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Newspaper: Hotel Arrivals - Edmonton

The Edmonton Bulletin
January 2, 1907

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.

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Hotel Arrivals

Alberta -
J.M. Rotson, city
Jas Nicol, city
John Izorkusto
J.J. Henry, city
H.T. Clarke, Ottawa
J.C. Laundry, Dorchester, NB
Wm. Malke, Fort Saskatchewan
L.M. Goetz, Red Deer

Queen's -
Duncan Martin, Ingo.
Robt Hare, Beaver Hill
Miss Lillie Hare, Beaver Hill
O.H. Rounje
- Anndman, Fort Saskatchewan
E. Harkness, Carberry
W.S. Anngy
Geo Fitzkindler

Jasper House -
? Appleyard, Leduc
? McKinnon, Clover Bar
? Douglas, Clover Bar

Imperial - 
? Morris

St. James -
W.D. Sweet, Calgary
C. Calphetes, Calgary
W.J. McCullough, Beaver Hills
G.P. Bertenshaw, Edmonton
L.H. Thamer and wife, Calgary
S. Ryder and wife, Calgary
M. McPhirley, Calgary
J. Wolf, Calgary
F.E. Johnson, Chicago
R.S. Irvine, Saskatoon
J.A. Bernard, Montreal
A.P.C. Bulyea, Calgary
B.N. Bentley, Calgary
J.H. Fulton, Calgary

Windsor -
E.Q. Oatway, Dominion City
J.L. Landis, Leduc
M. Campbell, Clinton
W.G. Simpson, Clinton
H.S. Nivin, Montreal
M.C. Switzer, Calgary
R.H. Moffat,
L. Whitaker, Fort
C. Bodly, Calgary
John C. Kean, Wetaskiwin
O.W. Law, Fort Saskatchewan
C.H. Featherstonhaugh, Fort Saskatchewan
O.J. Roddy, Calgary
A.F. Huston, Montreal
M. McLeod, Winnipeg
Tom Marks, Marks Co.
Ells Marks, Marks Co.
Arley Marks, Marks Co.

Other - 
? Corvedery, Vancouver
? Butters, Fort William
W. Walker, White Whale
? Menzies, Belvedere
? Steele, Fort Saskatchewan
? S. Hardisty, city
? McCutcheon, Calgary
? Vinet, city
? Campbell
? H. Courtemanche, city
? Stearn, city
? Carter, city
? Kelly, City
? Phillips, city
? Hamilton, Montreal
? Railton, city
W.H. Puffer, Lacombe
D.C. Gourlay, Lacombe

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