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1891 Alberta - Northwest Territories Census Index for the Edmonton Subdistrict - St. Albert

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme

Surname, First Name(s)Pg #Sched #
Adam, George3312
Adam, Margaret3313
Arcand, Adele2610
Arcand, Alfred269
Arcand, Alfred2612
Arcand, Arthur2613
Arcand, Clovis2615
Arcand, Henri2614
Arcand, Joseph2611
Auge, Thomas333
Auve, Emma1224
Auve, Emma2319
Auve, Paul1223
Auve, Paul2318
Beauchamp, Alfred621
Beauchamp, Baptiste618
Beauchamp, Edouard622
Beauchamp, Eliza625
Beauchamp, Joseph620
Beauchamp, Justin623
Beauchamp, Narcisse624
Beauchamp, Olive619
Beaudry, Alfred3014
Beaudry, Caroline3015
Beaudry, Justin3012
Beaudry, Louison3013
Beaudry, Lucie308
Beaudry, Lucie3011
Beaudry, Maria3010
Beaudry, Narcisse307
Beaudry, Patrice309
Beaudry, Patrice3016
Beaupre, Fresine3222
Beaupre, Guertin3223
Beaupre, Louis3221
Beaupre, Maggie3224
Beauregard, Charles92
Beauregard, Elise94
Beauregard, Jamie910
Beauregard, Julien98
Beauregard, Justine95
Beauregard, Louis96
Beauregard, Marie93
Beauregard, Norbert97
Beauregard, Pierre2623
Beauregard, Veronique99
Becon, Betsy4521
Becon, Elzear4519
Becon, Maria4520
Becon, Marie4518
Becon, Paul4517
Belanger, Philomene116
Belcourt, Alex1817
Belcourt, Alexander4824
Belcourt, Alexis492
Belcourt, Angele461
Belcourt, Benjamin4524
Belcourt, Benjamin523
Belcourt, Bernard5018
Belcourt, Betsy495
Belcourt, Christine1815
Belcourt, Constance5014
Belcourt, Edouin188
Belcourt, Emilion1810
Belcourt, Gordon5019
Belcourt, Jane Sara494
Belcourt, Jean Baptiste5015
Belcourt, Jemmie4525
Belcourt, Jeremie1812
Belcourt, Joseph919
Belcourt, Josephine1816
Belcourt, Julien1813
Belcourt, Julien4522
Belcourt, Justine3623
Belcourt, Justine5020
Belcourt, Louise189
Belcourt, Louise524
Belcourt, Madeleine4825
Belcourt, Magloire493
Belcourt, Magloire5013
Belcourt, Marie1814
Belcourt, Marie4523
Belcourt, Marie Louise491
Belcourt, Pierre5016
Belcourt, St Pierre1811
Belcourt, William John5017
Bellaisle, A?1310
Bellaisle, Gideon138
Bellaisle, Margeret137
Bellaisle, Philomene139
Bellaisle, Xavieer136
Bellcourt, Joseph382
Bellerive, Emilie219
Bellerive, Joseph2111
Bellerive, Ludger218
Bellerive, Odilon2110
Bellerose, Annie263
Bellerose, Basile2223
Bellerose, Caroline2620
Bellerose, Charles266
Bellerose, Elise2222
Bellerose, Elise267
Bellerose, Ellen2814
Bellerose, Emilion2221
Bellerose, Emilion2617
Bellerose, Francois2812
Bellerose, Jimmie2813
Bellerose, Joseph2619
Bellerose, Justine265
Bellerose, Louisa264
Bellerose, Lucie288
Bellerose, Margaret289
Bellerose, Margaret4510
Bellerose, Marie2219
Bellerose, Marie Jane2220
Bellerose, Melanie2618
Bellerose, Moise2622
Bellerose, Nancy2811
Bellerose, Narcisse262
Bellerose, Norbert2218
Bellerose, Norbert268
Bellerose, Octave287
Bellerose, Olivier2621
Bellerose, Olivier2624
Bellerose, Pierre2810
Belleveau, Victorine22
Benoit, Joseph274
Benon, Elie91
Berard, Annie197
Berard, Augustine195
Berard, Eustache1823
Berard, Francois192
Berard, Frederick1825
Berard, Horastine194
Berard, Jean Baptiste196
Berard, Jeanette1824
Berard, Louisa193
Berard, Marie191
Bergeron, Joseph311
Berland, Flora Jane233
Berland, John2224
Berland, Josephine207
Berland, Louis208
Berland, Margaret231
Berland, Maria209
Berland, Rosalie232
Berland, Sarah2225
Bertrand, Ellen1215
Bertrand, Lens1214
Besson, Baptiste4622
Besson, Louise4624
Besson, Melanie4623
