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Newspaper: Around the City - Edmonton

Various News Items
The Edmonton Bulletin
January 3, 1907

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.

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Skating at Horner's rink tonight. Band in attendance.

The city police have been furnished with new fur caps.

W.H. Ketchum has entered the real estate business with Mssrs John Ross and Sons.

The annual convention of the Alberta Farmer's Association will be held in 
Calgary on Jan. 9th.

The Young Men's Club of McDougall avenue church will be addressed this evening 
By Mr. P.E. Butchart on "The Christian Man in Business".

The farmers in the vicinity of Fort Saskatchewan have so far this season shipped 
25 cars of oats and 17 cars of wheat. Fifty cars of grain are at present in 
sight for shipment.

Mr. W. Chowin will address the Young Men's Club of McDougall Church instead of 
P.E. Butchart, Esq. The subject is "The Christian Man in Business".

The fees collected by the market clerk during the last week of the year amounted to $82.35, the week before to $87.00. Mr. Grierson said this morning that $75 was highest ever taking in during any week last year.

Mr. A.W. Foley, of the department of Agriculture, returned to the city on Monday 
evening from Bowmanville, Ont. He was accompanied by his family and has taken a 
house on Clara street. During his visit east he took in the -at stock show at 

A number of typhoid cases are being treated at the Public Hospital. One typhoid 
patient, Mr. M.C. Cary, who entered the hospital on Christmas Day, is seriously 
ill. At the Misericordia Hospital four new cases of various diseases were 
received yesterday. The hospital is fairly well filled, however, but there are 
now serious cases.

The Public and High schools reopened today with a somewhat light attendance 
owing to the severe weather. There were admitted to the primary standards 25 new 
pupils. This number it is expected will be more than doubled in a week from the 
present time. Quite a number of new learners were admitted in the upper grades 
of the schools.

Misses Gorman, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Gorman, entertained some thirty 
of their school girl frineds at the King Edward on Saturday evening. After the 
supper the hours until midnight were passed in social intercourse, music and an 
impromptu dance, and the evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

The clerks and managers of the various departments of the Acme Company held a 
meeting last evening to discuss the business situation and to -- interests of 
both employers and employees. These meetings were introduced by C.W. Marshall 
about seven months ago when he became manager for Revillon Bros and intends to 
continue with the new regime.

The January issue of Waghorn's Guide has already come to hand. This publication 
as well as showing all tables of travel contains a great deal of valuable 
information for the busy man. This issue particularly shows complete change of 
Time talbes on the Canadian Pacific Railway and also contains a new map of 
Western Canada brought righ up-to-date showing all new lines of railways and 
those pro--ted.

The weather was the chief topic of discussion at the market clerk's office this 
morning. Several who have spent many years in this district were of the opinion 
this was one of the coldest --- they had experiences. Those who remembered the 
winter of 1893 said it was 62 below on the flats by Donald --' thermometer which 
was regarded as very reliable.

Deputy Minister McKenzie of the --ation Department has received re-- from the 
gentlemen asked to act as the provisional executive in pre--tion of the program 
for the Tru-- Convention to be held here this month. Each has signified his 
intention to act. The members are Mssrs Alex Taylor, Edmonton; J.F. Fowler, 
Wetaskiwin; R.J. Hutchings, Calgary; and J.H. Fleetwood, Lethbridge. It is 
probable a provisional secretary will also be appointed.



Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh returned last night from Ontario.

Premier Rutherford has gone to Calgary.

Mrs. P.G. MacSween, 245 Sixth street will not receive on Friday afternoon of 
this week.

Mr. L. Courtemanche of Montreal arrived in the city Wednesday night from 

Mr. T.B.H. Henderson, of the department of Agriculture, who has been to his home 
in Ontario for Christmas, returned to the city last evening.

Mr. A. Norquay of Winnigpeg who has been visiting his brother, Mr. Norquay of 
the Dominion Lands office, has returned.

Mr. C.E. Barry, manager of the Bank of Hochslaga? in this city has returned from 
a trip to the east and is staying at the Castle hotel.


W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. Meets at McDougall church this afternoon at three o'clock. In 
the evening a union meeting with the Royal Templars will be held in the First 
Baptist church.


W.A. Griesbach, who besides being mayor of the town, holds the position of 
Lieutenant in A squadron of the Canadian Mounted Rifles, stated today that he 
had received word from the Militia Department in Ottawa today to the effect that 
no legislation had yet gone through the House with relation to the land grants 
to South African veterans and consequently nothing is as yet known regarding the 
conditions or regulations.


A secular concert will be given by the choir of First Presbyterian church in the 
church on Friday evening January 4th. The program will consist of vocal, violin 
and pianoforte solos and choruses. Solosists Miss Tatt, Miss Hazel Anderson, 
Miss Lillie Tillon, Mr. Heathcote and Mr. Synney W. Morris, violinist, Mr. Comar 
Park; pianist Miss Maguire. Miss Hazel Anderson and Mr. Sydney W. Morris will 
sing Balte's famous duet "Excelsior". Admission 50 and 75c.



The seniors will also have a workout tonight at the Thistle at 7:45.

