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Parkland Community Histories Highvale

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme


The Highvale community is bordered by Lake Wabamun, Rose Valley, Keephills, Woodland and Low Water Laker. The early growth of the area was due in part of the surveys that suggested a railway line through the area following the Old Mackenzie Trail. The first settler in the area was probably Mr. Ried who ran a Hudson's Bay Trading Post in 1902. Around 1905 the Tyrrell family settled and in 1906 the Robertsons, Yates and Moles arrived, followed in 1908 by William Brooks, Om Brooks, Orlo Brooks, Doug Graham, Tom Quigg, Walter Hearn and Mr. Bostock. In 1909 and 1910 Edd Spiller, Bill Stone, William Tinney, Henry Tinney, and Charles Tinney came. Also among the early settlers were Bill Mauer, Lancasters, Surtees, Lostrohs, Kritneys, Stablers, Doidges, Clarks and Browns. Mr. Brooks was the first postmaster for the area in about 1910, in 1911 the post office was moved to the home of Tom Quigg and Mrs. Quigg remained postmaster until 1947. The first ministers travelled the area on horseback from the Anglican Mission in Wabamun, they included Mr. Huxtable, Mr. Inglbay and Mr. Harkness. In the summer supplies were brought from Stony Plain, but this was a three day trip and was only made twice a year. Later supplies were brought from Duffield by wagon in the summer and from Wabamun in the winter travelling by sleigh over the ice of Wabamun Lake.

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