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Local History Book Index: In Search of Greener Pastures - Radway

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Jay Sydoruk


ALEXANDER, Steven Futoranski

ALLEN, Florence (Couturier)

ALLEN, Martin and Hafia "Annie" (Owchar)

ALLEN, Martin Preston

ANDERSON, Charles and Ingeborg

ANDERSON, Frank and Marion


ANDERSON, Norma Torguson

ANDRUCHOW, Joe and Olga

ANDRUCHOW, Rose (Yurkiw) and Sandy

ANDRUCHOW, Vicky (Sawchuk)

ANDRUSIAK, Basil and Mary (Kuchmak)

ANDRUSIAK, Nicholas and Eudoxia


ANTOSHKO, Eli and Esther (Wenger)

ANTOSHKO, Dmetro and Annna

ANTOSHKO, Michael and Anna

ANTOSHKO, Morris and Olga (Fedyna)

BARNAY, Nick and Pat (Nebozinsky)

BASARABA, William and Molly

BATISKY, Mike and Effie

BAYDALA, Mike and Anne

BAZDUZA, Vladimir and Nellie (Sloboda)

BAZELOWICH, Michael and Antonia

BELL, William and Gertrude

BELMA, Willaim

BENCHARSKI, Greshko and Christine (Dolynny)




BENCHARSKI, Walter and Sophie

BENKOVIC, Frank and Anna

BENNETT, Arthur and Jennie

BERGLUND, Abel and Ann

BERGLUND, Alfon and Lillian (Kerr) (Parsons)

BEREZIAK, Steve and Mary (Yurkiw)

BERRY, Arthur and Ann (Stimpfle)

BEZBORODKA, Michael and Pearl

BEZBORODKA, Nick and Frances

BIDYK, Ann (Sawchuk)

BIGGS, Charlie and Verlie

BIGORAY, Nick and Ann (Dolynny)

BIHUN, Nick and Anna

BISHOP, Reg and Myrna

BODNAR, Kost and Anna

BOETTCHER, Dan and Bertha

BOLTASH, John and Jean (Sawchuk)

BORISUK, George and Mary

BOTTOLFS, Martin Sr.

BOTTOLFS, Oscar and Helen (Nylund)

BOYCHUK, Fred and Rosa


BOYCHUK, John and Rose (Kowal)

BOYECHKO, Mike and Ann

BOYKO, Alex and Mary

BOYKO, Stephan "Steve"

BOYKO, Yakim and Maria (Small)

BRENZEN, Stella (Toronchuk)


BUCHAK, Martin and Barbara

BUDNEY, David and Ann (Stachniak)

BURDESS, John and Joyce

BURYN, Elias and Olena

BURYN, William and Domka

CARNEGIE, John and Selina (Forbes)

CARROLL, Sol and Elizabeth

CHAMULKE, Eloise (Dutchak)

CHAYKOWSKI, Alex and Gloria (Stachniak)

CHEBUK, William

CHEPLUK, John and Lucy

CHERNIWCHAN, George and Emily (Sawchuk)

CHIMY, Stanley and Anna

CHIZEN, Michael and Louise

CHLYPAWKA, Steve and Mary

CHMILAR, John and Maqry (Fedyna)


CHOLOWSKI, Charles and Mary (Holowiecki)

CHOLOWSKI, Douglas and Marilyn

CHOLOWSKI, Edward and Doris

CHOLOWSKI, Emil and Adel

CHOLOWSKI, Robert and Eileen

CHORNEY, Cheryl Holt

CHORNEY, Harry and Anastasia

CHORNEY, Stephan and Marie

CHORNEY, Steve and Alexandra


CHWOK, Michael and Varvara

CHWOK, MIchael and Katherine

CHWOK, Walter and Tillie

CHYKERDA, Michael and Katherine

CLARE, Jim and Jessie (Forbes)

CLEARY, Kay (Meleshko)

COCKROFT, Harold and Edith


COOK, Nicholas and Katherine

COOK, Percy and Tyna (Luoma)

COOK, Sam and Amelia

COUTERIER, Ernest and Rilla



CUMMING, Robert and Mary


CUTTING, Faye Przekop

CUTTING, Ruth Ellen Halldorson

CZABAN, Nicholas and Phyllis

CZABAN, Wasyl and Wasylena

DACYSHYN, John and Katherine (Pryma)

DAWSON, Julies and Kate (Fedyna)

