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Local History Book Index: Index of Trails, Trials and Triumphs of Edberg and Community

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley.


Adam, Francois

Adams, Oscar and Gertie family

Albers, Gus 

Albers, John and Martha

Albers, Nicolaus and Margaret family

Albers, Walter and Jean

Allen, Oliver and Florence

Allen, Solomon K. 

Ames, William Ames and Lexie family

Anderson, Alfred and Mary family

Anderson, Allen Telning

Anderson, Andrew and Hank

Anderson, Carl and Alga family

Anderson, Carl August and Ethel (Telning)

Anderson, Donald and Sharon

Anderson, Doreen A.

Anderson, Hugh and Jenny

Anderson, John Fred and Alma family

Anderson, Oscar and Josephina

Anonson, Art, Martin and Hjalmer

Arneberg, Carl and Carrie family

Ashton, Family

Aursness, Peder and Nellie

Baerg, Paul and Olive family

Bartel, Glen

Bartell, John B. 

Bawden, James John and Esther family

Beckman, Clifford and Agnes

Beckman, Nels family

Berglund, Hjalmar and Grace

Berglund, Norman family

Bergstrom, Alex W.

Bergstrom, Carl Albin and Ruby family

Bergstrom, Jerry Jerome and Lorene

Bergstrom, John and Alfrieda

Bergstrom, John Torsten and Anna

Bergstrom, Signar and Gladys

Bieganek, Donald and Laurie family

Bieganek, Henry and Alice

Bieganek, Herman and Helen

Bjorge, Helmer and Hattie

Blonke, Walter and Rhea family

Boden, John and Frieda family

Borgstrom, Alex

Borgstrom, Alphonse and Margaret family

Borgstrom, Alvy and Eva

Borgstrom, Anton and Blenda

Borgstrom, Arnold and Ruby family

Borgstrom, Edward and Selma 

Borgstrom, Fritz and Ardith

Borgstrom, Nels and Elizabeth

Borgstrom, Oscar and Dora family

Borgstrom, Oscar family

Bradbury, Arthur T. and Maybelle

Brady, Brian

Brady, Desmond and Corinne family

Brady, Desmond Thomas

Brady, Eric Richard

Brady, Fred William and Murlie

Brady, Godfrey H.K. and Kathleen

Brady, William J. and Maude family

Bratt, John and Lillian (Olson)

Bredeson, Olie family

Brekke, Ole 

Brekke, Palmer

Brockhoff, Carl and Colleen

Brockhoff, Herman and Ruth

Brockhoff, Jim and Christine

Brockhoff, John and Hans

Brockhoff, William (Bill)

