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County of Ponoka Cemeteries and Graveyards
In the early days of settlement, some loved ones who passed away were buried on the land owned by their families. As churches were erected and graveyards consecrated, these graves were often moved and permanent headstones placed, however, some small family (and close friends) graveyards exist.
This site includes information about the history of County of Ponoka cemeteries, and where available, the names of those buried in the graveyards. Additional information is available however, permission to publish it on the web has not been granted, so to access the indices to grave markers and burial records from the Ponoka and Rimbey and Bluffton areas that have been collected by the Alberta Genealogical Society and others, visit the AGS library or visit their site to purchase their publications.
If you have information or burial records related to local cemeteries or graveyards, and wish to contribute them to this site so others can access the information on a "non fee" basis, please contact us!

County of Ponoka CEMETERIES
Asker Cemetery
St. Cross Lutheran Church Cemetery
Bismark Lutheran Cemetery
Dakota United Church Cemetery
Burn Brae (Homeglen) Cemetery
Earlville Rutherford Cemetery
Ellis Free Methodist Cemetery
Hoadley Cemetery
Ferrybank Cemetery
Iola Fairview Cemetery
Forest Home Municipal Cemetery
Meadowvale Cemetery
Mount Auburn Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery
Nathaniel Lutheran Cemetery
St Mary's Convent Cemetery
Rimbey West Haven Cemetery
St. Michael's Cemetery
St Peter's Lutheran Cemetery
Water Glen Baptist Cemetery
Svea Lutheran Cemetery
West Haven Cemetery
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Zion United Church Cemetery
Twin Creek Cemetery --

County of Ponoka Interments



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