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Glenfalloch School District
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The Teachers
First Year's Tax Rolls
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The Teachers
The History of Glenfalloch School District #2628
The Teachers (con't)
Allan Black 1913-1914
In 1912 the early pioneers of this area decided a school was needed. On October 31, 1912, S.B. SHREVE sold 20 acres for $15 for a schoolsite, situated in the northweb corner of the southwest 1/4 of 19-44-26. It seems anyone could become a member of this school district by paying taxes of 7cents per acre. Of the four bids tendered for building the schoolhouse, the lowest for $250 was accepted from W. HAVENS, and so the school was built of a frame construction. Of the several names proposed and sent to the then-Minister of Education, that Scotsman chose "Glenfalloch" and the district was numbered 2628.
In October, 1913, school opened with Allan Black as teacher at $60 per month and 9% interest on overdue wages. He was instructed to teach 7 Saturdays and holidays to make up for some of the time lost by the late opening. The janitor was paid $3, and the water carrier $1 per month, in a 9 month school year.
Most of the teachers boarded with Mrs. G.H. Clark, but a few came from greater distance. One teacher from the city was crossing a pasture when the quiet old cows, enticed by her shiney dinner pail, came inquisitively toward her. The faster she ran, the more anxious they were to get the pail's contents. She was half an hour late getting to school, as she had run in the opposite direction to escape the herd of savage bulls! Munroe McLeod road horseback daily from Elofson's, a distance of about 9 miles.
Enrolment between 1913 and 1937 ranged from 5 children to more than 30 in any given year.
In the later years, this district became part of the Ponoka School Division #34, and then the County No 3.
In 1956 the school was closed. Those children west of or adjoining Range 27 were bussed to Sylvan Heights, and those east were bussed to the town of Ponoka schools.
The schoolhouse was bought by citizens of the old school district for a community centre, and in 1973 was still serving as a social centre for bridal showers, 4-H meetings, picnics, and such occasions. May the little white schoolhouse and its memories, long remain.
A.E. Osterland
Mary Hall
(Mrs. Jack Crichton)
Emrys Jones
C. Martin Langston
Myrtle Eakin 1915
Sophie M. Thomson
Sadie McLean
(Mrs. Oscar Knudson)
D. Carlson
Ida M. Sinclair
Adeline Baker 1916
J.S. Bailey
Olive C. Sweet 1916
Roy F. Berlet
Mildred T. Carritt 1917
Elsie Drebert
Ethel M. Richardson 1918 Margaret Ryan 1926
Gertrude Harris 1919 Toinie Torvinen
(Mrs. Frank Jaubin)
H. Henry 1919
Munro McLeod 1920 Edna Kay
(Mrs. G. Stretch)
Bertha Shale
(Mrs. Proctor Paulsen)
Elsie Brown 1929
Della McDonough
Sadie McLean
(Mrs. Melvin Clark)
A.R. McDonald
May Reid
(Mrs. Martin Christiansen)
H. Marie Siren 1932-1933
J.O. Blickenstaff 1934-1935
Armina Johnston
(Mrs. Robert Reardon)
1923 D. McCutcheon 1936
Mrs. Melvin Clark 1946-1956
First Year's Tax Rolls First Year's Tax Rolls (con't)
M. Black Mrs. R. Franklin
J. Broulik H.P. Kohn
M. Chapin J. A. Jackson
G.H. Clark James McLean
Mrs. E.W. Courser Mrs. M.S. Macleod
T.J. Durkin E. Nelson
G.N. Field E. Paananen
A.O. Pearson Roy Schreve
C.R. Shreve
Based on a excerpt from "Crestomere Sylvan Heights Heritage"

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Allan Block
Date established:
$60/mo (9% interest on overdue wages!)

NW corner of SW-19-44-26

Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher:
Mrs. Melvin Clark
20 acres bought for $15 from S.B. Shreve
Later Bldg Usage:
Community Centre
W. Havens
Additional Information:
Janitor was paid $3 per school year and water carrier was paid $1 per school year. A school year was considered to be 9 months.
$250 spent to erect
School tax info:
7 cents per acre

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