Bewes, James721
Blanc, Adolphe4018
Blanc, Albert4023
Blanc, Eliza416
Blanc, Elizabeth4021
Blanc, George415
Blanc, Henri4015
Blanc, Isabella4024
Blanc, Isabelle4016
Blanc, Jane Mary4022
Blanc, Joseph4019
Blanc, Louis4017
Blanc, Louisa412
Blanc, Marie Rose4025
Blanc, Peter413
Blanc, Robert John414
Blanc, Rosalba411
Blanc, Vital4020
Blancdion, Antoine2817
Blancdion, Catharine2824
Blancdion, Isabel2820
Blancdion, Josette2818
Blancdion, Justine2821
Blancdion, Margaret2823
Blancdion, Nancy261
Blancdion, Pierre2825
Blancdion, Raphael2819
Blancdion, Vitaline2822
Blanchet, Alexandre4313
Blondon, Peter211
Boisgontier, Francois111
Boissoneault, Hermidas1025
Boissoneault, Noel1023
Boissoneault, Parmelea111
Boissoneault, Philomene1024
Bossange, George H.L.4216
Bossange, Laura A.J.4218
Bossange, Mary E.4217
Boucher, Alice221
Boucher, Catherine181
Boucher, Colin383
Boucher, Louise222
Boucher, Thomas1725
Boucher, Verginie212
Boudreau, Albert122
Boudreau, Christine123
Boudreau, Daniel124
Boudreau, Dieridonne?1125
Boudreau, Elise1124
Boudreau, Emilie121
Boudreau, Francois1123
Boudreau, Marie125
Boulais, Medord69
Bourgine, Victor15
Bourgoin, Fred214
Bourgoin, Joseph213
Bourke, Eliza35
Bowes, Patrick16
Brassard, Delphine119
Brassard, Marie27
Brazean, Sophie2022
Brazeau, Adelaide2714
Brebner, Robert403
Brewster, Angelique2024
Brewster, Joseph2023
Brissette, Alphonse115
Brissette, Celia113
Brissette, Edmond114
Brissette, Louis117
Brissette, Narcisse112
Brissette, Ovila116
Brousseau, Alphonse412
Brousseau, Edmond46
Brousseau, Edmond48
Brousseau, Frank413
Brousseau, Jean Baptiste411
Brousseau, Joseph410
Brousseau, Julie47
Brousseau, Leon414
Brousseau, Marie ?49
Brown, Leon218
Brown, Lizzie219
Brunette, Charlotte4124
Brunette, Christine4123
Brunette, Phileas H.4122
Brunette, Sarah4125
Bruno, Elzear4723
Bruno, Eugene4722
Bruno, Isodore4719
Bruno, Julien4725
Bruno, Pierre4724
Bruno, Scholastique4720
Bruno, Sophie4721
Cailliou, Marie275
Caillot, Adam511
Caillot, Alfred514
Caillot, Annie513
Caillot, Catherine4615
Caillot, Diendonne519
Caillot, Elzear4616
Caillot, Marcelline516
Caillot, Mary4614
Caillot, Octave515
Caillot, Veronique512
Caillot, Victoire4617
Caillou, Adelaide2310
Caillou, Albert4516
Caillou, Alfred2312
Caillou, Anne239
Caillou, Annie3814
Caillou, Annie4514
Caillou, Betsy4515
Caillou, Elise2311
Caillou, Elizabeth235
Caillou, Elizabeth3815
Caillou, Elizabeth4512
Caillou, George3818
Caillou, John Felix4511
Caillou, Joseph234
Caillou, Louis3813
Caillou, Louis3819
Caillou, Michel1121
Caillou, Michel238
Caillou, Norbert236
Caillou, Peter3817
Caillou, Phillis237
Caillou, Philomene3816
Caillou, Sara1122
Caillou, Susanne4513
Calliou, Adeline1720
Campbell, John217
Cardinal, Abraham2021
Cardinal, Aurelie117
Caron, Cyprien135
Chalifou, Angele202
Chalifou, Annie204
Chalifou, Eliza206
Chalifou, Emilie322
Chalifou, George201
Chalifou, Helene203
Chalifou, Jane326
Chalifou, Jean323
Chalifou, Jean327
Chalifou, Joseph3123
Chalifou, Julie3124
Chalifou, Julien325
Chalifou, Larose324
Chalifou, Leonore321
Chalifou, Louisianne205
Chalifou, Paul3125
Chalifou, Susanne328
Challifou, Genevieve2521
Challifou, Joseph2525
Challifou, Josephine2522
Challifou, Josette2523
Challifou, Narcisse2524
Challifou, Paul2520
Charpentur, Valerie21
Chase, Bessie63
Chase, Fannie64
Chase, Jules61
Chase, Louise62
Chastellain, Genevieve517
Chastellain, Louis516
Chevi?, Alfred133
Chevi?, Clemence134