DAY, Willis and Matilda

DAYMOND, Claude and Charlotte

DEDELUK, John and Eva (Sumka)

DEHOD, Mary (Popil)

DITLOF, Adam and Marie

DMYTROSKY, Alexander and Eva (Litwin)




DOLSKY, Stanley

DOLYNNY, Christine (Becharski)

DOLYNNY, Paul and Mary

DOLYNNY, Steve and Jennie

DOMSHY, Stanley and Pearl (Wenger)

DOROSHENKO, Ann (Mazurenko)

DOSKOCH, Paulo and Nancy

DRAPER, Nathan and Mae



DUBETA, Klementi and Marie

DUBETA, Walter and Lucy

DUBYK, Helen (Zuk)

DUCHSCHERE, Sr. Rita Carmel

DUTCHAK, Dmetro and Mary (Kolybaba)

DUTCHAK, Eloise (Chamulke)

DUTCHAK, Filemon and Aksenia (Sawchuk-Popowich)

DYGDALA, Eugene and Annie

ELASCHUK, George and Sylvester

ELENIAK, Stefania (Stachniak)

ELLEFSON, Andrew and Irma

ELLEFSON, Beatrice

ELLEFSON, Elmer and Florence

ELLEFSON, Elmer and Esther (Swenson)

ELLEFSON, Myron and Mary

ELLEFSON, Roland and Laura

EWANYK, Fred and Maria (Kapach)

FARYNA, John and Tekla

FARYNA, John and Anna

FEDYNA, Ken and Judie

FEDYNA, Mike and Nancy (Popil)

FEDYNA, Nick and Kate


FEDYNA, Tom and Rose (Kuzik)

FIL', Hryhorij and Olga

FORD, William Francis and Georgina

FOSTER, Olive (Stanley)

FRASER, Duncan Glen "Bud"

FRASER, Billy and Alice (Cook)

FRONK, Kazimer

FULKS, Josephine (Bubs Wood)

FULKS, Percy and Ethel


FULKS, Stanley

FULKS, Wilfred "Bill"

FUTORANSKY, Alex and Christine

FUTORANSKY, John and Theresa

FUTORANSKY, Lucy Hnatiuk

GAGNE, CHarles

GARDON, Joe and Zafia

GAVEY, Linda Ruth (Radway)

GILLANDERS, Charles and Alma

GODARD, Albert and Mary

GOODWIN, Edgar and Catherine

GOODWIN, Ernest and Ellen

GRAVROCK, Lars and Ella

GURBA, Sophie (Wenger)

HAIG, Mary

HAKA, Aniti "Andrew"

HALLDORSON, Ruth Ellen (Cutting)

HALUN, Ernest "Ernie" and Linda

HALUN, Harry and Mary

HALUN, John and Annie

HALUN, Michael and Pearl

HAMALUK, Gertrude, Halun)

HAMILTON, James and Sophie


HANLAN, Margaret (Miles)

HANLAN, Newt and Mildred


HARAPNIUK, Paul and Anna

HARAPNIUK, William and Mary

HARASYM, Vera (Sauchuk)

HARDICK, Roger and Joyce

HARDING, Stefka (Sawchuk)

HARRYNUK, Alexander and Katie

HARRYNUK, Walter and Elsie (Shwetz)

HARVEY, Lorraine (Couturier)

HEGSTEH, Ole and Adeana (Ellefson)

HERGOT, William and Barbara (Wozniak)

HIAR, Earl and Clareen

HILL, Holstan and Hannah (Ellefson)

HILL, Mike and Amanda

HILL, William "Billy"


HNATIUK, Filemon and Zenovia

HNATIUK, Filemon and Tatiana

HNATIUK, Nick and Mary

HNATIUK, Paul and Lucy (Futoransky)

HNATIUK, William and Sophie

HOLOWACH, Nick and Joyce (Cholowski)

HOLT, Allan and Cecelia

HOLT, Allan and Cheryl (Chorney)

HOLT, Gene and Phyllis (Chizen)

HOMIK, Harry and Tillie (Wenger)

HOPPE, Ewald and Ottilge

HORAK, John and Bessie

HORBACH, Michael and Maria

HORUCKI, Harry and Anna (Mulyk)

HOULETTE, Morgan and Debbie (Holt)

HRYCUN, Walter and Rose

HRYCYSHYN, Sophie (Krekotin)

