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Parkland Community History - Mewassin

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme


Mewassin was officially named in 1903 when the Post Office was registered and opened. The Cree word Mewassin means 'good'. John Lenny built a trading post on the north bank of the river in Mewassin. It wasn't a very successful operation and he abandoned it. In about 1895 he returned and was the first white man to settled and build a cabin along the Old Mewassin Trail. Settlers began arriving in the area in 1900 with the arrival of Hiram Akins, James Young, William Fuller, Sam Schinke, Hans Bromm and Ernest Eggers. All of these men filed on homesteads on either side of the trail. Next to arrive were George Scheideman and Peter Miller, German people from Norka, Russia. The Scheidemans owned over two sections of land in Mewassin by 1919. Loggers from the Genesee area crossed the river on the Scheideman Ferry and travelled on to Stony Plain and Edmonton on the Old Mewassin Trail. Today Mewassin is a thriving agricultural area with many of the farms still owned by descendants of the original settlers.

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