Chevigny, Albert325
Chevigny, Albert1015
Chevigny, Amanda1011
Chevigny, Arsinia320
Chevigny, Bernadette1016
Chevigny, David318
Chevigny, Edouard322
Chevigny, Edwidge1012
Chevigny, Elise319
Chevigny, Francois1013
Chevigny, George1010
Chevigny, Joseph1017
Chevigny, Josephine323
Chevigny, Josephine109
Chevigny, Louis108
Chevigny, Marie Louise1018
Chevigny, Moise324
Chevigny, Octave1014
Chevigny, Olivine1019
Chevigny, Philomene321
Chisholm, Roderick45
Claveau, George723
Colongard, Emilion825
Colongard, Ferdinand822
Colongard, Helene823
Colongard, Joseph824
Corriveau, Arthur68
Corriveau, Godfrey65
Corriveau, Godfroid67
Corriveau, Helene66
Courtchane, Avariste1618
Courtchane, Edourd1616
Courtchane, Moise1617
Courtepatte, Alfred3720
Courtepatte, Angelique251
Courtepatte, Clara3716
Courtepatte, Dieudonne3713
Courtepatte, Edouard3717
Courtepatte, Emile253
Courtepatte, Jean252
Courtepatte, Jean3715
Courtepatte, Jean Baptiste3710
Courtepatte, Joachim3718
Courtepatte, Josette3711
Courtepatte, Julia3714
Courtepatte, Madelaine3719
Courtepatte, Marie3721
Courtepatte, Nancy2724
Courtepatte, Nancy3712
Courtepatte, Noel2723
Courtepatte, Norbert2725
Courtoreille, Angele4918
Courtoreille, Baptiste4315
Courtoreille, Betsy4822
Courtoreille, Gabriel4414
Courtoreille, Jean4317
Courtoreille, Joseph4416
Courtoreille, Louis4817
Courtoreille, Margaret4415
Courtoreille, Margeret4919
Courtoreille, Marie4316
Courtoreille, Marie4823
Courtoreille, Nancy4821
Courtoreille, Nancy4917
Courtoreille, Narcisse4819
Courtoreille, Patrice4820
Courtoreille, Sophie4818
Courtoreille, Toussaint4417
Courture, Joseph44
Cunningham, Albert915
Cunningham, Albert3617
Cunningham, Albert373
Cunningham, Alfred3621
Cunningham, Delinia375
Cunningham, Edouard372
Cunningham, Edward914
Cunningham, Elizabeth336
Cunningham, Florestine3520
Cunningham, Frederick3311
Cunningham, George338
Cunningham, Henri415
Cunningham, Hermine339
Cunningham, Hostianne917
Cunningham, James334
Cunningham, John3518
Cunningham, Justin3523
Cunningham, Justine3618
Cunningham, Marie335
Cunningham, Marie3522
Cunningham, Nancy913
Cunningham, Nancy371
Cunningham, Napoleon3310
Cunningham, Patrice3619
Cunningham, Patrice374
Cunningham, Patrick916
Cunningham, Patrick3521
Cunningham, Pierre3524
Cunningham, Rosalie3519
Cunningham, Rosalie3622
Cunningham, Samuel911
Cunningham, Samuel3624
Cunningham, Samuel3625
Cunningham, Sophie337
Cunningham, W. Samuel912
Cunningham, Wilfred918
Cunningham, Wilfred376
Cunningham, William3620
Cust, Olive273
Cust, William276
D'Amour, Prudente223
Daniel, Emma3920
Daniel, Isabelle3919
Daniel, Pierre3918
De Cazes, Charles4012
De Cazes, Ellen4013
De Cazes, Marie Constance4014
Delorme, Abraham1920
Delorme, Adolphus1822
Delorme, Alexandre1919
Delorme, Alphonse102
Delorme, Alphonse1818
Delorme, Angele612
Delorme, Edward106
Delorme, Gregoire1921
Delorme, James1820
Delorme, Jennine104
Delorme, Jimmie1923
Delorme, John Alphonse107
Delorme, Leon1916
Delorme, Margaret1819
Delorme, Margaret1821
Delorme, Margaret1924
Delorme, Margeret103
Delorme, Marie611
Delorme, Marie87
Delorme, Marie105
Delorme, Marie1917
Delorme, Marie1918
Delorme, Marie2314
Delorme, Marie Ann1922
Delorme, Marie Louise1925
Delorme, Noel2313
Delorme, Pierre610
Delorme, Pierre613
Delorme, Vital614
Derocher, Paul4314
Desjarlais, Ambrose3316
Desjarlais, Betsy3314
Desjarlais, Elise3317
Desjarlais, Elise5125
Desjarlais, Henry522
Desjarlais, Isabelle5123