HULL, Ludvick and Irma

HUNKA, Alexander and Rose

HUNKA, Jeannie (Kuchmak)

HURTUBISE, Albert and Mae (Shaw-Setera)

HURTUBISE, Ray and Edith

HUTTUNEN, Andrew and Gustava

IVANISH, Steve and Mary

JACULA, Jack and Anna

JEFFEREY, Jessie (Fulks)

JOHNSON, Ollie (Meleshko)

Jokinen, Vili "Joki"

KABAN, Peter and Katie (Pysyk)


KALT, Hazel (Kuchmak)

KAPACH, Andrew and Katie (Horucki)

KAPACH, Maria Ewanyk

KASPER (KASPRIW), Simeon and Palachna


KASPER, Mary Kizlyk

KASPER, Michael




KELLY, Rick and Joyce (Kolybaba)

KING, Harold and Grace

KIRIAK, Lawrence and Ida

KIRIAK, Peter and Mary (Yurkiw)

KIRK, Billy and Iris (Sawchuk)

KIZLYK, Mary (Kasper)

KLAPSTEIN, Marie (Meleshko)

KLEBAK, Theodore "Fred" and Mary

KLUFAS, Harry and Jean (Harrynuk)

KLUFAS, John and Mary


KLUFAS, Willaim "Rip" and Anne (Pawluk)

KNIGHT, Frances Wesley "Frank"

KNIGHT, Helena Letitia (McLachan-Watson)

KNIGHT, Percey Norman "Norman"

KNIGHT, Peter and Myrtle

KNIGHT, Verna (Lanyon)

KOCHAN, Alex and Katie

KOHL, Hugo and Lil

KOISTINEN, Ted and Astrid

KOISTINEN, August and Anna

KOISTINEN, Herman and Matilda

KOLASA, Mike and Victoria

KOLMATYCKI, Willaim and Anne (Bencharsky)

KOLYBABA, Dmytro and Olga (Zacharko)


KOLYBABA, Nick and Mary

KOLYBABA, Paul and Lis

KOLYBABA, Peter and Doris

KOLYBABA, Stephen and Denise

KOMARNICKI, Lillian (Samycia)

KONDRAT, Albert and Sandra

KONDRO, Harry and Tekla (Horucki)

KONDRO, Russel and Annie (Fedyna)

KORPESIO, John and Anna

KORPESIO, John and Mary (Sumka)

KORPESIO, Thomas and Natalka

KOSTYK, John and Katie

KOTYK, Fred and Eva

KOVALENKO, Darrel and Connie (Witwicki)

KOWAL, Andrew and Anna

KOWAL, Myroslaw "Charles" and Margaret

KOWAL, Jack and Frances

KOWALSKI, Alex and Hilda (Onyschuk)

KOZAK, John and Josephine

KOZOWAY, Elias and Paranka

KOZOWAY, John and Katherine

KRASOWSKI, Harry and Myrtle

KRAUSE, Wilfred and Anne (Kotylak)

KREBES, Joe and Elizabeth

KREKOTIN, William and Pearl (Sulyma)

KRUHLAK, Alvin and Jeanette

KRUHLAK, Bill and Mary

KRUHLAK, Mike and Annie

KRUK, Emil and Elsie (Onyschuk)

KUCHMAK, Andy and Doris

KUCHMAK, George and Mary

KUCHMAK, Jack and Annie (Kochan)

KUCHMAK, Jacob and Anastasia

KUCHMAK, Joehn and Frieda

KUCHMAK, Joseph and Gloria


KUCHMAK, Michael and Junice

KUCHMAK, Morris and Hazel

KUCHMAK, Nick and Erika

KUCHMAK, Nicholas and Katherine


KUCHMAK, Steve and Tatiana

KUCHMAK, Walter and Helen

KUCHMAK, William and Norma

KUCHMAK, William and Tillie

KULCHISKY, Nick and Jean

KULKA, Taras and Wasylena

KUNELIUS, Leo Wm. and Pearl


KUNELIUS, William and Hilda

KUNNAS, Nestor and Olga (Tupala)

KUZIK, Lyle and Donna

KUZIK, Mike and Anna

KUZIK, Nick and Emily

KUZIK, Zoria (Sawchuk)

KWASHUK, Arkady and Serafina

LALONDE, Louise (Tancowny)

LAMARCHE, Lucy (Couturier)

LANYON, Verna (Knight)

LASTIWKA, Dr. Russel and Lucy

LAZOWSKI, Ahafia "Hazel"

