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Anthony Hill School District
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The Teachers
The History of Anthony Hill School District #1073
The Teachers
C.G. Austin School District #1073's early history centres on the HANSON and OSTERLAND families. The school was built on the NE corner of NE 1/4-3-45-26-4 on land provided by Alfred OSTERLAND. It was built on tamarack sills, hand hewn by C.O. HANSON, and used for a school until 1914. Mr. OSTERLAND paid the school district $112.50 and moved the building to his yard for conversion to a store and post office. It still stands there, presently owned by Don BAUMAN, as a mute reminder of the past. Mr. OSTERLAND and Mr. HANSON spent much of their time for the next two years as teachers, the pupils being their own children. In 1907, a community organization was formed with Wm. CARLSON as secretary, and taxes collected for 1906 and 1907. Taxes ranged from $7.95 to $9.60 per quarter the first three years. (see tax roll names below) In 1918, the north half of 32-44-26-4 was taken from Glenfalloch and the names of Elof NELSON and Joe BOULIK added. Section 31-44-25-4 was transferred to Poplar Forest when that school was built. From the beginning the school operated continuously, often with thirty-six or more pupils registered each year until 1958 when children south of Twp. 44 were bussed to Ponoka, and those north of Twp. 44 to Falun. The building, new in 1914 and rebuilt three times still stands on the original land. It is now used as a community centre. The school treasurer continued to collect the taxes and pay for the school operation until 1931 when the municipal council began collecting all the taxes. The board was then responsible for budgeting the year's expenses and requisitioning this amount from the council. The continued until 1937 when the large division took over all the administration. The local boards continued as advisory and as a contact between the people and the divisional board. The taxes at the time were about $15.00 per quarter. Early auditors, George GORDON, E.N. RATTRAY, H.E. MANNING, charged from $3.00 to $5.00. J.A. JACKSON, (later Judge Jackson) processed the numerous affidavits for fifty cents for three, Mr. F.W. WAGNER got $12.00 for being treasurer in 1907 and Wm CARLSON $10.00 for his work as secretary. The jobs were later combined and were worth $35.00. E. DUWE, Anna HANSON, and after his return as a soldier, Carl HANSON held position of Secretary-Treasurer. After the board began to act in an advisory capacity, Harold CLINE acted until 1945, receiving a $5.00 honorarium. In 1946 Ed NELSON became the secretary and Albert COLLETON chairman, positions both have to this time (1972).
W.J. Morris
A.R.C. Berry
Thos. P. Murphy
Pat Claancie (married Mary McLelland)
Marie Myrre
Phillis Fenske (Mrs. Krubkowski)
Annie O'Dell
Milton Fenski (married Marjorie Harris)
C.D. Osterland
Catherine Ferguson (nee Nowicky)
M. E. Raeid (Mrs. M. Christensen)
Evelyn Hardy (Mrs. Ed Palechuk)
Miss Robertson
Wm. Hayhurst (married Edna Mattern)
Blanche Schierer (Mrs. Toivo Hill)
Grace Jones
Erica Schnell (Mrs. Martin, Hobbema)
Jas. Jones
Laura Seamens
Irene M. Keane
Ester Soderstrome (nee Howes)
Pat Kjorlein
Ivy M. Steele (Mrs. Dr. M. Graham)
A.J. LeBlank
J.E. Sunberg
Mary McClelland
Ida M. Svenson
Gertrude McCready (Mrs. Gibson)
Richard T. Williams
Ida Mattern ---
The First Tax Roll 1909 Additions to the Tax Roll
Richard T. Williams F.W. Wagner
Wm. Carlson Jacob Walkter
Chas. K. Chaffee A. Westman
W.E. Cook Oscar Westman
W.H. Cook A. Erickson
L.B. Courtright John Fyfe
C.O. Cunningham
The First Tax Roll (continued)
A. Graff
Charles A. Dean A. A. Hexem Fred Mattern C.O. Hanson
Edith Defendefer J.A. Jackson A. Osterland A. Barbara Marr (Mrs Grover,Stettler)
E. Duwe Henry Kramer Dora Patterson
James Harris
Harry Eliason Jacob Kramer H.P. Smith Henry Lammi
Oscar Eliason A.W. Liliedahl E. F. VanDeusen James Small
Chas. Geilberger Asa Lincoln George VanDeusen V. Tulokas
Axel Greenlund E. Lundell John Vassberg Bernice Yoos (Mrs. Stone, Olds)

Anthony Hill School
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Anthony Hill School District #1073 Map
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District Quick Facts
District/School Nbr:
First school year:
Original name:
Anthony Hill
First teacher(s):
Mr. Osterland & Mr. Hanson
Date established:
NE corner of
NE 1/4-3-45-26-4
Last school year:
Name changes:
Last teacher:
Later Bldg Usage:
Final bldg became community centre
C. O. Hanson
Additional Information:
- Orig. bldg. became post office and general store
- Rebuilt 3 times before closure
School tax info:

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