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Parkland Community History - Manly

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme 


In 1902 Thomas Sharmon and Fred Ferguson filed on homesteads close to the two main trails and Kilini Creek which flowed across the area. By 1904 settlers from Germany and the western Ukraine began to arrive including  John and Andrew Kotscherofsky, Dymetros, Peter Turlock, Michael Stecyk, Alex Krashewsky and John Fuhr who all chose heavily timbered land near the trails. In 1905 more immigrants arrived from England and Germany - the Bydens, Hollings, Bismarcks, Kornbergers, Turnbulls, Goerzs, Hankes and Hemblings. They were closely followed by the Reids, Millers, Daykins, Barons, Enders', Thompsons, Turlocks, Bauers, Ratcliffes, Moores and Litzenbergers. At this time James Reid establised a general store where some of the settlers traded farm produce for essential food staples. A stopping house was built by W.E. Miller one half mile west of the Reid's general store. In 1907 another group of homesteaders settled on the remaining homesteads in the area. They were Charles Walker, Felix Florkewich, George Capp, Dymetro Danylowich,  Stas Pytel, Jacob Fuhr, Fred Ferguson, Daniel Miller, Jacob Miller, Jacob Getzinger and Thomas Sharmon. Two acres of land were donated by Charles Walker and James Reid next to the store and post office for a school. The Ukrainian settlers built a log church including a belltower with a large bell and cemetery in 1909 and 1910. The first marriage ceremony was a double wedding on February 11, 1911. Other homesteaders to come to the Manly area were Fred Tyrkalo, John Proch, Dymetro Mastaller, George Nicholls, Mike Repecki, Michael Sabadaska, Nick Pasemko, Steve Andreshchyshyn, Ludwig Enders, Metro Turlock, Albert Marsom, Nick Chomcy, Matwij Soldan, Luke Pawlyk, Michael Mastaller, Alex Markewich, Stephen Puschak, Wasyl Pawlow, John Smigelski, Mike Yakimo and Isador Yasinski. During the 1920's these people were joined by more immigrants - Schooley, Matthews, Philips, Schaefer, Atema, Mawer, Seward, Lindsey, McLaughlin, Thompson, Ronsky, Polack, Kowalski, Shabada, Adams and Prussia and later even more arrived. Few of the descendants of the original settlers now remain in the area.

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