LAZOWSKI, Fred and Lena (Dutchak)

LAZOWSKI, William and Anne

LEKOCHINSKI, Karl and Anna


LEKOCHINSKI, Walter and Catherine

LESENKO, Andrew and Mrianna


LESENKO, Dan and Dora (Mazurenko)


LESSARD, John and Jacqueline

LEWISH, Karl and Glenda

LITWIN, Benny and Hazel

LITWIN, Donald "Al and Beverly

LITWIN, John and Stella

LITWIN, Michael and Annie

LITWIN, Stefan and Anna


LOPUSHINSKY, Dmytro and Katie (Kuchmak)

LOPUSHINSKY, Theodore "Fred" and Anna (Sidlowich)

LUOMA, Matt and Josephine

MACHNEE, Bill and Pauline

MACYK, Alfred and Sophie

MACYK, Andrew

MACYK, Bill and Julie (Onyschuk)


MACYK, Peter and Louise

MACYK, Prokip and Anna

MAGEGA, William and Marie (Wakaruk)

MAHALINGHAM, Dr. Nathan and Rosemary

MAKI, Felis and Helen (Kunelius)

MAIN, Alex and Cecilia

MARK, Sandy and Mary

MARSHALL, Dan and Eleonor

MARTIN, Charles and Josefiina

MARTYNIUK, Helen (Hawrylenko)

MAZURENKO, Andrew and Mary

MAZURENKO, Tom and Christina

MCALLISTER, Robert and Kathleen

MCBETH, Wilhemina (Bonderenko)

MCCAIG, Donald and Ellen

MCGLONE, Arthur and Zelda

MCLACHLAN, Eric and Helen (Knight)

MCLACHLAN, John and Sarah

MCNAMARA, Gertrude (Handford)

MCNAMARA, Michael and Evangelen

MEERING, Nettie (Meleshko)

MEGLEY, Ron and Olivia (Kolybaba)

MELESHKO, George and Dora (Chwok-Sumka)

MELESHKO, Harry and Katrina


MELESHKO, Michael and Eva


MELESKO, Alex and Tekla

MELESKO, John and Annie


MELNYK, Mykailo "Mike" and Anna

MELNYK, Nykola and Paranka

MERSKY, Paul and Lucy (Dombrosky)

MILES, Andrew and Olga (Schreyer)


MISCHANEC, Alex and Annie

MOFFITT, Edward and Jennie

MOFFITT, Harold and Betty (Ford)

MOFFITT, John "Jack" and Ethel (West)

MOFFITT, John and Susannah

MONCHAKOWSKY, Anton and Mary

MONCHAKOWSKY, Bill and Pearl

MONCHAKOWSKY, Harry and Rose

MONCHAKOWSKY, Mike and Franka

MONCHINSKY, John and Paranka

MONDOUX, Roland and Cecilia (Witwicki)

MOORE, Clarence and Carrie


MUDRY, Peter and Rose (Sulyma)

MUDRYK, Helen (Harrynuk)

MUELLER, Shelley

MULYK, Panko and Annie

MULYK, Peter and Fern

MUMBY, Samuel and Marie

MYKYTE, Alexander "Sandy" and Anastasia "Nancy"

MYKYTE, Arthur and Maureen

MYKYTE, Dale and Joan

MYKYTE, Gary and Philine

MYKYTE, John and Elena

MYKYTE, Kim and Marlene

MYKYTIUK, Fred and Mary

MYROON, John and Mildred

NEBOZINSKI, Peter and Olga (Onyschuk)

NESTRANSKY, Frank and Mary (Panylyk)

NICHOLSON, Hans and Jane "Jennie" (MOffitt)

NIMCHUK, John and Anna

NIMCHUK, Steve and Mary

NIX, John and Liza

NIX, John and Eliza

NOSELSKI, Peter and Elizabeth

NOVITSKY, Henry and Anastasia

NYKOLYN, Nadia (Sulyma)

NYLUND, Jacob and Elizabeth

O'BRIEN, Helen Wenger

O'BRIEN, James and Caroline

ODENDAHL, Mary (Sulyma)

OLSEN, John and Emma

OLSON, Francis and Violet

ONYSCHUK, Bohdan "Bud" and Michelle

ONYSCHUK, Georeg and Annie

ONYSCHUK, Jack and Lena

ONYSCHUK, John and Pearl (Boyechko)

