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The Teachers
The History of Asker School District #408
Mrs. Sadie Barrington
In 1896, the original School District application was submitted in the name of Smith's Grove, and covered the areas of what would become the Asker and Waterglen School Districts.
The first schoolhouse was a log cabin purchased from Mr. Sigalet who was located in the territory between Samson and Red Deer Lakes, for the price of $50. There were two houses exactly alike, and Asker bought one and Fair (Waterglen) the other.
Mr. VOLD, O.C. RAVNSBORG, Roy and Nansen VOLD dismantled the cabin, and took it on four sleighs with four teams, to a site donated by E.A., KREFTING on the SW of 14-43-23-W4th. This move was made in 1899, and Henry, John, Olaf and Einar Krefting redesigned and built the new log schoolhouse. Their family moved in while they built their own new home, and when they were able to move to the new home on March 1, 1900, E. Krefting and the boys set about making the desks for the teacher and students from rough lumber which was all hand planed. Because it was hard to come by a teacher, classes did not begin until July 1, 1900 when Miss Katherine (Katie) Carruthers (who later married Thomas Philips) came to the district from Ontario, and took on the position for $300 per year. She boarded with the Kreftings for the price of $12 per month, and was the first of the teachers who later came to Asker between 1900 and 1930, to make her home with
John and Hildur KREFTING, as they were just 3/4's of a mile from the school, which made for a healthy walk. The last teachers to board with the Kreftings paid only $30 per month room and board.
The log cabin schoolhouse served as the Smith's Grove School from 1900, until 1903 when the new school was built during the spring and summer, to accomodate the larger number of students.
The construction of the new school was let on contract, and there were three bids, the lowest bid was that of John, Olaf and Einar KREFTING, who were then awarded the contract and then completed the new schoolhouse in 1903. The new school was large and beautifully finished and painted. The students put on a concert and bought a bell for the belfry. All furniture, teacher's desk, chair, bookcase, desks and seats, globe a
nd maps were from Christies School Supplies.
Also in 1903, the School Board Secretary received a notice from the Commissioner of Education of the NorthWest Territories, in Regina, approving the requet to rename the school adn district, Asker.
The first school Inspector was Mr. Bryan, who came to Asker on his first inspection, in October, 1900. In June, 1902 the then Inspector Boyce made his first visit.
The first mention of taxes was in 1903, and the rate was set at 5 1/2 cents per acre. Taxes were later lowered for a few years when the District finished paying the debentures on the school.
The first School Board was Andrew VOLD, Ole CRAFT and Erland KREFTING, Secretary-Treasurer.

Mrs. Flora Bowie

Hattie Carruthers

Beatrice Duke
Leaffie Lobb

Agnes Dick (Mrs. Roy Donaghy)

Thomas Dick

Katherine Carruthers (married Thomas Phillips)

Evelyn English (Mrs. Paul Erickson)

Jean Goodwin (Mrs. Doug Rose)

Mrs. Fouty

Fred Fox

Lenore Forester

Donald Winter

Mr. D. Harrison

Greta Holmes

Prescott Irving

Mrs. Allan James

Mrs. Margaret Jewett

William Jewett

Gladys Russell

Deforest Nelson

Alice Dewhirst (Mrs. Ogwen Reese)
Galena Satre
May Schmidt (Mrs. H. Flegal)
Andrea Thorsen
Mr. Clark Walker
Alfred Webb
Jeannie Whitehorn
Minnie Sproule
Bertha Skjel (Mrs. Proctor Paulsen)
Florence Todd (Mrs. Sidney Thurber)
John Shaw (married Martha Paulsen)

Asker School
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Asker School District #408 Map
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District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
Smith's Grove
First teacher(s):
Miss Katherine Carruthers
Date established:
$300 per annum
Last school year:
Name changes:
>1903 became Asker
Last teacher:
Mrs. Allen James
> Schoolhouse built in 1903
Later Bldg Usage:
Additional Information:
School tax info:

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