Desjarlais, Louis3315
Desjarlais, Martin5124
Desjarlais, Olivier5122
Desjarlais, William521
Desrobert, Antoine3320
Desrobert, Auguste3322
Desrobert, Catherine3318
Desrobert, Marie3321
Desrobert, Norbert3319
Dillon, Sarah124
Diquaire, Louise122
Dube, Adelaide616
Dube, Adelaide617
Dube, Louis615
Dumas, Alex1112
Dumas, Josephette119
Dumas, Norbert1110
Dumas, Olive1111
Dumont, Alexie3923
Dumont, Felix3921
Dumont, Jean Baptiste3925
Dumont, Justine3922
Dumont, Laurent3924
Dumont, Rachel402
Dumont, Victor401
Dunlop, Alex2112
Durocher, Adelaide2516
Durocher, Annie2518
Durocher, Antoine2519
Durocher, Catherine2510
Durocher, Edouard2511
Durocher, Genevieve2515
Durocher, Madelaine2517
Durocher, Olive2514
Durocher, Paul2512
Durocher, Xavier2513
Failland, Ambrose182
Failland, Ambrose184
Failland, Caroline185
Failland, Catherine2213
Failland, Clorice183
Failland, Jean Marie186
Failland, Joseph2211
Failland, Margaret2212
Failland, Nancy187
Falardeau, George397
Falardeau, George399
Falardeau, Josephine398
Falardeau, Marie3910
Favel, Basile4121
Favel, Caroline4120
Favel, George4119
Favel, Henri4116
Favel, Joseph4118
Favel, Madelaine4117
Ferguson, Adelaide331
Ferguson, Louise3225
Fifle, Arthur528
Fifle, Euphrosyne527
Fifle, Marie E.529
Fitzgerald, Annie1717
Fitzgerald, Bella1714
Fitzgerald, Joseph1716
Fitzgerald, Mary1715
Fitzgerald, William1713
Flynn, Agnes5215
Flynn, Annie5213
Flynn, Bridget5211
Flynn, Bridget T.424
Flynn, Elizabeth51
Flynn, Essie5217
Flynn, Frank5216
Flynn, Hugh5214
Flynn, John5210
Flynn, John ?53
Flynn, Josephine5218
Flynn, Mary Ellen52
Flynn, Patrick423
Flynn, Patrick54
Flynn, Thomas5212
Flynn, William Francis425
Fortier, Alphonsine716
Fortier, Andre713
Fortier, Bellosie714
Fortier, Clemerce718
Fortier, Marie717
Fortier, Vitaline715
Frenette, Delphine3517
Frenette, Philippe3516
Frenette, Thomas312
Gagnon, Annie1413
Gagnon, George145
Gagnon, George148
Gagnon, Harriette26
Gagnon, Hermine1411
Gagnon, Laura1414
Gagnon, Laurent149
Gagnon, Mary147
Gagnon, Mathilde1415
Gagnon, Nancy146
Gagnon, Napoleon1412
Gagnon, Samuel1410
Gairdner, Adelina167
Gairdner, Archie165
Gairdner, George W.161
Gairdner, Innes166
Gairdner, Jane164
Gairdner, Margaret162
Gairdner, William163
Galarneau, Alfred247
Galarneau, Beauchamp246
Galarneau, Edouard248
Galarneau, Eliza2411
Galarneau, Jean Baptiste244
Galarneau, Marie249
Galarneau, Narcisse2410
Galarneau, Olive245
Garriepy, Anna447
Garriepy, Gaspard446
Gauche, Annie4620
Gauche, Elise4910
Gauche, Emilie4618
Gauche, Flora4915
Gauche, Genevieve4912
Gauche, George498
Gauche, Isabelle497
Gauche, Joseph499
Gauche, Louis4914
Gauche, Louisa4621
Gauche, Madeleine4619
Gauche, Madeleine4916
Gauche, Marie Louise4913
Gauche, Patrice496
Gauche, Pierre4911
Gauthier, Adolphe127
Gauthier, Benjamin2210
Gauthier, Bernard224
Gauthier, Caroline229
Gauthier, Charles2125
Gauthier, Charles223
Gauthier, George226
Gauthier, Henriette222
Gauthier, Isabel225
Gauthier, Louisa228
Gauthier, Luce128
Gauthier, Marie227
Gauthier, Peggie221
Geholte, Cordelia121
Gerant, Pierre463
Girardin, Francine464
Gladu, Alfred4813
Gladu, Anne476
Gladu, Augustin369
Gladu, Benoit5021
Gladu, Betsie3616
Gladu, Caroline475
Gladu, Cecile4812
Gladu, Celeston4625
Gladu, Diendonne5115
Gladu, Elizabeth3614
Gladu, Emilie473
Gladu, Flora5024
Gladu, George4816
Gladu, Isodore423
Gladu, Jane5111
Gladu, Jean Felix Sr.5110
Gladu, Jeremie3611
Gladu, Jerome3613
Gladu, John5112