Brooks, Floyd and Emma family

Brown, Archie and Ruth

Brown, John A. family

Butwilofski, Adam and Josie

Byers, Sidney William and Grace

Cantelon, Oliver and Jennie

Cardinal, Clark and Flora

Carlson, Gust

Carlson, Israel

Carlson, John and Betty

Carlson, John family

Cater, Joseph E. and Ebba family

Christian, Edward C. and Elizabeth

Chromik, Orest and Leanne

Clark – Cardinal Story

Colonel, Daniel and Doris

Corliss, Jessie family

Cornell, George family

Costar, Alfred and Hilda family

Cousins, Gordon and Anne

Coutts, Neil – pg. 195

Coutts, Neil and Alma

Cowan, Alex and Gladys

Cowan, David Arthur family

Cowie, Robert and Jemima family

Coykendall, Frank and Grace family

Cragg, Family

Davis, Alfred history

Davis, Clarence

Dawbin, William Frank

Deardoff, Curtis

Descheneau, Joseph and Sarah family

Djuve, Charles and Mamie

Djuve, Halvor and Petra

Djuve, Sigvold and Gladys

Dondlinger, family

Doolittle, George and Earl

Dore, Family

Drummond, Alex and Dorothy

Drummond, Thomas and Alice

Dumont, Alie and Gertrude family

Dumont, Pascal and Cleotis

Dumont, Peter 

Eastwood, Thomas and Alma

Eckhard, Charlie

Edquist, Alfred 

Edstrom, Elmer Albin and Sylvia

Edstrom, Johan (John) and sons Emil and Oscar

Egert, Anton and Lydia

Eggen, Ole O. and Dorthea

Eisler, Adolf and Leokadia

Eklund, Otto

Englund, Emil and Hazel

Erickson, Ben and Lilly

Erickson, Carl John and Betsy

Erickson, Clarence and Jane

Erickson, Dave and Denise

Erickson, Elmer and Islay

Erickson, Gustave and Emily

Erickson, Osborne and Nora family

Erickson, Victor and Hazel

Falk, John and Anna family

Fankhanel, Ailly and Mabel family

Farguson, William and Sarah

Farguson, William Jr.

Farrell, Everett and Doris family

Fisher, George Mathew and Mabel

Fisher, Ronald and Donald

Flohr, Ole and Ingeborg family

Flohr, Palmer and Annie family

Flynn, Edward V.

Forest, George D.

Forsberg, Arvid and Rosabelle

Forsberg, Hilbert “Slim” and Ellen

Forsberg, Oscar and Eva family

Forsberg, Raymond and Mabel

Frame, Agnes

Frang, Alvin “Wilfred” and Laura

Frang, Henry and Bertha family

Frang, Lawrence and Mabel

Frank, Adolf and Irma family

Frisken, George and Ida

Frisken, Ross

Furman, Carl family

Gabert, Terry and Faith

Germanick, William and Hazel

Gettins, Thomas

Gilbertson, Ole

Gilkyson, H.G. family

Goossen, Robert and Florence

Graham, Henry and Ellen

Graham, Morris and Harta

Graham, Victor E.

Grasdal, George Olaf and Allis

Grasdal, Selmar and Gertie

Grasdal, Stewart and Verna

Green, Afton and Florence family

Green, Eddy H. and Hanna

Gueffroy, James Herman and Evelyn

Gustavson, family

Haave, Erik and Dagmar

Hagan, Bill and Effie

Hagan, Everett and Selma

Hagan, John and Agnes family

Haggerty, Families

Haggerty, John and Mary-Ann

Hall, William family

Halstead, Arthur Leslie and Minnie

Halvorson, Tom and Olga

Hamilton, Grant and Beth

Hanson, Carl

Hanson, Fred family

Hanson, John family

Hanson, Lars family

Harcus, Kenneth and Brenda

Hardy, Milton Raymond and Edith

Harris, Jack and Margaret

Hasiuk, Merlin and Ruth

Haugen, Arnold Kenneth and Clara

Haugen, Ole and Sissel 

Haugen, Steinar A. and Anna

Heisler, Phillip and Mary

Hemken, Alvin

Heng, Rolf and Shirley

Henley, Thomas and William

Herbert, Norman and Hazel

Herigstad, Lewis and Sarah

Herigstad, Omund

Hewitt, Wilfred 

Hoinaks, Mike 

Holt, Clarence and Jessie

Holt, Ernest Leonard and Ellie

Hough, Arthur and Elizabeth family

Howe, Charles

Howe, Charles and Edla


Hubble, Perry

Hunter, Ed and Era

Hunter, Joseph and Ellen

Hunter, William

Hustad, Nicholai F. and Anna

Hynick, Theodore 

Issac, Sol and Margreth

Jensen, Jen and Mavis family

Jerred, James “Jim” and Rosa

Johansen, John and Emma family

Johanson, Hilding and Alma family

Johanson, Seth J.I. and Hilda family

Johnson, Aaron S. and Agnes family

Johnson, Alex and Jennie

Johnson, Alfred 

Johnson, Allan and Uriel

Johnson, Andrew Benard and Matilda family

Johnson, August and Laura family

Johnson, Blanchard and Ethel

Johnson, Charles J. and Augusta

Johnson, Charles Lewis and Mary

Johnson, Conrad and Frances family

Johnson, Elmer and Clara

Johnson, Erik T. family

Johnson, Knut Lars

Johnson, Lenard and Marion

Johnson, Ludwig and Alma family

Johnson, Oscar and Eber 

Jones, Frank family

Jones, Walter 

Jonson, Hjalmar and Ruth

Karge, Herman and Emma 

Karlstrom, Mike and Alva family

Karlstrom, Victor and Ivy family

Kasa, Ole

Kerik, Joseph and Ida

Kerr, William and Jemima family

Klevgaard, Martin and Karoline family

Knapp, Charles

Knapp, O.A.

