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The History of the Chapel School District
The first Chapel School. built in 1905, was constructed of logs covered with siding.
Invited to share their memories, former pupils re-called clustering around a long log-burning stove on cold days, sitting in double desks, and writing on slates. They remembered the literary society to which the adults belonged. It met regularly in the school and provided the district with entertainment and relaxation. Those whose efforts were best remembered were Alfonso Mack with his violin, Bill Gunnell. and Bob Hardy. Ronald Gunnell remembered seeing a teacher lose her cool, reach into the piano bench, and take out a bundle of switches which she wore out over the backs of a couple of big boys who were enjoying themselves in a double desk. One of the offenders decided that his education was complete and left school. Teacher Faye Nicholson taught the girls knitting, and another teacher, Nellie Ashley came from Calgary.
ln 1926 a fine new school was built. It was much larger than the old school and had a full size base-ment, two large cloak rooms, and a furnace. It was probably one of the finest rural schools in central Alberta. The old log school was bought by Mr Jack Pringle, torn down, and hauled to his farm near Gull Lake. The lumber was used to build a house.
Attendance was frequently heavy. In 1933 it reached 45 and included 5 grade 10 students. The following year a rural high school was opened. at Forshee, which eased the load. Later, in 1944 there were 43 pupils in 8 grades. The following year the first "school bus', a large car, was operated between Forshee and Rimbev taking all students who lived nearer to the highway than to the school, to town.
The Chapel school was closed in 1953 and all the pupils were bussed to either Bentley or Rimbey. The building was sold to Mr. Otto Heileman who converted it into the lovely home.
The Early Teachers who taught at the Log Schoolhouse
The Students who attended classes in the Log Schoolhse
Mrs. Ried
Elizabeth Olson
Florence Raymond
PhilI Mathews
Mr. Saunders
Miss York
Muriel Craig
Ruth Craig
Hannah Christiansen
Faye Nicholson
Arthur Craig
Lily Graham
Elsie Fowler
Nellie Ashley
George Graham
Harry Ellsworth
Anna Watson
George Manson
Glen Ellsworth
Bessie Ellsworth
Teachers after 1926
Clara Ellsworth
Colin Pringle
Nita Nicholson
Nellie (Mrs Loren) Craig
Jim Pringle
Elizabeth Pringle
Elsie Skocdopole
Jean Connors
Jesse Walton
Wyllow Hankins
Clara Massing
Anne Gaukler
Elmer Adamson
Bertha Adamson
Phyllis Rice
Mrs. Gee
Lawerence Adamson
Grace Adamson
Margaret Rimbey
Mrs. Caldwell
Edith Rigby
Nancy Rigby
Annie Diggle
Louise Mohn
Ronald Gunnel
Charles Cummings
Faye Colfas
Lorna (Parks) Diggle
The first School Board
--- ---
John Craig
John Ellsworth
--- ---
A. M. (Malt) Berry

Chapel School
Chapel School
This photo courtesy of "Over the Years: A History of the Rimbey Area"

Chapel School District Map
Map of Chapel School District
To see full size readable version of this map, click here

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Date established:


Last school year:
Name changes:


Last teacher:

>>1905 - log schoolhouse
>> 1926 - new schoolhouse

Later Bldg Usage:
>Log schoolhse was sold to Jack Pringle and the logs used to build a house.
>New schoolhse was sold to Mr. Otto Heileman and converted into a home.
Additional Information:
>> The building was sold to Mr. Otto Heileman who converted it into a lovely home.
>>Pupils were bussed to either Bentley or Rimbey
School tax info:

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