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and Bow River District Advertiser
September 23, 1885

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.

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Some Reliable Statistics of This Year's Yield - A Splendid Showing.

While Mr. W. E. FOWLER was going about the District of Alberta
collecting specimens of farm produce for the C.P.R. exhibition car,
he secured some notes regarding the jield on some of the farms in
various parts of the country. These are given below, and as they may
be taken as in all respects reliable, they form a very valuable
record. It will be seen that the oat and potato crop have turned out
exceedingly well and wherever wheat has been sown the results have
been of the most encouraging nature. The season has been wholly exempt
from killing frosts, a condition that cannot unfortunately be claimed
for Easter Canada and the Northwestern States this year. It seems now
to be settled that this country is well adapted to mixed farming, as
the returns which we now give, and the results of the C.P.R.
experimental farms published last week, abundantly prove:-

JOHN GLENN, Fish Creek - 90 acres in crop, 70 of same in oats, sown
between 12th and 22nd April; expects to average 50 bushels to the
acre. A large crop of vegetables. Potates 11 acres, averaging 400
bushels to acre (on sod). Oats weigh 40 pounds to bushel, grown on

NELSON BEBE, Fish Creek - Fine crop of oats; wheat and barley fully
ripened; sown about middle of April. Large yield of vegetables.
Expects to average 50 bushels of oats to acre, and 400 bushels
potatoes to acre.

DUNCAN McARTHUR, Fish Creek - About 50 acres in crop mostly oats, will
average about 50 bushels to acre; sown last of March. Crops well

HUGH McINNES, Fish Creek - About 40 acres in crop, mostly oats; sown
first part of April; average between 40 to 50 bushels to acre.

R. & A. PRATT, Pine Creek - About 10 acres in crop, 5 of oats, sown
4th of April; will average 55 bushels to acre.

A. SMITH, Pine Creek - 14 acres in crop; oats sown 13th March; will
average 50 bushels to the acre. Splendid yield of vegetables. Onions,
carrots and beets were put in 1st of April, potatoes 13th May.
Potatoes will average about 400 bushels to the acre.

S. WATSON, Pine Creek - 15 acres in crop, sown April 1st; expects to
average 75 bushels oats to acre. Potatoes unusually large yield.

JOHN CAMERON, Sheep Creek - 35 acres in crop; oats sown on sod 12th
April; expects an average of 55 bushels to acre. Wheat and barley
well ripened.

JOHN McMILLAN, Sheep Creek - 10 acres put in 5th May. Oats very fine,
will average between 60 and 70 bushels to acre.

ROBERT J. YOUNG, Sheep Creek - Oats sown middle of April, and expects
an average of 60 bushels to acre. Wheat and barley well ripened.

H. J. CARROLL, Sheep Creek - 50 acres in crop, 45 oats, will average
60 bushels to acre; put in 1st April. Large yield of vegetables of
all kinds.

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