Kneeland, Albert and Mary family

Knudson, Martin and Connie

Konigson, Per Oskar and Engla

Korstad, Edward and Inga

Korstad, Peter Hanson 

Kravik, Elling family

Kuczmack, John and Mary

Labaucan-Makokis, Louise

Langbell, Jacob T. and Mary family

Langmo, Marius family

Larson, Ernest family

Larson, Knudt and Sophia

Larson, Tony and Cora

Latimer, James and Marion

Latimer, Russel and Margaret

Ledene, Robert and Brenda

Levang, Carl and Della family

Levang, Henry and Inga

Levang, Tom 

Lidberg, Herman family

Lidberg, John E.V.

Liden, Axel and Palma family

Liden, J.A. family

Lien, Alfred family

Lien, Louie and Cora

Lindquist, Andrew Gustaf family

Lindstrom, Seth A. and Ragnhild family

Lundstrom, Emil and Victoria

Lyle, Jack and Hazel family

Madland, Ole A. and Lena

Magneson, Esther

Magnuson, Pete family

Marshall. Ernest

Martin, Ted 

McAmmond, A.L. 

McGillvary, J.D. and Violet family

McLeod John Robert and Grace

McNulty, Pat family

Meglis, Raymond and Susanna

Melin, William “Willie” and Hilder

Meriam, Alexander Franklin and Gertrude family

Meriam, Frank Roy and Bessie family

Meriam, James and Eunice family

Mickelson, Lawrence and Hilda family

Miller, Anna Doris (Spady)

Miller, H.H. family

Miller, Ivan and Anna Spady

Miller, Malcolm and Inez family

Miller,William H. 

Modalen, Einar and Thora

Modalen, Erland

Moland, Ole family

Moller, Family

Montgomery, Gault and Minnie

Morgan, Thomas and Louise family

Mueller, Family

Negard, Aksel and Inez family

Negard, Andrew and Bertha family

Negard, Ole and Olga

Nelson, Arthur and Inez

Nordlund, Harold and Adele

Norman, Clarence and Pansy family

Nundahl, Adolph and Jennie

Nyberg, Charles

Nystrom, Magnus J. and Gurin family

O’Conner, Enid (Anderson)

Oberg, Alf and Pearl

Oberg, Elver and Greta

Oberg, Israel and Clara family

Oberg, John and Alice

Oberg, Maurits and Leona

Oium, Harry family

Olde, Peder and Ivar

Olson, Edwin and Clara family

Olson, Elias and Minnie family

Olson, Gordon family

Olson, Julius family

Olson, Obert and Marie

Olson, Ole

Olson, Verl and Susan

Olstad, Archie and Lillian family

Olstad, Everett and Gertie family

Olstad, Leonard and Lois family

Olstad, Louie and Alma family

Olstad, Odin and Nora family

Olstad, Ray and Hilda family

Olufson, Peter Harbo and Nellie family

Pearson (Persson), Jonas Walfrid and Klara family

Pearson, J. Walter and Helen

Pearson, John Alfred and Emma

Peterson, Alfred and Aleda

Peterson, Carl W. and Emelia family

Peterson, John family

Peterson, Melvin and Velma

Peterson, Theodore and Marius brothers

Pierson, Albert and Mathilda family

Plahn, William and Mary

Radomsky, Nick and Pearl family

Ramm, Arnold “Arnie” and Susan family

Ramm, Christian family

Ramm, Emma Bendtsen

Ramseier, Edward 

Ramseier, George and Bessie

Ramseier, William and Elizabeth

Ramsey, Peder

Rasmussen, Ole

Rasmussen, Randolph

Rau, Emil and Johanna family

Reeves, Ernest and Ethel family

Reierson, Goe and Guri family

Reimer, Fred and Doreen

Reimer, Otto and Mae

Reimer, Reg and Ruby

Renman, Family

Renman, Halvor 

Rhyason, William and Christine 

Roberg, Weberg and Eklund families

Robertson, Audrey (Anderson)