Gladu, John Felix Jr.4811
Gladu, Johnnie474
Gladu, Josephine5022
Gladu, Josette3610
Gladu, Jullien5025
Gladu, Louise472
Gladu, Louise4815
Gladu, Maggie3615
Gladu, Margeret471
Gladu, Marie Amelie5113
Gladu, Nancy4814
Gladu, Pauline3612
Gladu, Richard5023
Gladu, Urbel5114
Gonin, Emile132
Gonin, Hortense131
Gonin, Onier1225
Gouin, Artemise2316
Gouin, Emile2317
Gouin, Omer2315
Grandin, Vital J.11
Gray, Albert389
Gray, Alfred387
Gray, Ambroise3810
Gray, Clarice378
Gray, Eliza388
Gray, Genevieve385
Gray, Louise379
Gray, Magloire384
Gray, Margaret3811
Gray, Philippe377
Gray, William386
Guerin, Napoleon724
Guinnette, Adolphe3912
Guinnette, Alice3914
Guinnette, Angelique3911
Guinnette, Delphine120
Guinnette, Edouard3913
Guinnette, Joseph3915
Guinnette, Mederic3917
Guinnette, Oscar3916
H?omel?, Adelaide517
H?omel?, Francois518
Hamelin, Albert4325
Hamelin, Antoine4418
Hamelin, Elise4321
Hamelin, Emma441
Hamelin, John443
Hamelin, Joseph442
Hamelin, Joseph4422
Hamelin, Louise4323
Hamelin, Louise4420
Hamelin, Margaret4419
Hamelin, Margaret4421
Hamelin, Marie4322
Hamelin, Marie4324
Hamelin, Mary445
Hamelin, Samuel4320
Hamelin, William444
Harnois, Albert156
Harnois, Antonie157
Harnois, Christine155
Harnois, Emilie142
Harnois, Leon154
Hebert, Joseph3023
Houle, Marie3025
Houle, Thomas3024
Huberdeau, Josephine817
Huberdeau, Napoleon816
Hudson, George332
Hutton, Alice720
Hutton, George719
Jacquish, Daisy4220
Jacquish, Roderick4219
Joyal, David C.1712
Juneau, Adele1424
Juneau, Annie422
Juneau, Christine1423
Juneau, Clothilde153
Juneau, Edmond1421
Juneau, Edmond1425
Juneau, Frank416
Juneau, Henri A.421
Juneau, Iva56
Juneau, Joseph152
Juneau, Marie1422
Juneau, Marie E.419
Juneau, Marie Perpetua420
Juneau, Marie Rose151
Juneau, Perpetua417
Juneau, Rosanna57
Juneau, Silvester J.418
Karakonte, Clarice4713
Karakonte, Diendonne4712
Karakonte, Louisa4715
Karakonte, Madelaine4714
Karakonte, Rosalie4711
Kelly, Patrick3812
Kyckawikapaw, Angelique4410
Kyckawikapaw, Caroline4413
Kyckawikapaw, Francois4412
Kyckawikapaw, Michel449
Kyckawikapaw, Veronique4411
Labossiere, Paul465
Lacerte, Eugenie814
Lacerte, Gideon813
Lacombe, Gaspar143
Ladiroute, Adelaide3210
Ladiroute, Albert3216
Ladiroute, Cecile381
Ladiroute, Cecilie348
Ladiroute, Daniel3215
Ladiroute, Emilie341
Ladiroute, Emilion3723
Ladiroute, Flora342
Ladiroute, Francois3724
Ladiroute, Gabriel3217
Ladiroute, Henri343
Ladiroute, Jacques3722
Ladiroute, Jean3323
Ladiroute, Jean346
Ladiroute, Joseph3211
Ladiroute, Josephine3214
Ladiroute, Josephine3325
Ladiroute, Madalaine347
Ladiroute, Marie Louise345
Ladiroute, Mary Jane3213
Ladiroute, Maxine344
Ladiroute, Nancy3212
Ladiroute, Olivier329
Ladiroute, Samuel3725
Ladiroute, Sara3324
Ladouceur, Louise510
Lafleche, Sophie220
Lafleur, Antoine2013
Lafleur, Antoine3824
Lafleur, Gabriel2010
Lafleur, Gabriel2017
Lafleur, Gabriel3820
Lafleur, Gabriel393
Lafleur, J?2018
Lafleur, Jean2020
Lafleur, Jean3825
Lafleur, Jean396
Lafleur, Jimmie394
Lafleur, John2014
Lafleur, Joseph2012
Lafleur, Joseph3823
Lafleur, Julienne2011
Lafleur, Julienne3821
Lafleur, Justine2016
Lafleur, Justine392
Lafleur, Paul2015
Lafleur, Paul391
Lafleur, Samuel2019
Lafleur, Samuel395
Lafleur, Sophie3822
L'Agassiz, Aimee1218
L'Agassiz, Alex1220
L'Agassiz, Elie1222
L'Agassiz, Eugenie1219
L'Agassiz, Eva1221
L'Agassiz, John1213
L'Agassiz, Julie1217
L'Agassiz, Louis1211
L'Agassiz, Louis1216
L'Agassiz, Malvina1212
