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The Edward DINGMAN Family The Parks Family
The William Parks Family The Ralph Parks Family
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The E. DINGMAN Family
Ed Dingman came to the Concord district in 1901 with his wife and small daughter Dora. He homesteaded SW 14-42-24-W4 until his death in 1908. He had served in the Spanish American War.
His widow moved to Ponoka and operated a boarding house for some time before returning to the U.S.A.
Based on an excerpt from: Mecca Glen Memories (1968)
DINGMAN Family researcher: Also, see Jim's website: The Dingman Family Web Site

The PARKS Family
In January of 1902,the Parks family arrived in Ponoka by immigrant train from Nebraska, USA. The party consisted of Mrs. Catherine Parks, her children and their families, as well as, the Ed Dingman, and the Harry Holder families.
Catherine's son, Ralph K. and his family, and her daughter and son-in-law, Irving Smith and their family took up homesteads just northwest of Bashaw. After building small houses, spring arrived and they realized the land was nothing more than part of a lake, as it was all under water! After nine months, the families decided to return home to Nebraska, and did so by wagon train, leaving Mrs. Catherine Parks to visit her eldest son, Will and his family, where unfortunately she passed away on February 1, 1902.
The Children ...
William - The eldest son of Mrs. Catherine Parks, who arrived in Ponoka County in 1900.
Ralph K. -
David B. -
Based on excerpts from: Mecca Glen Memories (1968)
PARKS Family researcher: unknown

The William Parks Family
Concord District
S.E. 16-42-24-W4
The Children ...

Bessie - returned to the USA.
Lila - returned to the USA.
Jennie - returned to the USA
Vera - returned to the USA
Alberta - returned to the USA
Perl - returned to the USA.
Ruth - returned to the USA.
Ralph - married Annie Griffiths of the Concord District. They farmed in the area for a number of years before moving into Ponoka, where Ralph worked at the Ponoka Mental Hospital until he passed away. In 1968, Annie was still living in Ponoka. They had 4 children: Gene, Carl, Wayne and Annabelle. Gene passed away in 1966 in Ponoka. Carl and his family live in Ponoka (1968). Wayne moved to Calgary (1968). Annabelle married Harvey Hansen and moved to Oregon, USA.

Based on excerpts from: Mecca Glen Memories (1968)
Parks Family reseacher: unknown Dingman Family researcher: James Eubank

The Ralph K. Parks Family Concord District 8-42-24-W4
After returning to Nebraska following a failed attempt at homesteading, Mr. Ralph Parks returned to Alberta in 1912 and purchased a quarter of land near the Chain Lakes.
This land was rented to various farmers until 1928, when Mr. Ralph Parks, his wife and five of their nine children came back to Alberta to make their home permanently. Mr. Parks established a home in the Concord district and remained there until his death on April 11, 1946. His wife remained on the farm for 6 further years, until her passing in June, 1952.
The Children ...
There were 9 children in this family but only 5 are mentioned in the articles. The articles also mention that in 1968 (when the book was written), only 3 of the children still resided in the Ponoka area.
Maude - moved with her parents to the Concord district when they first came with Mrs. Catherine Parks in 1902. She returned to Nebraska (note: there is no mention as to whether or not Maude was one of the 5 children who returned in 1928.)
Ruby - married Bernard (Bud) Perry, son of Art and Beatrice CAPLING Perry, and the grandson of settler, Ernest Perry who came to the county in 1902 from Hollen, Ontario. They settled in the Rutherford District and had 4 children: Herb of Eastside who married Anne Starrup of Rimbey; Evoyne who worked as a telephone operator in Edmonton; Ralph who married Marlene Wetherill and lived in Ponoka; and Ken who went to university to study Library Science.
Willodene - married Ross FRASER on August 22, 1937, and moved to a the Charles Scott farm before moving into Ponoka in 1959. They had 4 children: Dale who married Gladys SWITZER, moved to Edmonton, and had 2 children; Roger who worked in Tripoli, Lybia (1968); Doreen who married Constable William Hanna of Edmonton and moved to St. Albert with their 2 children; Carolyn who married Dennis POHL of Ponoka and moved to Wasa, British Columbia with their daughter.
Lucille - married Bruce MacMillan. They farmed S.W. 1/4 of 8-42-24-W4 (formerly owned by Lucille's father), until moving to Ponoka in 1966. They had one son, Bruce, Jr. who married Sharon STEVENS and moved to Smithers, British Columbia with their 2 children.
David L. - married Leora and lived on NW 34-41-24-W4 for a nubmer of years before purchasing NW 4-42-24-W4 (fomerly owned by David's father), where they built a set of farm buildings in 1945. They eventually sold the farm to Ed Mayer and moved to British Columbia with their daughter.
Based on excerpts from: Mecca Glen Memories (1968)
Parks Family reseacher: unknown


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