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Chesterwold District
The History

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The History of Chesterwold District
All activities in the early 1900's centered on the Chesterwold community, located 8 miles southeast of Pigeon Lake. Pete COOPER, an early pioneer arrive in 1902 and named the Chesterwold Post Office after his home town in Nebraska. The hub of the Chesterwold district (S.E. 32-44-27) consisted of a post office, store, and later a huge dance hall and a barn which held twenty-six teams. Later the Chesterwold district was divided into two school districts Pigeon Creek in 1905, and Half-Way Grove in 1918.
It was not until 1901 and 1902 that men in any appreciable numbers began filing on homesteads in the Chesterwold district. However the country "settled" quickly ...

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