Landais, Auguste112
Landry, Andre110
Laney, Albert217
Laney, Caroline213
Laney, Daniel214
Laney, George216
Laney, John2025
Laney, Lucie211
Laney, Marie212
Laney, William215
Langevin, Ledger725
Langsen, Pierre3022
Lapatate, Albert453
Lapatate, Betsy4424
Lapatate, Joseph4425
Lapatate, Louise451
Lapatate, Marie452
Lapatate, Moise4423
Lapierre, Alex818
Lapierre, Emilie819
Lapierre, Joseph820
Lapierre, Leon821
Lariche, Francois18
Larocque, Elise4223
Larocque, Merence4222
Larocque, Pierre4221
Laronde, Eliza2121
Laronde, Jean2120
Laronde, Jean2122
Laronde, Louis2124
Laronde, Marie2123
Latulipe, Adolphe1322
Latulipe, Amandine1324
Latulipe, Augustine141
Latulipe, Corinne1325
Latulipe, Eliza1320
Latulipe, Elvina1323
Latulipe, Eugenie1321
Latulipe, Joseph1319
Laurance, Catherine271
Laurance, Victor2625
Laurance, William272
Lavoie, Marie123
Leblanc, Vital29
Leboeuf, Henri1416
Lee, Alice1724
Lee, Caroline1722
Lee, Christine1719
Lee, John1723
Lee, Wellington1718
Lee, William1721
Lemire, Charles2816
Lemire, Ludger2815
L'Enseigne, Everide1620
L'Enseigne, Henri1621
L'Enseigne, Marie1622
L'Enseigne, Pierre1619
Lestanc, Joseph12
Letendre, Adolphus5010
Letendre, Angele4921
Letendre, Bernard4920
Letendre, Celisia503
Letendre, Christine507
Letendre, Daniel502
Letendre, Diendonne4923
Letendre, Elise505
Letendre, George4922
Letendre, Jean Baptiste506
Letendre, Jean Baptiste Sr.477
Letendre, Joseph5011
Letendre, Josephine4924
Letendre, Julien504
Letendre, Madeleine478
Letendre, Marie Louise4710
Letendre, Samuel509
Letendre, Solomon4925
Letendre, Stephanie Eva508
Letendre, Ursule5012
Letendre, William479
Letendre, William501
Letourneau, Augustin J.19
Leveille, Louise25
L'Hirondelle, ?291
L'Hirondelle, Adelaide3423
L'Hirondelle, Adelaide365
L'Hirondelle, Adolphe484
L'Hirondelle, Adolphus1910
L'Hirondelle, Alice1915
L'Hirondelle, Andre481
L'Hirondelle, Angelique362
L'Hirondelle, Antoine2916
L'Hirondelle, Auguste2917
L'Hirondelle, Cyprien3120
L'Hirondelle, Elise199
L'Hirondelle, Elise2915
L'Hirondelle, Elizabeth2919
L'Hirondelle, Evariste3420
L'Hirondelle, Fresine3422
L'Hirondelle, Helene368
L'Hirondelle, Henri198
L'Hirondelle, Janvier3417
L'Hirondelle, Jean2921
L'Hirondelle, Jean483
L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptiste3424
L'Hirondelle, John1911
L'Hirondelle, John361
L'Hirondelle, Jos?2918
L'Hirondelle, Julien3118
L'Hirondelle, Justin3425
L'Hirondelle, Laurent3121
L'Hirondelle, Lucie2920
L'Hirondelle, Madelaine366
L'Hirondelle, Magloire3421
L'Hirondelle, Marie1912
L'Hirondelle, Marie3119
L'Hirondelle, Marie482
L'Hirondelle, Marie Louise487
L'Hirondelle, Marie Rose364
L'Hirondelle, Mathilde351
L'Hirondelle, Nancy363
L'Hirondelle, Noel1913
L'Hirondelle, Noel485
L'Hirondelle, Philomene292
L'Hirondelle, Pierre1914
L'Hirondelle, Pierre3525
L'Hirondelle, Pierre486
L'Hirondelle, Samuel3419
L'Hirondelle, St. Pierre367
L'Hirondelle, Virginie3418
L'Hirondelle, William3122
L'Hirondelle, Xavier2914
Lizee, Zephyrin462
Logan, Albert433
Logan, Albert4312
Logan, Alexander438
Logan, Annie439
Logan, Joseph432
Logan, Maria Emma436
Logan, Mary Jane431
Logan, Mary Victoria434
Logan, Nathaniel4224
Logan, Norman435
Logan, Patrick437
Logan, Robert4311
Logan, Sarah4225
Logan, Simon4310
Loyer, Adelaide3510
Loyer, Angele353
Loyer, Christine3514
Loyer, Cyprien355
Loyer, Daniel357
Loyer, Daniel359
Loyer, Elzear3512
Loyer, Florestine3511
Loyer, Louis352
Loyer, Marie Rose356
