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Concord School District
The History
The Teachers
The Students in the 1st class
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The Teachers
The History of Concord School District
The Teachers

John Arnston

The first correspondence in regards to a school started in the late fall of 1901. The government sent a list of names for the selection of one suitable for the area and the name of Concord appealed to the committee.
The year of 1901 had been extremely wet and has since been given for the reason that the school was built on a high rocky knoll on the N.W. corner of N.E. 1/4 section 10-42-24-W4. The area chosen was suitable for sports most of the year and for sleighing in the winter.
The construction of the school began in 1902 and the first school trustees were chosen. They were: G. MALCHOW Sr., S.W. McCAUGHEY, Wm. SNELL and W.W. BATSON as Secretary-Treasurer. Later Mr. W. HOWARD became Secretary-Treasurer and held the position for many years.
The school was to be finished by August 1, 1902. Due to the problem of transporting lumber over muddy trails and other problems of getting supplies required, the school was not completed as planned. A school teacher had arrived from Eastern Canada and the pupils were told to assemble at the school on a certain afternoon. When they arrived they found the interior of the school was not finished and the desks were still in crates along the walls. However, Miss Robinson, the new teacher made the best of it and helped the students find their grade level and to find which books were to be ordered. School was then postponed for 10 days. In this period of time, the teacher became homesick and left. With teachers being scarce, a Methodist student preacher, James Bradley was given the job.
The opening period of a pioneer school was a real task for any teacher. The students being all ages and sizes and being educated in different levels of education standards. Books were in very short supply with several pupils sharing one text. One geography was to serve the while school.
The school operated for nearly 50 years from 1902 to 1950. The year of 1950 was the last year the Concord School was in operation with Miss Grace Wiancko as teacher. The students were then transported by bus to the consolidated school of Mecca Glen. The old school house was sold and moved to Ponoka where it now stands as a private residence.

Dorothy Long

Miss Anenjes

Lydia Madsen

Miss Bain

Max Malchow

J. Bradley

Louise Martin

Claude Cavett

Otter Massing

Henry Costain

Miss Miller

Miss Cutter

Alfred Miller

Mr. Dawson

Agnes Mills

Elida Eakin

Miss Monroe

Betty Glendenning

Miss Eva Morrow

Mrs. R. Golley

Helen Onesto

Sadie Houghn

Miss Robinson

Miss Hubbard

May Schmidt

Frances Jones

Leona Shade

Miss Lacey

Miss G. Wiancko

Jessie Lakefield

R. Williams

Harry Laycock


The Students in the 1st Class
The Students in the 1st Class

Ada Heath

Virginia Parks

Raymond Heath

Vera Parks

Solan Heath

Ralph Parks

Clarence Holder

Lila Parks

Mabel Holder

Lillian Sayers

Willie Holder

Charlie Stewart

Fred Howard

John Stewart

Grace Howard

Susan Stewart

Harry Laycock

Patricia Stewart

Hazel Laycock

The Students in the 1st Class (continued)

Albert Wiancko

Leonard Laycock

Otto Malchow

Glenn McCaughey

Grace Wiancko

May Laycock

Harry Malchow

Hattie McCaughey

Grace Wiancko

Tonie Malchow

Louise Malchow

Martha McCaughey

Fred Malchow
Frank McCaughey

Bessie Parks


District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Date established:
N.W. corner of N.E. 1/4 section 10-42-24-W4
Last school year:
Name changes:
Last teacher:
Miss Grace Wiancko
Later Bldg Usage:
private residence
Additional Information:
-bldg was moved to Ponoka after it was no longer needed and used as a private residence
School tax info:

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