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Blindman Valley School District
The History
The Teachers
The1st Students
School District Map
District Quick Facts

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The Teachers
The History of the Blindman Valley District
The Teachers (con't)
Miss Alexander
Just after the turn of the century, several families, the Platts, Richards, Lloyds, Donnellys, along with a few other families, headed up by Charles F. Hanson, set about establishing a School District. Land was purchased from W. Richards, and the school building was erected by Mr. J. Dixon and Mr. Meredith Roberts. Mr Roberts, with the help of Mr. George Sparks, went on to build the barn/stable, while Mr. John Sakofsky drilled the water well and Daddy Woods, a tinsmith in Rimbey, supplied the casing for a total of $175.10. Unfortunately the water from the well was not good, so water was carried from the nearby Richards and McCullough farms. The school was in operation from 1907 to 1949 when the students began being bussed into Rimbey. Mr. Fred Hansen
Mr. Johnson Mr. E.J. Blain
Miss McKittrick Mr. George Ambrose
Mr. C.E. Purdie Miss Wilson
Miss B. Drader Mr. Murphy
Mr. Maurice Rookwood Mr. McDonald
Mr. C.E. Bowker Mr. Reid
Mr. Bert Saunder Mrs. Reid
Miss Milligan Mrs. Mary Grinde (Mellis)
Mr. Fred Day Miss Eadie
Miss Creighton The 1st Students Miss Esther Eritsland
Miss Molly Sweat
William Gwin
Grace Klist
Miss Mae Edie
Mr. Frank Donnelly
Johnnny Gwin
Clare Klist
Miss Doreen Olstead
Mr. Frank Donnelly
Benny Gwin
Mamie Donnelly
Miss Annie Diggle
Mr. Greenless
Verna Gwinn
John Donnelly
Mr. Ed Donnelly
Miss Celine Van Humbeck
Raymond Platt
Wayne Flack
Miss Mable Massing
Mr. Ottar Massing
Vivian Hall
Glen Flack
Mr. Fosveth
Miss Lillian Aunger
Fred Hansen
George Richards
Miss Rowley
Mr. Bill Grant
Laura Hansen
Roxie Richards
Miss Alberta Coutts
Miss Louise Green
Carl Hansen
Jess Lloyd
Mr. Jack Manson
Alfred Lloyd
Harry Lloyd
Gilbert Lloyd
Goldie Lloyd

Blindman Valley School District #1645 Map
To see full size readable version of this map, click here

District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
First teacher(s):
Miss Alexander
Date established:
Last school year:
Name changes:
Last teacher:
Mr. Jack Manson
Later Bldg Usage:
>>sold and became a home >>eventually dismantled
J. Dixon & Meredith Roberts
Additional Information:
>>Barn/Stable built by : M. Roberts & George Sparks
>>Well dug by John Sakofsky
School tax info:

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