Loyer, Martin354
Loyer, Samuel3513
Loyer, Victor358
Majeau, Adolphe317
Majeau, Caroline310
Majeau, Elie39
Majeau, Josephine313
Majeau, L'Hirondelle37
Majeau, Louisoan38
Majeau, Marie314
Majeau, Melina312
Majeau, Octave36
Majeau, Samuel315
Majeau, Vital311
Majeau, Vitaline316
Maloney, Alice305
Maloney, Catherine225
Maloney, Daniel2922
Maloney, Emey33
Maloney, Gustave304
Maloney, Hannah2923
Maloney, James302
Maloney, Jane31
Maloney, John2925
Maloney, Joseph301
Maloney, Katherine2924
Maloney, Mary303
Maloney, Mary Ellen32
Maloney, William306
Marechal, Caroline1524
Marechal, Hortense1522
Marechal, John1523
Marechal, Pascal1521
Marechal, Rosalie1525
McDonald, Albert258
McDonald, Alex78
McDonald, Angelique255
McDonald, Angus254
McDonald, Donald76
McDonald, Donald79
McDonald, Emilion256
McDonald, Jessie712
McDonald, Justine259
McDonald, Louis711
McDonald, Marie710
McDonald, Melina257
McDonald, Melvina77
McFahey, Albert2711
McFahey, Ellen279
McFahey, Laurence2710
McFahey, Micheal277
McFahey, Philomene278
McGillivray, Edward118
McKenna, William5219
McKenny, Aloysia85
McKenny, Frederick86
McKenny, Henry81
McKenny, John84
McKenny, Mary82
McKenny, Maud83
McNab, Alexander405
McPherson, John A.404
Michelob, Emilie314
Michelob, Henri313
Michelob, Henri315
Michelob, Henriette316
Mongrain, Catherine23
Morrasse, John144
Morrison, Angus3218
Morrison, Anne3219
Morrison, Marie3220
Nault, Adelaide2717
Nault, Angelique2712
Nault, Edouard2713
Nault, Felix2721
Nault, John2716
Nault, Marceline2718
Nault, Marie Rose2719
Nault, Philippe2720
Nault, Philomene2715
Nipissange, Oreange454
Niquette, Harriette125
Normand, Michel113
Normand, Rose Naute114
Noyes, Adelaide159
Noyes, Alfred1517
Noyes, Arsonus1514
Noyes, Daniel158
Noyes, Daniel1511
Noyes, Davis1520
Noyes, Ella1519
Noyes, George W.1510
Noyes, Louisa1515
Noyes, Margaret1518
Noyes, Mary1516
Noyes, Rachel1513
Noyes, Wallace1512
O'Donnell, Ellen456
O'Donnell, John2722
O'Donnell, Mary Ann459
O'Donnell, Mary Ellen457
O'Donnell, W. James455
O'Donnell, William458
O'Niell, Margaret34
Ouellette, Charles1417
Ouellette, Eugenie1419
Ouellette, Peter1418
Page, Alphonsine1615
Page, Elzear1610
Page, Joseph168
Page, Lusie1614
Page, Margaret1611
Page, Marie Rose1613
Page, Mary Jane169
Page, Samuel1612
Paquette, Adolphine1710
Paquette, Antoine4113
Paquette, Cecile4110
Paquette, Elizabeth174
Paquette, Frederic171
Paquette, Henri419
Paquette, Hersule172
Paquette, Jemime176
Paquette, Jimmie4112
Paquette, John175
Paquette, Joseph1623
Paquette, Joseph1711
Paquette, Madelaine1624
Paquette, Maggie4115
Paquette, Margaret179
Paquette, Marie Louise173
Paquette, Norbert?178
Paquette, Olivine177
Paquette, Sophie4114
Paquette, William4111
Paquette, Xavier1625
Paradis, Fabrola75
Paradis, Henri72
Paradis, Henri74
Paradis, Sophie73
Parent, Celestin421
Parent, Melanie422
Patis, Jacques812
Pepin, Baptiste920
Pepin, Elizabeth924
Pepin, Jean Marie923
Pepin, Joseph101
Pepin, Marie921
Pepin, Marie Jane922
Pepin, Stanislas925
Periard, John J.17
Perreault, Adolphe317
Perreault, Arvais3115
Perreault, Daniel3113
Perreault, Elisa3117
Perreault, Jean3112
Perreault, Joseph3110
Perreault, Julie318
Perreault, Louis3111
Perreault, Marie3116
Perreault, Samuel3114
Perreault, Vital319
Perron, Fleuri1210
Perron, Narcisse71
Perron, Narcisse129
Piche, Caroline59
Piche, Josette55
Piche, Mary Louise58
Plante, Abraham488
Plante, Arthur1313
Plante, Elzear1315
Plante, Ervy1316
