is still there and has now been remodelled and is used as a family home.
Agnes Eritsland
Margaret Robson
Mabel McEwen
Ruth Johnson
Helmer Smedstad
Ronald McCullough
Irene Christensen
(Mrs. Lindberg) - 1934-36
Caroline Welling
Laura Oldford
(Mrs. Blue) - 1922
Jessie Douglas
Jean Osokin
(Mrs. Dash) - 1937
Rhoda Damant
(Mrs. Huseby) - 1922
Mr. Brooks
Miss Muriel Northcott
(Mrs. Jack McCleary) - 1923
Osborne Williamson
Donald Lomas
Charles McKenzie
Allan Norem - 1940-41
Karie Olson
Mr. Gulliver
Earl Wood
Muriel Watts
(Mrs. Stevens) - 1941-42
Aeline McCullough
(Mrs. Montalbetti) - 1925
Ida Brown
(Mrs. Ivar Sjostrom) - 1942-43
C.Wm. Parker Jr.
Frank Armstrong
Connie Iddings
Fanny Proctor
Victoria Burnhardt
Fred Wynne
Percy Collins
Beatrice Fowler - 1930 --

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Date established:


Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher:


Later Bldg Usage:
ultimately became a private residence---
J. Gehrke & Wm. Jacobus
Additional Information:
-Building was moved to the Pineville District and used as a school in the 1950's
-The Anglican Church purchased the building and used it for services
School tax info:

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