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The Tapley BUNCH Family --
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The Richard PRIDGEON Family
S.W. quarter 4-42-2-W5
Richard (Dick) Pridgeon was born in Anthon, Iowa, U.S.A. in 1879. He came to the Rimbey area early in 1909. On April 4, 1903, he filed on a homestead at the S.W. 1/4 4-42-2-W5 and received his patent on March 16, 1907.
In 1912 he married Nellie Bunch, a daughter of Perry Bunch of Rimbey. Richard and Nellie had 4 children - Henry, Albert, Mary and Irene.
In 1923 the family moved to Nelson, British Columbia. Two years later, Richard died at the age of 46 years. His wife Nellie made her home at West Bank, British Columbia where she died a few years later.
Richard's mother, Nancy Pridgeon, came to the Rimbey area in 1903. She made her home with her daughter, Lizzie (Mrs. T.A. Iddings) until her death in 1917 at the age of 74 years. She is buried in the Mount Auburn cemetery. Another sister Emma Diamond lived in the Rimbey area. She died in 1904 at the age of 23 years. She is also buried at the Mount Auburn cemetery.
Based on an excerpt from: "Over the Years: A History of the Rimbey Area" (1983)
Additional notes on the Pridgeon family... (a little info has been provided - for more info, please follow the link to the source!)

Possible family -
The parents of Richard Pridgeon were Isaac Pridgeon & Nancy Ann Martin.
They had the following children:
Emma died 29 June 1904; married to Wes Diamond (born 21 July 1874 in Doageville,Wisconsin, USA; died 10 February 1940) on 10 February 1900. They had one son, Alvin (Elvin), born 28 June 1904 in Rimbey, Ponoka County, Alberta, Canada
Elizabeth was born on 5 November 1872; died: 29 June 1960; first married Mr. Connett and they had one child Raymond; 2nd marriage was to Thomas Iddings in 1899. (see notes)
Betty - married Henry Allen
Minnie - married Matt Schram
Richard was born 9 October 1876; and died on 8 February 1925
John Henry born 23 October 1877; died 30 October 1949; married Jessie May Arnold in Anthon, Woodbury County, Iowa, USA in 1901
born 15 March 1886; died 17 September 1960; married Elizabeth Fixsel in 1910.
Mary (Mollie) married Peter Schram

Source: "My Genealogy" database by M.W. Whitford
Other sources that may be helpful:
Woodbury County, Iowa, USA GenWeb Project
"My Genealogy" database by M.W. Whitford
Woodbury County Genealogical Society
Rootsweb Iowa State Resrouces