ONYSCHUK, Morris and Helen

ONYSCHUK, Peter and Anna

ORR, Anne (Dmytrosky)

OUELETTE, Victor and Philomene

OUELETTE, Raphael "Ralph" and Florence (Ellefson)

OWCHAR, Andrew and Anna (Kasper)

OWCHAR, Joseph and Martha (Lazowski-Tchir)

OWEN, Percy and Betty

OWERKO, Annie "Jo" (Meleshko)

PALICHUK, Lewko and Alexandra

PALICHUK, Jim and Natalka (Wolanski)

PALICHUK, Walter and Mary

PANYLYK, Harry and Anne

PANYLYK, Mike and Magdalena

PANYLYK, Nick and Olga

PANYLYK, Peter and Maria

PARK, Harold and Solange

PARK, Herbert and May

PARK, John and Grace

PARK, Willaim "Bill" and Margaret


PARSONS, Harry and Kate

PASAY, Allen "Roy" and Karen

PASAY, Blasko and Kate

PASAY, David and Ingrid

PASAY, Ernest and Faye

PASAY, Joseph and Anne

PASAY, Stanley and Julia

PASICHNY, Ann (Sulyma)

PAWLUK, Constantine and Rose

PAWLUK, Mike and Frances

PAWLUK, Sam and Victoria (Pasay)

PETERSON, Oscar and Sofia

PETRIE, Thomas and Ruth

PETRYK, Hrynko and Kateryna (Kasper)

PETRY, Mike and Alice

PICH, Panko and Pearl

PIFFKO, Veronica (Sauchuk)

PINCHUK, Peter and Annie

PLACHNER, Staney and Anne

PODRUCKI, Wasyl and Anna

POLANSKI, Charles and Victoria

POLANSKI, Jan and Maria "Mary"

POLANSKI, Mike and Annie

POPIL, Nick and Pearl

POPIL, Walter and Mildred

POPIL, Walter

POPIL, Robert and Beverly

POPOWICH, John and Anne

PORFON, Sam and Sophia (Kasper-Litwin)

PREECE, Tom and Gertrude

PROCKIW, Hrynko "Harry" and Maria

PRUSAK, Nick and Catherine

PRYMA, John and Mary (Sulyma)

PRYMA, Martha (Kunelius)

PRZEKOP, Faye (Cutting)

PURYCH, Nick and Mary

PURYCH, Nick and Sanda

PURYCH, Tymofy and Waselena

PURYCH, William and Kalena

PYESMANY, Fred and Pualine

PYESMANY, Joe and Mary

PYSMENNY, Bohdan "Bud" and Florence


PYSMENNY, Joseph Michael and Annie (Popil)

PYSMENNY, Joseph Michael and Anna (Wozimirisky)

PYSMENNY, John and Olga (Korpesio)

PYLIUK, Buddy and Cecilia (Cholowski)

RADWAY, Alton "Glen" and Daisy


RADWAY, Norman Glen

RADWAY, Orlando and Malvena

RAKOWSKI, Marion and Agnes

RALSTON, Albert and Daisy

REEVES, George and Rosina


RIDDLE, William and Pat (Witwicki)

RIVARD, Donna (Nebozinsky)


ROCH, Gary and Charlotte

ROMANIUK, Gordon and Elsie

ROMANIUK, Gordon and Pearl

ROMANIWSKY, John and Pearl

ROSA, Rose (Reminsky)

ROY, John and Eleanor (Cholowski)

ROZAK, Mary (Dmytrosky)

RUDNITSKY, Shirley (Panylyk)

RUDYK, John and Katherine

RUH, Rev. Philip O.M.I.

RUSNAK, John and Evona

RUSNAK, Steve and Mary (Belma)

RYMAR, Andrew and Pearl (Sekirsky)


SAGAN, Walter and Pearl (Kuchmak)

SAIK, Peter and Anna (Kuchmak)


SALUK, John and Julia

SAMYCIA, Myron and Shirley

SAMYCIA, Myros and Natalia

SAMYCIA, Nestor and Vicki

SAMYCIA, Orest and Mary

SAMYCIA, Stephan and Catherine (Sulyma)

SANDE, Mildred (Yurkiw)

SAUCHUK, Earl and Sophie (Dutchyn)

SAUCHUK, Gerlad and Carol

SAUCHUK, Fred and Doris

SAUCHUK, Stefan and Elena


SAWCHUK, Edward and Shirley

SAWCHUK, Fred and Edna

SAWCHUK, George and Elena (Tomniuk)

