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  Calgary Cemeteries Administration

Cemeteries Administration Office, Queen's Park
3219 4th St. NW.,
Calgary, Alberta . T2M 3A6

Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday
Phone (403) 221- 3660
FAX (403) 221-3668

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Queen’s Park Cemetery

3219 4th St. NW.
Calgary, Alberta

This cemetery is located at 3219 - 4 Street in the north west quadrant of the city. Queen's Park Cemetery has been in operation since 1940 and is 54 hectares in size. This is Calgary's largest cemetery operation, and is where the Central Administration Office is located. There have been 51,557 burials as of 1997.

  Queen's Park Mausoleum

3219 4th St. NW.
Calgary, Alberta

The City of Calgary’s magnificent Queen’s Park Mausoleum is located in Queen’s Park Cemetery, a five-minute drive from downtown Calgary. Calgary Parks & Recreation built this $2.1 million facility in the fall of 1997 in response to an increasing demand for this service. The Mausoleum will also help defer future need for cemetery land. which The City estimates could be depleted within 20 years.

  St. Mary's Cemetery

Erlton St. & 32nd Ave. SW.
Calgary, Alberta

Calgary's first cemetery was established by the Roman Catholic mission in 1876. Later abandoned, the graves were moved to St. Mary's Cemetery, located at 30th Avenue and Erlton Street S. W. The City took over the operation of the cemetery in 1935. St. Mary's Cemetery consists of 7.1 hectares of land. As of 1997, there are 15,018 burials.

  Union Cemetery

27th Ave & Spiller Rd. SE.
Calgary, Alberta

The oldest burial ground in the city is Union Cemetery, located at 28th Avenue and Spiller Road S.E. This cemetery is bordered by Macleod Trail on the west side and Spiller Road on the east side. That part of Macleod Trail which passes Union Cemetery has been known for many years as Cemetery Hill. Many of the founders and early pioneers of Calgary and district are buried here. In the spring of 1891, Council had this section of land surveyed into burial plots for immediate use. Prior to that date, the site known as Shaganappi Point, which is the current site of the Shaganappi Golf Course, was used for burials. However, poor soil conditions forced The City to seek an alternate site.
Currently, Union Cemetery is comprised of some 20 hectares of land, with some 20,911 burials to 1997.

  Burnsland Cemetery

27th Ave & Spiller Rd. SE.
Calgary, Alberta

This cemetery is located at 28th Avenue & Spiller Road S.E. next to Union Cemetery. It was established in 1923 and is 13 hectares in size. There have been 22,061 burials as of 1997.

  Chinese Cemetery

Erlton St. & MacLeod Trail SW.
Calgary, Alberta

This cemetery is designated for the burial of people of Chinese origin. According to custom, all gravestones face west so that the buried receive the morning sunshine. The City took over this cemetery in 1938. It is Calgary’s smallest cemetery with approximately 1.4 hectares of land and 1,048 burials as of 1997.


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