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County of Ponoka GenWeb Project - About the GenWeb Project
Welcome to the County of Ponoka GenWeb Project!
About the GenWeb Project

In March and April, 1996, the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database Project was founded by a group of genealogists. The main purpose of the Project was to create a central home, and index on the internet for information that had been collected about Kentucky counties. Volunteer coordinators were then found to manage the databases and provide websites at the County level, and the KyGenWeb Project was created. Due to the popularity of the Project, it soon spread to other states, and the USGenWeb Project was formed in 1996...

Modelled on the USGenWeb Project, there are now sites worldwide providing free, on-line genealogical information and data, available to everyone. The coordinators of sites, rainging from county to country level in scope, remain volunteers dedicated to the common goal of collection and distribution of genealogical data on the Web.

This site is proud to be part of the Canada GenWeb Project which was formed in 1996. Under the guidance of several coordinators, the Project has grown to include sites covering most of the country. The Alberta GenWeb Project was founded by Darlene Homme in August 1997, and under her direction, now includes sites representing 70 MD's, counties, and cities in Alberta.

The County of Ponoka GenWeb Project site was created in the fall of 1997. This Project has provided me with the opportunity to be in contact with many people researching their family stories, and has allowed me to share in the joy that comes when researchers with common ancestors, and who have never met, connect. All in all, the Project has proven to be a very challenging, yet rewarding, and I look forward to continuing as a volunteer in the Canada & Alberta GenWeb Projects!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit the Volunteer Information page at the Alberta site, or the Volunteer page at the Canada site.

Researching your family story that originated somewhere in Canada? Start your research at Canada's National site - where you will not only find information about our country, but links to each Provincial site as well.
Researching roots in Alberta? Visit the Provincial site for Alberta, for information and links to each County site.

Researching family somewhere else in the world? Check out some of these sites.....

~~~~~ Our common goal is the collection and distribution of genealogical data on the Web. ~~~~~
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