Rosekrans, Fred and Anna family

Rosser, Louie and Lily family

Rozema, Hendrick (Hank)

Rude, Selmer J. and Clara family

Salois, Noel and Laurent

Saltvold, Joseph C. and Emma

Sand, Elmer and Pauline 

Sand, Eskel family

Sand, Melvin and Wilma family

Sanders, Gordon A. and Edna family

Sanders, Ray and Helen family

Sayers, Gregg family

Scharmann, Willie and Ruth family

Schiele, Mathias and Ellen family

Schiele, William and Olava family

Schlegel, Frank and Francis

Scott, Don and Gwen family

Seaquist, Charles Albert and Anna family

Severson, Allen family

Sikstrom, Olav Richard

Sikstrom, Richard and Hilda family

Simmons, Hardware and Lumber

Simmons, Sid and Helen family

Sims, Wilmer and Ellen family

Sjogren, Allan and Marjorie

Sjogren, Manfred family

Skjaveland, Wilhem and Lars family

Skog, Herb family

Small, Orville and Velma family

Smith, William Walter Assheton and Freda

Snider, Ed B. and Cora

Snider, Edward and Margaret

Snider, Robert and Rosemary

Snider, Stewart and Vera

Stangstad, Ole and Emma family

Stanvick, Peter and Anne family

Steeves, John and Laurine

Stobbs, John and Edie

Streberg, John Englebert and Jenny

Strom, A.O. family

Strom, Thorsten and Ruth

Stromstad, Mikkal and Kjersti

Stronach, John

Stuve, Elmer and Leona family

Swanson, Charle J.

Swanson, John Peter family

Swedberg, Allan Nickolas and Ruby

Swedberg, Halvar W. and Hortense family

Swedberg, Hjalmar and Frida

Swedberg, Lorne and Connie

Tallin, Evert and Elnor family

Taranger, Alfred Stabel and Agda family

Tasker, George and Reg

Teeple, Homer and Bertha 

Tellman, Nels family

Telning, John E. and Johanna

Thomassen, Ole family

Thompson, Charlie and Lena family

Thorkelson, Halvor and Olga

Throndson, Morris family

Tiffany, Dewitt Clinton Jr. 

Toews, Harvey and Elda family

Tollefson, Ardell and Dorotyh family

Tollefson, Nils and Randine

Tone, Ransom family

Tone, William family

Torhjelm, Israel August and Sofia family

Tronnes, Alfred and Olga family

Tschirren, John 

Turner, Leonard James and Lena family

Turner, Lloyd Benjamin and Lena family

Tveit, Amund and Hanna

Twidts, Carl family

Udholm, Niels and Kristina

Vanhook, Frank 

Vanouck, Ed and Vina

VanPetten, William and Alice family

Videsjorden, Ole Thorensen and Josephine family

Weberg, Albert and Victoria

Wentworth, Curtis

Westergard, Severt and James families

Westfall, Ernest and Martha family

Westfall, Hank Martinus and Julia family

Westlund, Nels John and Helga

Whitecotton, Robert and Elvira (Oberg)

Williams, Pete and Mabel family

Willows, James Farris 

Willson, Charles

Willson, Charles H. 

Willson, William J. 

Wilson, John Curtis

Wold, Ken family

Wold, Ole and Sigrid family

Wold, Walter and Agnes family

Woods, Ivan and Marjorie

Yttri, Harold and Violet

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