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Local History Book Index: Scrapbook - Westlock, Edison, Edmonton

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Kim Tames


Arth, Frank

Ashby, Archie

Athabina Hall School (photo)

Atkins, Jim

Bacon, Mrs. W.

Baker, Boe

Baker, Joe

Barry, Michael Dennis

Beauchamp, Alma

Beauchamp, Antonnia

Beauchamp, Joe

Beauchamp, Ferdinand

Beauchamp, Leo

Beauchamp, Renie

Beauchamp, Valmor

Beaton, Sarah

Beatt,  Stuart

Bennett, Cecil (later Premier of B.C.)  

Bentley, Art

Bentley, Grace Dewolfe (obituary)

Bentley, Mrs. Arthur

Berg, Clarence Arthur (obituary)

Berry, Emmett

Berry, Melvin

Berry, Tessie

Braglan, P. (Westlock Cement Blocks)

Bristow, Byrl

Broch, Len

Bromley, David

Bromley, Ernest

Bromley, Mr. And Mrs.

Brown, Archie

Bruder, Kathleen

Burrows, Clive

Campbell, Alec

Clarahan, Larry

Clark, Wolsey

Clarke, Wolsey

Clesson, Len

Craig, Douglas (obituary)

Craig, Joseph (obituary)

Craig, Mae (obituary)

Crone, Stuart (Crone Bros. Ltd.)

Crone, Stuart (obituary)

Deshoux, Pierre

Desseault, Moise (Mose) (obituary)

Dezall, Mrs.

Dinwoodie, Barbara (obituary)

Dohery, Harvey

Dorsey, Tommy

Downing, Don

Durand, Emma

Durand, George

Dussault,  Joe

Edgson,  Annie

Edgson,  Arthur

Edgson,  Charles

Edgson,  Charlie

Edgson,  Frank

Edgson,  Lena

Edgson,  Mrs.

Edison Church, 1914 (photo)

Edison School (photos)

Edmonton, J.

Egar Stantonís Store

Evans, Evan Thomas

Evans, Florence May

Farmers Supplies and Trading Store (photo)

Ferguson, Donald R. and Malvina

Fleming, Cecellia Murtle (obituary)

Fleming, David (obituary)

Forbes, Nora (obituary)

Fortin, George J.

Fraser, Neil

Frigon, Peter

Frigon, Peter (obituary)

Gaddes, Dr.

Gardam, Maurice

Garrison, Daphne (obituary)

Garrison, Family

Garrison, Ivan

Garrison, Lloyd

Garrison, Norman

Garrison, Theron William (obituary)

Greenfield, Herbert (later Premier of Alberta)

Guest, George

Herrick, Jack

Hughes, Barney

Hume, Jessie

Hunter, Jimmy

Hurst, Bill

Immaculata Hospital (story)

Johnston, Gladys


Kidenie, Mr. & Mrs. George

Kidd, Thomas William

Kipp, Herb and Mrs.

Kipp, Mickie

Lane, Bob

Latta,  David

LeBeau,  Edmond Joseph (obituary)

LeBeau,  J.Z., (obituary)


Leguerrie, Leontine

Loree, Peggy

Lyons, Art

Lyons, Mrs. Bella

MacGregor,  Donald

MacInnes,  Donald

MacIntyre, Angus

MacLachlan, Don

MacLachlan, George

MacLachlan, John

MacLachlan, Mrs. John

McCulloch, Bill

McDougall, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel

McEachern, Mr. & Mrs.

McEachern, Mabel

McEwan, A.R

McGregor, Simon

McIntosh, Lottie

McKinley, George

McLaughlin, Earl.

McLellan, Gilbert

McLeod, Mr.

McMillan, George

Marsden, Dr.

Martin, Myrtle (obituary)

Martin, Robert Charles (Red) (obituary)

Mercier,  Lida (Babe) (obituary)

Mercier,  Mary

Mercier,  Mary Agnes (obituary)

Mercier,  Mr. And Mrs. J.

Mercier,  Waleston (obituary)

Montgomery, Bob

Muller, Carl

Munro, Hazel Sophrona (obituary)



Nimus, Tony (obituary)

Normandeau, Louis (obituary)

Norwood School

Nutt, Mrs. Horace

Nutt, Roy

OBrien,  Mrs.

Olson, Kay

Paridge, D.

Pfalz, Christa

Philips, Dr.

Pike, John Edward (obituary)

Pike, Myrtle

Raines, Agnes

Renaud, J.P.

Roch, Eddie

Roch, Elvira

Roch, Joe

Roch, Lennie

Roch, Lucien (Shorty)

Roch, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph

Roch, Mrs. Shorty

Roch, Simon   

Roch, Violetta

Rooney, Monsignor    

Roulston, Charlie

Roundup Teacherage

St. John, Bo (Harold)

St. John, Del (Adelbert)

St. John, Jeanne

St. John, Jim

St. John, Mrs. Bo (Jeanne)

St. John, Pat

St. John, Roscoe

St. John, Vern

Samuelson, Roy Alan (obituary)

Schmidt, John

Selfridge, Mrs.

Shutt, J.W.

Smith, Dios

Smith, F.

Smith, Richard

Stanton, Don

Stanton, Mr. & Mrs. E.

Sutherland, Ivan

Sutherland, R.A. (Bob)                 

Tally, I.P.

Telfor, Elisa

Telfor, Eric

Telfor, Jean

Telfor, Leo

Tice, Lennox

Torrie, D.M.

Tracy, Mabel

Tracy, Miss

Turner, Cyril George (obituary)

Turner, Dave

Unidentified Group of  People

Unidentified Surveyors

Vega Teacherage (photo)

Watt, Bill

Watt, J. Miller

Weisel,  George

Wells, Hank

West, Goldie

West, Harry

West, Silvia

West, Tessie

West, Vesta

Westlock, First Street, 1930s (photo)

Westlock, 1963, Various Views (photos)

Westlock Grist Mill

Westlock School, aerial photo, 1963

Wheatley,  Emma

Wheatley,  Emogene

Wheatley,  Mrs. R.J.

Wheatley,  Robert

Whissel, Dr. George

Widerick, Johnny

Wilkins, Velma

Wilkinson, R.A.

Williams, J.E.

Wood, Gladys

Zaczkowsky, Agnes

Zaczkowsky, John (obituary)

Zaczkowsky, Rose

Zaczkowsky, Rosie Barbera (obituary) 

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