The weather last night was too severe for the printers team and no practice was 

The Bankers and Intermediates have a practice at the Thistle Ring tonight. The former get the ice at 6:30.

The certificates for the players in the city league have been made out and will 
be handed to President Moore for signature today.

Harold Grady, the brilliant goal tender of the Edmonton Intermediates, is 
expected home Friday from a short holiday in Macleod and will be in the 
Strathcona-Edmonton challenge game if it is not pulled off prior to that date.

The Revillon team arrived home from Stettler yesterday afternoon. They were 
unable to get on a match with Wetaskiwin last night, but are trying to arrange a 
game with that team for Saturday, January 13.

Goal nets for the city league have arrived, and so far as equipment goes, the 
league is ready for the opening game. Secretary Gillespie says the nets may not 
look as handsome as the other fellows are using, but their wearing qualities are 
the best.

In all likelihood Strathcona and Edmonton will meet again at Edmonton on January 
11th in a contest for the Peterson cup. The challenge was received yesterday and 
the locals will endeavor to have the game pulled off next Thursday.

The officers of the city league are still in the dark as to when the league 
games will commence. To date they haven't been able to close and agreement with 
the rink people as to what nights the ice can be had for matches and how gate 
receipts are to be divided.

B---eld Sr., who was otu of the games on New Years Day, on account of an injured 
knee, has almost recovered and will be out to practice in a few days. Deeton 
will also be home this week from his holiday trip. With these men back in the 
game Strathcona will have to go some to land the Peterson cup.

W. H. Ketchum, secretary of the Edmonton curling club, has just been notified 
that J. M. Douglas, of Strathcona, has been appointed umpire for this district 
of the Alberta branch of the R.C.C.C., and the date of the annual branch 
bonspiel has been fixed for January 22nd at Calgary. The clubs forming the 
Edmonton district are Wetaskiwin, Strathcona and Edmonton. A meeting of the 
local curlers will be held in a few days to appoint the --s for the rinks that 
will uphold Edmonton's honor in the games for the district championship. The 
umpire has not yet announced which of the three clubs has drawn the bye in this 


Owing to slightly demoralized telegraphic communication it was late Wednesday 
afternoon when Manager Marriet of the Revillon Bros hockey team had put it all 
over Stettler a team received news that the store's the latter place on New 
Years' night. The Revillon septette played gilt edge hockey all the way through 
and won out by the handsome margin of 6-0.

L. Robinson of Edmonton refereed the contest and gave the best of satisfaction. 
The Winners lined up: Goal, McGill; point, Reid; cover point, Holley; rover, C. 
Banford; centre, Kent; left wing, Sibald; right wing, Miller.

Messrs Oogers and Harvey handled the team on the trip and are highly elated at 
the showing the seven made. Stettler has a fast outfit and when they have played 
together a little longer will give all comers a run for the money.

The visitors report handsome treatment during their stay in Stettler. After the 
match they were tendered a banquet at the hotel where the usual round of toasts 
were proposed and responded to and a first class time spent by all present.


Mr. W. J. Tompkins of Toronto has joined the Bulletin staff. Mr. Tompkins is an 
expert ruler and comes from the Copeland Chatterson Company, Toronto. He also 
has had considerable experience in England with the Putman patent business 

Col. E. B. Edwards, Secretary of the Edmonton Canadian Club, has prepared a neat 
card which he has sent with the compliments of the lcub to the older sister 
clubs throughout the Dominion and wishing them a happy new year.

Premier Rutherford went to Calgary yesterday to confer with Hon. Mr. Calder, 
Minister of Education for Saskatchewan, but owing to the critical illness of 
Premier Scott, Mr. Calder was unable to meet the Premier. He returned last 

The officers and members of the Alberta Poultry and Pet Stock Association will 
meet at the hardware store of Jas. A. Stovel this evening to arrange all details 
of the annual exhibition to be held next month. All breeders and fanciers are 
invited to attend. Meeting at 8 p.m.

The annual meeting of the Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers No. 1 of Alberta 
takes place in Hourston's Hall at 7 p.m. this evening. The election of officers 
and general routine business will occupy the attention of members. After the 
meeting a banquet will be held at the Prince Arthur Cafe. All members are 
especially requested to attend.

Calgary Albertan - One Albertan was in the accident on the Soo line. He was on 
the frieght the passenger ran into. The High River Times is in receipt of a 
letter from W. B. Thorne who was a passenger on the ill fated freight train 
which caused such a loss of life and property on the Soo line on the 23rd inst. 
Mr. Thorne who was shipping horses from Chicago to his ranch, says in part: 
"Just a few lines to inform you that I have pulled out of that awful wreck on 
the Soo line near Enderlin. A passenger train ran into us and the result was 
terrific. Nine people are dead and a great many are injured. Everything was torn 
to pieces, cars telescoped, engines demolished and nothing but broken up cars 
can be seen. In some miraculous manner I escapted, how I do not know, but I 
received no injury and my horses are apparently uninjured, but they were badly 
shaken up. Expect to be in High River shortly."



A. W. Taylor, Dawson City, is at the King Edward.

Hon. Justice Harvey of McLeod, is at the Alberta.

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