The Perry BUNCH Family
Symonds District
.In 1902 the William B. Bunch family arrived in Lacombe on the same train that brought the Joseph Marshall family.
Mr. & Mrs. Bunch were accompanied by their two sons, Tapley B. and Perry Sydney Both sons were widowers, their wives having died in Illinois near Springfield, where the boys were born and grew up. Tapley was left with two children - Ruby (Mrs. William Cork) and Ralph. The death of Perry's wife in childbirth and of an infant son Roy, left him with four children. Nellie (Mrs. Richard Pridgeon - Dick was a brother to Mrs. Tom Iddings); Alma (Mrs. Glen Chiles); Gertie (Mrs. James Cadek), and William.
Grandma Bunch was left to care for the six grandchildren on the train trip up from Illinois as both Perry and Tapley had to ride with stock to the care for them. Since they were not able to get their homesteads and get houses built they spent the first year in Lacombe, where William died.
In November 1908 Perry married Mattie Everhart, a widow with three daughters - Gracie (Mrs. John Hall), Pearl (Mrs. Carl Cox), and Mabel (Mrs. Leroy Rimbey). Mattie was the eldest daughter of Frank (Dad) Symonds who arrived in the area in 1903 from Iowa, U.S.A., and homesteaded in the Symonds district. Mattie was the first white girl born in Victoria Township, Cass County, Iowa, USA In 1909 their daughter Lula was born in an old log house on the "Townsend Place" two (2) miles north of Rimbey.
Perry took as his homestead, the "Hyde Place" just south of where Monte Vista School was built. There was a small house on the northeast corner of the place, and Perry and his family lived there while he was building a larger house farther south. Perry received his naturalization papers on June 21, 1905. He farmed his homestead and had a threshing outfit. He also had one race horse, which I am afraid wasn't very successful. Glen Coleman road and took care of the race horse.
Frank Stephas did farm work, and Lula remembers Frank or "Steppie" as he called him as a very good friend, who spend hours of his spare time playing games with her when she was a little girl.
Perry had the agency for the John Deere Implement Company and when the different machines were shipped to him, they came knocked down. The Company sent men to assemble these machines and they boarded and roomed at Perry's.
In the spring of 1915, Perry and Mattie held a sale on the farm and moved to Rimbey, where they lived in a small house a block south of the main street and almost directly behind the livery barn. The house was bought from Frank Symonds.
Later Perry bought a larger house to which they built on two more rooms. It was situated just south of the Clifford Hewitt home. Perry bought the livery barn and had freight wagons with which he hauled supplies from Lacombe for Ralston's and Beatty's, and several other businesses. It was all hauled by either wagon or sled depending on the season.
Nellie and Dick left for British Columbia in 1922 where Dick passed away. They had two boys and two girls. Nellie died in 1975.
Alma and Glen had a son Sydney Chiles and a daughter. Alma died in 1954.
Gertie married an auctioneer. She had three children and still lives in Lacombe.
Lulu lives with her husband, Merle Armstrong in California, USA The Government awarded contracts for mail delivery to the outlying post offices such as Leedale, Lockhard, Iola, etc. Perry had the contract to haul the mail from Bentley every day and to the other places once a week. During the time Perry owned the livery he also had a taxi and drove a Grey Dort car. Once, during the time he owned the livery, two young fellows who were employed at the bank hired a team and cutter to go to a dance out in the country. They were told to just drive the team into the runway of the barn and leave them, and whoever came to do the feeding would unhitch and unharness them. They decided it was going to be a long time for the team to stand there so they would unhitch and unharness, However, they had no idea how to do it, so
(Left to right) Mattie, Perry & Lulu Bunch (June 1917)
(Left to right) Perry's daughters - Nellie, Alma, Gertie & Lulu in 1946
unfastened every strap on the harness. It took one man two days to get the harness back together again!Mattie was a practical nurse and worked for years with Dr. Byers. She had a small private hospital in her home. In 1926 she left Rimbey to go to Anacortes, Washington, USA to keep house for her brother Arthur. She later returned to Rimbey and died there of cancer in 1932.
Based on an excerpt from: "Over the Years: A History of the Rimbey Area" (1983)
Additional notes on the Bunch family... (a little info has been provided - for more info, please follow the link to the source!)


In 1870 William B. Bunch, was born in Illnois, and was 26 years old. He was married to Lucinda, who was born in Tennessee, USA, and they had 4 daughters at the time: Susan, 8 years old, Harriett, 6, Sarah, 5, and May, 6 months old. William's occupation is listed as Farmer. Source: 1870 Census of Morgan County, IL p.674
2. Murrayville is located in Morgan County, in the state of Illinois, United States of America Source: US geographic search engine
3. There is a mailing list for BUNCH family queries at Rootsweb Source:

Other sources that may be helpful:
Morgan County, Illinois GenWeb Project

Morgan Area Genealogical Association & Waverly Genealogical & Historical Society
Illinois State Archives
Rootsweb Iowa State Resources

