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The Otto SCHICKEROWSKI Family The Kris WEINS Family
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Wilmot District
In the fall of 1945, Mr. Otto SCHICKEROWSKI and his wife Olga, purchased the south 1/2 of 26-42-28, and the N.E. 1/4, (the land formerly known as the "SAUVE place"). and moved from their farm north-west of Bashaw, Alberta, leaving son Norman on the original farm. The Schickerowski's were a Lutheran family, and soon joined the congregation at Bismark Lutheran Church. They farmed in this area until 1955, when they moved into the town of Ponoka where they lived for the remainder of their days. Otto passed away in 1956 and Olga in 1955. They had five children.
The Children ...
Benley - moved to the Wilmot district with his parents in 1945. Married Edna BORTH in 1948, and farmed with his father until 1954 when he took over the farm upon his father's retirement. Benley and Edna purchased a local store and moved into an adjoining residence, renting the farm to the Sanderson family of Oyen. Ben and Edna had 4 children:
Terry married and moved to Edson, Alberta
Martha trained as a Nurses' Aide in Edmonton & married Donald WARNER.
Norman - married around 1945, and did not move to Ponoka County as he farmed the original home place near Bashaw.
Hazel - married while living near Bashaw and moved to Leduc, Alberta
Godfred - served in the army in 1945. Upon discharge from the army, Godfred returned to farming after purchasing the N.E. 1/4 from his father. He married Hilda who originally came from St. Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. The later sold up and moved to Calgary, Alberta. Godfred and Hilda had 4 children:
Roy - married and remained in Calgary
Allen - remained in Calgary
Beatrice - remained in Calgary
Margaret - remained in Calgary
Betty - moved to the Wilmot district with his parents in 1945. Married Paul BORTH, and lived on his family farm until the deaths of his parents. They then rented land (Kinley farm) for roughly 3 years, when they purchased their own farm from Russell Long. They farmed there until 1966 when they decided to purchase the Leedale General Store, and sold the farm, moving to the Leedale district. Betty and Paul had 4 children, who attended school in Rimbey, Alberta:
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Schultz District
Emil Ernest Schickerowsky at 22 came from Germany in 1897 with his father, Edward, and older brother, Leo. He married Carolina WEINS in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and lured by friends already the Waterglen district, they came in 1898 by train to Edmonton, Alberta, filing on S.W. 34-42-22-4. It was covered with heavy poplar and willow except for one small clearing near the centre, where they built a 12 x 14 foot log shack with a sod roof, dirt floor, a small window and had a hewn door. First tools used were a hand plow, grub axe, broad axe (for hewing logs), woodsman's axe, soon followed by a bucksaw, lumberman's saw, scythe, and hand made wooden rake. Carolina had a cookstove-heater and a spinning wheel. She spun yarn for much of their clothing. Mrs. Louie Schickerowsky was the sister of Carolina Weins, and both were the daughters of Kris Weins.
In 1904 a larger two-room log house with thatched roof and wood floor was built. The children still slept on sacks stuffed with straw on wooden beds. They attended the Schultz School, and were founding members of the St. Cross( KreÚz) Lutheran Church
The third home on that location was built in 1914; a two-storey four-bedroom frame house which was still in use in 1969. By 1914, with the land cleared, they had a full line of machinery and considerable stock.
Emil passed away March 18, 1916 at the age of 40, and was buried in the St. Peter's graveyard.
In 1920, Carolina Weins Schickerowsky married Gus Baker from the Bashaw area. They lived on the farm until 1928, sold it, and moved to land east of Bashaw where they lived until Gus' death in 1942. Carolina then moved to Bashaw, and lived with son Arthur, until 1964 when she moved to Bethany Home in Camrose, Alberta. She passed away on June 14, 1968.
The Children ...
Edward -the eldest, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He married Pearl Dunn in Lacerne, Michigan in 1945.
Leo Arthur (Dewey) - married Alice, daughter of Rudolph SCHULTZ, Manfred district in 1929. They farmed S 1/2 21-42-22-4 until 1964, when they sold up and moved to Bashaw. They had 2 sons: Dennis who married Ethel KANE and Conrad who married Myfanwy JONES
Ernest - was born in 1908, married Elsie Albert in 1937 and later in 1948, he married Audrey Williams from Alix, Alberta
Arthur - was born in 1903 and remained a bachelor
Paulina - died at age 2
Flora - died at age 2
Alma - died in 1917 due to severe burns
Augusta- married George Albert in Bashaw in 1936
Christopher - died in 1918 from the flu
2 other children died at birth
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Schultz District
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Schickerowsky came from Europe via Winnipeg to the Schultz District in 1903, homesteading S.E. 34-42-22-4. They lived in a sod-roofed log house later building a log house with a shingled roof. Louie and his family were founding members of the St. Cross (KreÚz) Lutheran Church
Eight children were born in Ponoka County. Mrs. Louie Schickerowsky was the sister of Carolina Weins, wife of Emil Schickerowsky, both the daughters of Kris WEINS.
The homestead was sold in 1914 and the family moved to the Bonnie Brae district.
The Children ... (and grandchildren.... and great-grandchildren...!)
William Arnold -married Maggie Bolduc; they divorced; William then married Elsie Whitford and they had 6 children:
Kenneth Leo
Kenneth Leo was born May 29, 1933 in Tees, Alberta. He married Violet Gloria Cardinal and they had 2 children:
Karen Lois
Kenneth Louis
Kenneth passed away on July 19, 1993 and is buried in Cochrane Cemetery, Cochrane, Alberta.
William Arnold passed away and was buried in Cochrane Cemetery, Cochrane, Alberta.
Clara - married Wilia Trefz
Laura - married August Zimmer in 1924
Judy - married Nora Swindler
Arnold - passed away before 1968
Flora - married R. Stenerson
Hugho - married Lucy Swindler, sister to Nora
Alma - married William Zimmer, brother to August
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2) from family information kindly provided by Karen Schickerowsky Acuna

The Kris WEINS Family
Schultz District
Kris Weins came from Austria to Winnipeg, Manitoba near the end of the 19th century, and was married to Clara Mimits. They later moved to the Ponoka area and lived on N.E. 36. Kris and Clara's children were:
?? - became the first Mrs. Louie Schickerowsky (brother of Emil)
Caroline - married Emil Schickerowsky (brother of Louie)
Liz - married Geo. Mohl
Dora - married Mike Zimmer (brother of August)
Pauline - married Joe Klatt in 1912, farming her father's farm for one year, then moved to Halkirk.
Laura - married August Zimmer (brother of Mike) in 1924. They rented the land in the area for a few years and then moved closer to Bashaw.
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