SAWCHUK, Harry and Olga

SAWCHUK, Henry and Louise

SAWCHUK, Leonard and Arlette

SAWCHUK, Nazary and Doria

SAWCHUK, Nickoly and Martha

SAWCHUK, Steve and Jean (Dombrosky)

SAWCHUK, Tanasko "Tom" and Mary

SAWCHUK, Tom and Annie (Melnyk)

SAWCHUK, Wasyl and Domka

SCHMIDT, Waldemar and Manuella

SCHOOLEY, Verna (Monchakowsky)

SCHRAGGE, Emily Sharpoe



SCHREYER, Henry - Auctioneer

SCHREYER, Henry and Phyllis (Cutting)

SCHREYER, Phyllis (Stanfield-Cutting)

SCHREYER, Joseph and Klementina

SCHREYER, Josef Jr. and Amelia

SCHREYER, Oscar and Dora (Nypiuk-Bondarenko)


SCHREYER, Victor and Martha

SCHREYER-SHIRES, John and Victoria

SCHREYER-SHIRES, Robert and Agnes

SCHRYVER, Verne and Irene

SCOTT, Douglas and Lillian (Witwicki)

SEGALL, Marlene (Sauchuk)

SEHN, Pat (Pysmenny)

SEKERSKY, Bohdan "Bud" and Margie

SEKERSKY, Daniel and Alexandra

SEKERSKY, Michael and Katherine

SEKERSKY, Steve and Annie (Tancowny)

SEKIRSKY, John and Efrozyna

SEKIRSKY, John and Mary

SELESKY, Wayne and Elaine (Kolybaba)

SHARPE, Emily (Schragge)

SHEFCHUK, Steve and Annie (Yurkiw)

SHELENKO, Dmitro and Anne

SHIRES (Schreyer), Robert and Agnes

SHYDLOWSKI, Dr. Walter and Janet

SHYDLOWSKI, Mike and Annie

SHYKORA, Dmytro and Kateryna

SHYKORA, William and Helen

SIMPSON, James and Mary-Martha (Handford)

SMALL, Anton and Pearl

SMALL, Danylo and Anastasia

SMALL, John and Eva

SMALL, John and Mary Lee

SMALL, Nick and Annie (Kosterewa)

SNAYCHUK, Mike and Mary (Pawlik)

SOHLMAN, Hilda (Kunelius)

SPEERS, Ruth (Bennett)




STACHNIAK, Paul and Doreen


STACHNIAK, Sam and Anna

STACHNIAK, Steve and Annie (Kuchmak)

STACHNIAK, Steve and Katherine


STEPA, Harry

STEFANIUK, Steve and Josephine (Yurkiw)

STEPICK, Tonia (Sulyma)

STEWART, Winnie (Fulks)

STREMBISKI, Roy and Rose (Boyko)

STRYCHAR, Steve and Alma

STYRA, Anthony and Ruth

SUDYLO, Anton and Anna

SULYMA, Harry and Eva

SULYMA, Joseph and Olga

SULYMA, Mike and Kay

SUMKA, Harry and Kaska

SUMKA, Michalina (Bencharsky)

SUMKA, Mike and Michalina (Bencharsky)

SUMKA, Myroslaw "Russ" and Anne (Stefanik)

SUOJA, Arne and Edith (Tupala)

SWENSON, John and Lizzie

SYNYSHYN, Sophie (Kuchmak)

TANASAYCHUK, Elias and Mary

TANASAYCHUK, William and Waselena

TANCOWNY, Tom and Haska (Klufas)

TANCOWNY, Tom and Lily (Sudylo)

TATARYN, Bohdan and Lena

TATARYN, John and Teklia

TCHIR, John and Martha

TEREFENKO, Michael and Catherine (Antoshko)

TKACH, Dan and Roberta (Cholowski)

TKACZYK, Joe and Rose

TOPOLNISKY, Julian and Barbara

TORGUSON, Raymond and Norma (Anderson)

TORONCHUK, Bohdan "Bud" and Julia

TORONCHUK, Ivan and Anastasia

TORONCHUK, John and Victoria (Kaban)

TORONCHUK, Onufrey and Victoria

TORONCHUK, Paula and Alice

TORONCHUK, Steve and Mary

TORONCHUK, William and Mary (Popil)

