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Church of the Nazarene
Dakota United Church
Concord Baptist Church

Danish Lutheran Church

Concord Free Methodist Church
Echo Valley Church of God in Christ (Mennonite)

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The pastors The Danish Lutheran Church
Reverend Noresen The Danish Lutheran, supported by a Missionary group in Denmark, began holding services in about 1925. Meeting in first the United and later the Baptist, and finally the Anglican churches, all clergy and supplies came from Edmonton. Services were held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, alternating between Danish and English. Due to the large numbers of immigrants from Denmark who settled in the area, and did not speak English, ultimately the services were run exclusively in Danish.
Reverend Hallkneck
Reverand Schultz
Reverand Matthiesen
Reverend Thorslev
Reverend OverGaard
Reverend Thomsen
Based on an except from "Ponoka Panorama"

Dakota United Church
The Dakota United Church was organized in 1926, by the Reverand John B. CROWELL, and the first communion was held on August 29, 1926. The first Board of Stewards was elected and the next 4 years saw a number of student ministers rotate through the parish.
The need soon arose for a church building and the Ladies' Aid worked hard putting on ice cream socials, plays, chicken suppers, oyster suppers, etc until sufficient funds were raised to start on the building. To this a donation of $100 was made by Mr. George BOWKER with the understanding that all building materials would be purchased from him.
The land which the church was to stand on, was donated by E.R. OLMSTEAD, and after a review of local churches, it was decided that the building would be one made from cement blocks. Again, yet another donation was provided of the needed sand and gravel for the church walls and basement. Mr. John SPARKS was hired to make the blocks and a machine was set up in the schoolyard, down by the barn. It took approximately 3 - 4 weeks for sufficient blocks to be made. The church was built using volunteers (including the then student minister, Fred YOUNG) coordinated and organized by Edgar BRESEE. The builders hired to erect the building were Bob LEWIS and his brother Ernest. Once the basement was excavated by a team of men, forms were built, and cement poured, the volunteers completed the walls, and a roof was installed, leaving the shingling to be done. At this point, it was harvest time and most of the men were busy on their land, so Fred YOUNG organized the women of the parish, some additional volunteer help from the Home Glen district and whomever had spare time, and set them to the shingling the roof. From there, Rev Young encouraged the ladies to both make and paint the seats for the church. An organ was donated by Mrs. Hugh MILLER of Ponoka and was used until about 1957 when it was replaced with a newer model.
After the tremendous effort of the many volunteers, and with the help of the choir from the United Church in Ponoka, the new building was dedicated and officially opened on September 20, 1931 with Dr. Thos. POWELL, Superintendent of Home Missions officiating at the service. Several baptisms took place that day as well, and the parish welcomed several new members. After all of his hard work, Fred YOUNG was asked to remain with the parish for another year, which he was happy to do.
In 1932 the building was plastered by Frank CISSELL, and several trees were planted around the churchyard.
Based on an except from "Crestomere Sylvan Heights Heritage"

Church of the Nazarene
The first Church of the Nazarene in Alberta was organized in 1911 in Calgary. Then in quick succession many others were started. During this time Rev. Thomas Bell was instrumental in starting the work at Rimbey by holding tent meetings in the village. In the book "From East to Western Sea," Fred Parker says "Here a band of holiness people, under the leadership of James Rimbey began holding cottage prayer meetings. A building was finally erected, and in January and February of 1916, W.B. Tait, then District Superintendant, held a series of meetings. A church was organized and Rev. MacLachlan was called to pastor. The church building burned down during the first year and had to be rebuilt."
Elvin Rimbey, who would have been 3 years old in July perished in that fire, May 16, 1916. It seemed tragic and ironic that this should happen on land donated by his grandfather, and in a building erected by his father, Phineas.
Charter Members
Phineas Rimbey
Mrs.Vera Rimbey
John Wright
Mrs. Retha Rimbey Wright
Mrs. Nancy Rimbey Butcher
Mr. & Mrs.James Rimbey
Mrs. Sam Rimbey
Mrs. Win. Cork
Mr. Frank Gorney
The Church as it was rebuilt after the fire in 1916 (this building became the home of the Seventh Day Adventist congregation)
Muech family
Throughout the years this church has had some faithful laymen. While her children were small Florence Goings held Sunday School in her own home. In the early 30's Wayne and Pearl Wiley carried on a Sunday School in the Willisden Green area where they lived. Charlie Wright and H. Irwin held meetings in the Lind home beyond Homeglen. During the 1940's Mr. & Mrs. George Hunter came into contact with the church through the efforts of Leroy Rimbey who held Sunday School in the Monte Vista area.
After the fire in 1916, the church was rebuilt on the same site. In 1929 it was enlarged by William H. Rigby and others and put on a foundation. That building was sold, and the present one erected in 1955, while Evan Kaechele was pastor. The parson-age beside the first church served until a new one was purchased in 1948. In 1964 the present one was built just west of the church. The congregation outgrew present facilities. In 1980 construction began on a large addition to the church. The new space includes sanctuary, offices, nursery, kitchen, and many classrooms. On Thanks-giving Sunday, October 10, 1982, the people plan to begin worshipping in the new sanctuary.
The Pastors (since 1916)
Rev. C.H. MacLachlan
F.W. MacDowell
H. Swarth
Evan Kaechele
D.A. Hoover
D.C. Brooks
R.S. Tenove
A. Percy Rainey
* E. Eby
P.T. Bartram
B. Martin Gait
R.G. Deasley
D.B. Bartram
* D. Prescott
A.E. Peterson
R.T. Sellick
S. Kaechele
R. W. Coulter
L. Falk
W.S. Munro
A. Perry
* S. Carter
C.O. Christiansen
E.A. Ratz
* Ho. Fanning
Win. Humble
F.W. Clark
Harold W. Hoffman
(* indicates short term supply)
Rimbey Church of the Nazarene built in 1955
Photos courtesy of the local history book, "Over the Years: A History of the Rimbey Area"
and article based on excerpt from same.



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