The Tapley BUNCH Family (also see the bio above also about the BUNCH family)
Symonds District
Tapley Bunch, son of William B. Bunch, came to this area in 1902. He homesteaded the S.W. 1/4-10-43-3-W5. Tapley traveled by covered wagon with his two small children, Ruby and Ralph, two and four years of age. His wife had died back in Murrayville, Illinois, U.S.A. so he cared for theses two little ones all the way here.
Ruby married Bill Cork of Rimbey and they had eight children.
Ralph married Jessie Halcrow, and they had one daughter.
In September 1913 Tapley married Lucy Layden who had just arrived from Oswestry, England. In the spring of 1914 Tapley's mother died so they moved to his father's farm to take care of him.
While living there Tapley served as councillor in the Last West District.
To this marriage six children were born:
Emma, who married John Goings of Rimbey. They had two children;
William married Norma Bengston and they had five children;
married William Ritchie and they had one daughter;
Harriet married Harold Olafson and had two children. Harriet passed away in 1977; Joseph married Mary Thorkman;
married Shirley Linn and they had four children.
In 1920 Tapley and Lucy moved into Rimbey and they lived across from the school.
Tapley hauled the mail from Rimbey to Bentley for many years, first with horses and later by car. He also served as town constable for a time. He tried his hand at the dray business and was janitor at the new brick school which was built in 1924. "Tap" as he was known passed away on February 5th, 1951.
Mrs. Lucy Bunch still lives in Rimbey; keeps house, and does some gardening. She celebrated her 86th birthday, October 1981.
For eleven years after the passing of her husband Lucy baby-sat the Carlson twins and many a night she has sat with patients at the Three-Way Hospital.
Tapley is the only person in the Rimbey area to ever get mention in Ripley's "Believe it or
(Left to right) daughter Emma, wife Lucy, Tapley & daughter Mary Bunch
Not". According to Mr. Ripley, Mr. Bunch had a great-grandson older than his own son.
Based on an excerpt from: "Over the Years: A History of the Rimbey Area"(1983)
Additional notes on the Tapley Bunch family: (see above for more notes on this Bunch Family)
Tapley Bunch's first wife was Julia A. Henry. They were married on 08/02/1893 Source: Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 15:04:38 -0600
From: Meg Greenwood (email address does not appear to work..)
To: [email protected]
Subject: Topley BUNCH bn ~1877, IL
Have just been sent the probable lineage of my Ralph H BUNCH who married into my Maternal HALCROW line, and settled in Montana. He died 1958 near Great Falls, MT. Jesse HALCROW died 1967. I am seeking information on Ralph BUNCHes father, listed in the SocSecDeathIndex letter received as Tapley BUNCH. Lineage received from a BUNCH family source is as follows :
Ralph H BUNCH bn Sep 1896-Murrayville, Morgan Co, IL.
His father was Tapley B BUNCH, bn ~1842. Married Julia HENRY.
His father was William B BUNCH, bn ~1842, prob IL. Married Lucinda P [unknown].
His father was James BUNCH, bn ~1820-21 in KY. Married Elizabeth BEADLES.
His father was Davis BUNCH, bn ~1795 in KY. Married Mary HALLOWAY.
His father was Clark BUNCH, bn ~1744 in KY. Married Ann DAVIS in 1794, Clark Co, KY.
His father was Zachariah BUNCH, bn ~ 1753 in VA. Married Saby [unknown].
His father was Henry BUNCH, bn ~1720 in VA. Married Ann [unknown].
His father was John BUNCH, bn ~1690 in VA. Married Rebecca [unknown].
His father was John BUNCH, bn ~ 1641 in England, came to VA by 1656.
I thank all the BUNCH donations of information that probably led to some/alot of this being available.
Seek details on Tapley's siblings, and the likelihood of finding living relatives. Will search the archives of this surname list for these earlier names, there is nothing on Topley/Tapley.
My source shows him in the 1880 Morgan Co. IL census living at Murrayville with wife Lucinda and 8 children including Topley B aged 3.
Happy Dancing here !!!
Meg Greenwood / Oklahoma
Source: Rootsweb Mailing List Archives search
Search for Bunch family in the year 2000 queries

Date: 6 Jan 2001
Author: Ann Marie Bunch

Subject: Possible Relatives
In Reply to: Re: Possible Relatives by: K Langlois
Hello. My Grandfathers name was Tapley B. Bunch. He had a brother, Ralph who lived in Great Falls. Neither my grandfather or his brother are living.
There was also my grandfathers children. They are as follows:
Em Bunch(NL),
William Bunch(NL),
Mame Bunch(L),
Hariot Bunch(NL),
Joe(Joby)Bunch(NL) and
James Bunch who is my father.(L)
My grandfather was born July 30, 1876 and died Feb.5, 1951 and I do know he was from the United States.
As far as I know all my aunts, uncles and my father were born here in Alberta. They lived around Rimbey, Alberta, but I can't say when they lived there and until when. I am not sure if any of this information will help or not, but all I can do is hope.

Source: Rootsweb Mailing List Archives search
Search for Bunch family in the year 2001 queries
Date: 20 Jan 2001
Author: Ann Marie Bunch
Bunch Family
In Reply to: Bunch family by: Paul Bunch
Paul: Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am trying to find any relatives I may have. I know my grandfather was born in Murray Ville, Illinois. His name was Tapley Bunch, born July 30,1876. He also had a sister Ruby and a brother Ralph. Not sure if any of this info. will help you or not, but I wanted to pass it along to you.
Take care.
Source: Rootsweb Mailing List Archives search
Search for Bunch family in the year 2001 queries


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