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Local History Book Table of Contents: Calgary, 1875-1950 - Calgary

A Souvenir of Calgary's Seventy-fifth Anniversary

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme.


Their Majesties Queen Elizabeth & King George VI

A Glorious History - From East to West

Welcome to Calgary...

Toronto Salutes Calgary

Greetings from the Prime Minister of Canada

Greetings from the Lieut. Governor

Greetings from Commissioner Wood of the R.C.M.P.

Calgary and the B of M

Greetings to Calgary from CBX

Greetings from the Premier of Alberta

Parslow & Denoon

Greetings from the Mayor of Calgary

Calgary's China Town

Greetings from the City Commissioner

Robert Cadogan Thomas

The Buffalo

Smithbilt Hat Company Enters Thirty-first Year on Calgary's 75th Anniversary

The Indians

Brasso Motors

The N.W.M.P. Meet the Whiskey Traders

Fort Whoop-Up

Hutchinson & Scott

The Story of the North West Mounted Police

Campbell & Haliburton

Colonel MacLeod

Jerry Potts

From 1905...

The Indians in 1950

Fort Calgary 1875

Founding and Naming of Calgary

Calgary 1877

Sam Parkinson

First Settlers

Sam Livingstone
Fred Kanouse
Kootenai Brown
Eau Claire Sawmills Ltd.
Kamouse Taylor
John Glenn

1877 - The Blackfoot Treaty

Calgary's Pioneer Dairy Firm

The Sarcee Episode of 1880

Pleasant Reflections From the Mirror of Memory

The First Train Crosse the Elbow August 14th 1883

A Pioneer Settlement

The Independent Biscuit Company

Prohibition in Calgary

The Nor-West Rebellion - 1885

Chief Crowfoot

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Chesney's Hardware

Ernest Cashel

Mother Fulham

Bob Edwards and the Calgary Eye Opener

The Calgary Herald

The Alberta Motor Association

P.J. Nolan K.C.

The Calgary Safety Council

Booms in Calgary

Remittance Men

The Calgary Fire Department

H.B. Wilson Remembers "Cappy" Smart

The Calgary Police 1875-1950

Calgary School District No. 19

Mount Royal Junior College

The Calgary Separate Schools

The Catholic Church in Calgary

"The Little Chapel on the Corner"

The First Baptist Church

The Presbyterian Church

The Diocese of Calgary

The Y.W.C.A. in Calgary

Wholly Controlled and Operated By an Association of Milk Producers

The MacDougalls and the United Church

The Salvation Army

University of Calgary

Fine Arts in Calgary

The Banff School of Arts

The Coste House

Amateur Theatre in Calgary

Calgary's Military Record

The Legion..1950

Calgary Symphony Orchestra

History of Music in Calgary

1950 Council

The Outstanding Members - 1950 Council

M.L.A's in 1950

A Bomb in the City Hall

Olympic Bowling Alleys

Members of Parliament ...1950

Calgary Today - Jim Cross

Jenkin's Curiosity Built Canada's First Groceteria

Taylor, Pearson & Carson Limited

General Supplies Limited Celebrates 40th Anniversary

The Staff at General Supplies Limited

Norman A. Campbell

Henry Birks and Sons

The Calgary Story of Birks

Store Policy is For Youth

Maklin Motors a Story of Progress

E.A. McCullough

With the Staff at Maklin Motors

Calgary Exhibition & Stampede

Patrick Burns ~ Nation Builder

Miss Calgary Stampede Contest

Hon. A.J. McLean

Alfred Ernest Cross

George Lane

John Ware

By Their Brands Ye Shall Know Them

Early Ranches And Ranchers

Alberta Wheat Pool - Farmer Own Co-operative

Calgary and Agriculture

The Farm and Ranch Review Looks Backward and Looks Ahead

Trail Blazer of Farm Co-operatives

United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd.

History of Sport in Calgary

Andy Baxter

Campbell Floral

The Corral

Eric's Senior Men's Fastball Team

Martin Reid and Reg Dillabough

The Stampeder Special

Helmer and Carr

"The Calgary Tigers"

The Story of Racing in Calgary

Steve Meldon and Some of the Boys

The Story of Oil in Canada

The Calgary Petroleum Club

Charlie & McCarthy Limited

The Story of R.A. Brown Sr.

Calgary .. Canada's Oil Capital

Union Tractor & Equipment Co. LTD.

Operations of Wilkinson & McClean Ltd. Contribute to Calgary's Importance As a Distributing Center

Precision Machine & Foundry Ltd.

J.R. Hammill

Fairbank - Morse Co. Ltd.

Maynard J. Davies

Clifton C. Cross

The Herron Story

Anglo-Canadian Oil Company

Pacific Petroleums Limited

Royalite Oil Company Limited - Salutes the City of Calgary

Mr. R.A. James

The Three Paragons

Fred Mannix & Company Ltd.

Jefferies & Sons

Hurst Construction

Anderson Plumbing Co.

Manning - Egleston Lumber Co.

Twenty-six Years of Progress

Low Cost Housing

The Story of J.H. Ashdown Ltd. 1950

Crescent Lumber Limited

F.L. Iriving a Calgary Industrialist

McTavish, McKay & Co.

A.B. Cushing Mills Ltd.

G. Silvester Supplies Ltd.

Fred Deeves & Sons Ltd.

Red Cross Cripples Children's Hospital

Hornstrom Bros.

Metals Ltd.

Electrical Contracting & Machinery Co. Ltd.

The Assiniboia Engineering Co.

The Transit Mix System

Neon Products of Western Canada Ltd.

From Water Wheel to Giant Turbines

Calgary ... Mecca for New Industries

The Lowest Power Rates in Canada

Natural Gas - Efficient Heat at Low Cost

Look at the Western Sky-Line

Cheapest Industrial Water on the Continent

A Salute to Calgary on its 75th Birthday

Pioneers of Calgary Industry

The Provincial Institute of Technology and Art ... Provides Skilled Labour

The Calgary Branch - Faculty of Education - University of Alberta

Stable Labour

Statistics on the Growing City of Calgary - Population 125,000

R.W. Burns

Homes by Bennett

Ed. Hall


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