TRIMBLE, Clarence and Pearl

TUOMINEN, Gust and Anna

TUPALA, August and family

TYNOWSKI, John and Catherine

VANMAELE, Henry and Clara

VAUDAN, Maurice and Eugenia

VERBITSKY, Mary (Kuchmak)

WACHOWITZ, Olga (Sawchuk)

WAKARUK, Dmytro and Rozyna

WAKARUK, John and Rose Marie

WALDEC, Tom and Barbara

WANDIO, John and Mary

WARZIN, Mike and Elizabeth (Wakaruk)

WASYLYNKA, John and Kateryna

WASYLYNKA, William and Anne

WAWRYKOW, Tony and Lena (Mishanec)

WAWRYKOW, Nick and Stella

WAWRYKOW, Steve and Vioelt (Kowal)

WENGER, Adolphe and Mary

WENGER, Dmytro "Morris" and Olga

WENGER, Fedko and Anna (Kozoway)

WENGER, Fred and Katie (Zuk)

WENGER, Harry and Annie

WENGER, John and Iola (Draper)

WENGER, John F. and Mary

WENGER, Joseph and Helen (O'Brien)

WENGRYN, Harry and Annie

WENGRYN, Harry and Sylvia

WENGRYN, Kenneth

WENGRYN, Mike and Rosalia "Rose"

WEST, Arne and Mina (Wood)

WEST, Emil and Emilia

WEST, Norman and Esther

WEST, Victor and Lillian

WEST, Victor and Marie (Siren)

WILCHIW, Nick and Katie

WILFLINGSIDER, Wilhelm "Bill" and Magdalina

WILLIS, Alex and Christine (Chlypawka)

WING, Wong

WITWICKI, Frank and Sophie

WITWICKI, Ken and Vicki

WITWICKI, Joseph and Lena

WITWICKI, Stanley and Julia

WITWICKI, Walter and Helen (Wolanski)

WOITAS, Katherine (Yurkiw)

WOLANSKI, Dmytro "Jim" and Mary (Mykyte)

WOLANSKI, Tom and Pualine

WOLANSKI, Nykola and Anne

WOOD, Walter and Josephine

WOOD, Walter Delmer

WOOD, William and Betty (Fox)

WOOD, Virginia (Girlie)

WORKUN, Adele (Couturier)

WOYTOVICZ, Nick and Ivy

WOZNEY, Andrew and Hazel

WOZNEY, Mike and Sophie (Dorosh)


WOZNIAK, Steve and Anna

WYRSTIUK, Steve and Anna

WYRSTIUK, John and Mary

YACHIMEC, Michael Sr. and Pelagia

YACHIMEC, Nick and Anne (Koberinko)

YANITSKI, Anne (Lesenko)

YAWORSKI,  Yurko and Paranka

YURKISH, Peter and Margaret (Wenger)

YURKISH, Stephen and Helen

YURKIW, Andrew and Irene

YURKIW, Andrew and Katie (Kowal)

YURKIW, Elko and Warwara "Barbara" (Kasper)

YURKIW, Fred and Annie

YURKIW, John and Jessie (Onyschuk)


YURKIW, Joseph P. and Ceres

YURKIW, Michael "Mike"

YURKIW, Morris and Margaret (Ralston)

YURKIW, Nicholas and Hellena

YURKIW, Paul and Katherine (Meleshko)

YURKIW, Peter and Pearl

YURKIW, Russel and Audrey (Sawchuk)

YURKIW, Steve F.

YURKIW, William P. and Bessie

YURKIW, William and Mary

ZAPLOTINSKY, Dmytro and Rose (Zuk)

ZAPLOTINSKY, Frank and Natalka (Zuk)

ZAPLOTINSKY, Natalka (Zuk)

ZAPLOTINSKY, Fred and Mary


ZAPLOTINSKY, Stanley and Pearl

ZAPLOTINSKY, Trofim and Dominika "Domka"

ZATORSKI, Adolph and Leonarda (Monchinsky)

ZDRILL, Larry and Jean

ZINYK, Jim and Anne

ZINYK, Ken and Judy

ZINYK, Tom and Sue

ZUBICK, Dmytro and Catherine

ZUBICK, John and Catherine

ZUBICK, John Ian "Jack" and Claire

ZUBICK, Mike and Kate (Homik)

ZUK, Bill and Pat

ZUK, Wasyl and Katherine (Sadoway)

ZUKOWSKY, Alex and Mary

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