The Scandinavian pioneers


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                                    The Scandinavian Pioneers

Due to the enormous amount of Scandinavians who pioneered in the County of Camrose, i've decided to create a page with links to their
past travels and homesteads, prior to their settlement here.

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Camrose on the May Celebration in 1915.  Notice the two flags. 

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The Scandinavian pioneers of the Camrose County, were as a majority, settlers of the American northern states who , through friends , family, and Canadian Government officials, were encouraged to immigrate to this area. They followed a general path from Minnesota and surrounding states, via the train to Winnipeg and from there , onward to Calgary and Wetaskiwin. At Wetaskiwin, they were generally met by landmen who took them to the areas in the County where homesteads were available. One of these land guides was Edmund Thompson , a norwegian immigrant himself, who had married an American wife while living in Minnesota. 

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Northern State links. 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)U.S. Vital Records information 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)North Dakota naturalization records

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Minnesota genealogy resources

bullet.gif (952 bytes)South Dakota birth record search

bullet.gif (952 bytes)BLM GLO records

The official Land patents site with a searchable database. 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)All Census

  A site with all U.S. Census's in cd-rom form for sale.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Rootsweb's Social Security Death Index Interactive Search

bullet.gif (952 bytes)University of Bergen's Digital Archives  Census's of Norway and U.S.A.,as well as lists of Emmigrants who left Norway, and Church records for some areas.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Cemetery Records on the Internet

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Cemetery Junction U.S. Cemeteries listed by state, online.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Cemetery and Funeral Homes -Cyndi's List

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Swenson Center Swedish American Immigration Research Center

Minnesota Death Certificate Search 1908-1959 Minnesota Historical Society 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Searchable online database of 1850, 1860, 1870, and primarily 1880 US censuses for various states. Individuals listed are identified on the censuses as being from Norway. 
Norwegians in the 1850 US census 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for the Dakota Territory 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Illinois 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Iowa 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Kansas 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Michigan 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Minnesota
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Nebraska 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Nevada
Norwegians in the 1880 census for New Hampshire 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for New Jersey 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for New Mexico 
Norwegians in the 1860 census for Texas 
Norwegians in the 1870 census for Texas 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Texas 
Norwegians in the 1860 census for Wisconsin 
Norwegians in the 1880 census for Wisconsin 

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The Direct Route:

The scandinavians immigrating directly from their home country, usually past through Montreal on their way westward. Some information on their travels may be acquired through passenger ship lists from this port.  I will try to keep available as many sites that I can locate,  to accomodate this line of search. 
Swedes in Canada  A new site to enter your ancestor's immigration to Canada information. 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Genealogy/Slekt in Troms Norway

Digitalarkivet (The Digital Archives) holds the Norwegian National 
    censuses of 1801, 1865, 1900 and other sources . 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Finland-Swedes in Canada

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Ships List - mailing list 

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Ocean Liner resource

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Cimorelli immigration manifests online

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Ships Index

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Encyclopedia Titanica

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Olive Tree Ship's Passenger list index

bullet.gif (952 bytes)PassengerLists on the InternetMany links to resources

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

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Helpful European Sites:

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Swedish 1890 Census   For Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Värmland Counties in English.

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Ezine Rötter The Federation of Genealogical Societies in Sweden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Swedish National and Regional Archives in ENGLISH. new08.gif (453 bytes)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Swedish Parish search   in ENGLISH. new08.gif (453 bytes)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Genline Swedish Church Records online Site is in ENGLISH. new08.gif (453 bytes)

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Johan Ingvald Borgos page

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Digital Archive of Norway

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Map of Sweden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Swedish Genealogical Word List

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Cyndi's List- Sweden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)Genealogy Help List - Sweden

bullet.gif (952 bytes)The Danish Emigration Archivesnew08.gif (453 bytes)

Researchers Abroad to help your search .

Inga Marthin - Vilhelmina , Sweden .A reputable proven genealogist for that area. 

The Federation of Swedish Genealogical SocietiesRequests for help to trace ancestors may be transferred to a reputable genealogist (who will of course contact the person concerned before starting on any research).

The Genealogical Society of Finland  - This site has a listing for Professional Researchers to browse through and link to for the area of your choice.

Genealogy Pro Scandinavian Genealogical Research Services for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) Including on site Research and How-to Seminars 

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