Plante, Euphrosyne489
Plante, Florestine4810
Plante, Gaspard4718
Plante, Julie1312
Plante, Leonore1317
Plante, Margaret4717
Plante, Michel1311
Plante, Michel1314
Plante, Paul1318
Plante, Xavier4716
Quevillion, Rev. Joseph T.3515
Ratelle, Antoine2616
Remas, Rene13
Ringuette, Alberta43
Ringuette, Albezic41
Ringuette, Annette42
Riopel, Adelaide4214
Riopel, Aristide4212
Riopel, Arthur4210
Riopel, Aurore426
Riopel, Avila425
Riopel, Delmina4215
Riopel, Fleurisca428
Riopel, Irma4211
Riopel, Joseph429
Riopel, Maria427
Riopel, Marie4213
Robertson, Alfred2119
Robertson, Jean Baptiste2116
Robertson, Marcel2118
Robertson, Marcelle424
Robertson, Rosalie2117
Rolland, Adolphus3017
Rolland, Amelia522
Rolland, Eliza3018
Rolland, Flora3020
Rolland, Jacques3019
Rolland, John518
Rolland, John525
Rolland, Louisa523
Rolland, Mary521
Rolland, Matilda524
Rolland, Patrice3021
Rolland, Samuel520
Rolland, Sophie519
Rousse, Emilie115
Rumball, Alfred5220
Rumball, Charles R.5223
Rumball, Jessie5221
Rumball, John C.5222
Sarrazin, George1020
Sarrazin, Josephine1022
Sarrazin, Melina1021
Savard, Albert2415
Savard, Albertine241
Savard, Alexandre2320
Savard, Alexandre349
Savard, Antoine2113
Savard, Baptiste2416
Savard, David2420
Savard, Edouard2418
Savard, Elise2423
Savard, Felix2322
Savard, Flora2422
Savard, Henri3416
Savard, Julien2412
Savard, Justine2421
Savard, Lena2424
Savard, Lena3413
Savard, Louisa2115
Savard, Louise3412
Savard, Marance2325
Savard, Margaret2114
Savard, Marguerite2419
Savard, Marie2321
Savard, Marie281
Savard, Marie Louise242
Savard, Moise2414
Savard, Natalie2413
Savard, Pascal3414
Savard, Philomene2323
Savard, Rosalie3415
Savard, Samuel2425
Savard, Terese3410
Savard, Theodore2324
Savard, Theodore2417
Savard, Ursule3411
Savard, William243
Shearin, Charles215
Shearin, Wm216
Simon, Louison815
S'Jean, Eliza811
S'Jean, Elizabeth89
S'Jean, Narcisse88
S'Jean, Narcisse810
Smith, Bella210
Smith, Edmond224
Squarebridge, James722
St Armand, Lacherie126
Surprenaut, Baptiste4318
Surprenaut, Isabelle4319
Sutherland, Elise526
Sutherland, Ellen4010
Sutherland, George406
Sutherland, Lizzie408
Sutherland, Maggie4011
Sutherland, Margaret407
Sutherland, Mary409
Sutherland, Peter525
Tastawich, Alexandre448
Taylor, Edmond469
Taylor, Elizabeth M.467
Taylor, Frederick Geo.4612
Taylor, Keith Swanson4613
Taylor, Louisa Jane4611
Taylor, Margaret V.4610
Taylor, Thomas466
Taylor, William468
Testawiche, Caroline2913
Testawiche, Joseph2910
Testawiche, Marie2911
Testawiche, Susanne2912
Tourangeau, ?296
Tourangeau, George297
Tourangeau, Isabelle299
Tourangeau, Joseph298
Tourangeau, Louis293
Tourangeau, Marie294
Tourangeau, Sara295
Touvangeau, Alex511
Touvangeau, Eliza515
Touvangeau, Hermine514
Touvangeau, Louise512
Touvangeau, Maria513
Valiquette, Mary24
Vallette, Joseph118
Vegreville, Volenton14
Verraux, Odilon28
Verriaux, Hubert1420
Villeneuve, Alfred1117
Villeneuve, Edwin1119
Villeneuve, Eliza1115
Villeneuve, Francois1118
Villeneuve, John1120
Villeneuve, Julie1114
Villeneuve, Pauline1116
Villeneuve, Severe1113
Ward, Emilion284
Ward, George417
Ward, Jonas2214
Ward, Julien285
Ward, Laura286
Ward, Leonore2216
Ward, Madeleine2215
Ward, Marie Eliza2217
Ward, Nancy418
Ward, Peter282
Ward, Rosalie283
Wineonde, Adam5116
Wineonde, Caroline5120
Wineonde, Ermilla5118
Wineonde, Martine5117
Wineonde, Nancy5119
Wineonde, Pierre5121

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