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Local History Book Index: Precious Memoires  History of Mallaig  Therien 1906-1992

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley.


Adam, Hubert and Angeline

Ambler, Alfred and Kate

Ambler, Bill and Alice

Ambler, Clifford and Shirley

Ambler, Edward and Jean

Ambler, Irvine and Jeannette

Ambler, Lawrence and Wilma

Ambler, Roy

Ambler, William and Bertha

Amyotte, Adelard and Therese

Amyotte, Albert and Aline

Amyotte, Armand and Jeannette

Amyotte, Armand and Suzanne

Amyotte, Arthur and Monique

Amyotte, Cyril and Gisele

Amyotte, David and Amanda

Amyotte, Edouard and Germaine

Amyotte, Emile and Jeannine

Amyotte, Henri and Paulette

Amyotte, Langevin and Juliette

Amyotte, Laurent and Patricia

Amyotte, Leo and Annette

Amyotte, Lucien and Julie

Amyotte, Marcel and Leonie

Amyotte, Napoleon and Alice

Amyotte, Oscar and Diana

Amyotte, Paul and Laurette

Amyotte, Raymond and Maria

Amyotte, Rene and Louise

Amyotte, Romeo and Anne Marie

Anderson, Clarence and Alice

Anderson, Henrich and Evelyn

Anderson, William and Martina

Andrews, Arthur and Pauline

Andrews, Bill and Leva

Andrews, William and Maud

Arychuk, Silver and Racheal

Atkinson, Ted and Marion

Aubert, John and Alice

Bachoffer, Edouard and Anne

Bachoffer, Valentin and Anna

Bacque, Dennis and Wanda

Bacque, Louis

Bacque, Pierre and Yvonne

Bacque, Roland and Armandine

Baribault, Eugene and Arthemise

Behm, Mike and Anna

Belanger, Alfred and Marie-Anne

Belanger, Ludger and Severine

Belanger, Napoleon and Claudia

Bellerive, Francis and Gladys

Bellerive, Omer and Sadie

Belleville, Cecil and Antoinette

Bentley, Rosie

Bergevin, Real and Cheryle

Berube, Ralph and Cecile

Bettcher, Gottfried and Elizabeth

Bettcher, Walter and Mildred

Bilodeau, Henri and Mathilda

Blais, Allan and Isabelle

Blanchard, Romeo

Blower, Harold and Cecile

Blower, Perceval and Lizzie

Bodnar, Eric and Irene

Boisvert, Alphonse and Alexina

Boisvert, Phillipe

Bordenave, Frederic

Bouchard, Eugene and Georgiana

Bouchard, Joseph and Jeanne

Bouchard, Leopold and Aline

Bouchard, Paul and Cecilia

Bouchard, Raoul

Bouchard, Regis and Carmel

Boucher, Albert

Boucher, Jules and Anne

Bouliane, David

Bouliane, Gabriel

Boutin, Raymond and Jeanne

Braconnier, Exie and Irene

Brochu, Armand and Nina

Brochu, Jack and Thelma

Brochu, Joseph and Leonie

Brochu, Louis and Violet

Brochu, Theodule and Cecile

Brousseau, Francois and Carol

Brousseau, Yves and Simone

Bryant, Mary Agnes (Rogerson)

Burak, Fred and Margaret

Burak, John and Annie

Burak, Pete and Joeanne

Burak, Sam and Nellie

Busque, Paul Emile and Lilianne

Cadrin, Leonidas and Adrienne

Cadrin, Marcel and Lilo

Cadrin, Richard and Christine

Camire, Albert and Cecile

Carle, Edouard and Marguerite

Carle, Francois and Emelda

Carle, Henri and Marie

Carle, Leo and Sophie

Carle, Philibert and Dolores

Carle, Rene and Helen

Chapdelaine, Albert and Victoria

Chapdelaine, Arthur and Leona

Chapdelaine, Joseph and Rose

Charbonneau, Hermenegilde

Charbonneau, Honore

Charbonneau, Lucien and Antoinette

Charbonneau, Zenon

Chartrand, Alexandre and Irene

Chartrand, Denis and Gaetane

Chartrand, Elie and Beatrice

Chartrand, Ernest and Alexandrine

Chartrand, Lafontaine and Eveline

Chartrand, Joseph and Augustine

Chartrand, Joseph and Leona

Chartrand, Maurille and Jeanee

Chartrand, Paul and Albertine

Chartrand, Richard and Laurette

Chartrand, Robert and Gabrielle

Chartrand, Vincent and Rose

Christensen, Allan and Denise

Christensen, Gerald and Yvette

Christensen, James and Irene

Christensen, Kevin and Ann

Christensen, Norbert and Yvette

Clarke, Georges and Leota

Cooknell, Kenneth and Helen

Cooper, Jeanne

Copeland, Dorette

Corbiere, Alphonse and Dolores

Corbiere, Alphonse and Georgette

Corbiere, Edgar and Cecile

Corbiere, Edmond and Alice

Corbiere, Herve and Ghislaine

Corbiere, Joseph and Simone

Corbiere, Leo and Ella

Corbiere, Narcisse and Jennie

Cotton, Asa and Hazel

Cotton, Fred

Cotton, George and Gloria

Crepel, Clery and Odile

Dahlstedt, Margaret

Dallaire, Aurore

Dallaire, Charles

Dallaire, Eudore

Dallaire, Honore

Dallaire, Jean-Baptiste and Rose

Dallaire, Leo and Anna

Dallaire, Leo Jr.

Dallaire, Louis

Dallaire, Marc and Roberta

Dallaire, Pat and Yvette

Dallaire, Paul and Izola

Dallaire, William and Esther

Dechaine, Alfred and Rose Anna

Dechaine, Charles and Lise

Dechaine, Laurier and Mona

Dechaine, Leon and Corinne

Dechaine, Paul and Gloria

Dechaine, Wilfrid and Jeannette

Denault, Marcel and Laurette

Denault, Raymond and Mederisse

Denning, Roy and Amy

Denning, Fred and Marie

Dery, Joseph Aime and Elsie

Dionne, Cyril and Rose

Dionne, Paul and Clara

Dionne, Paul and Florence

Doucet, Emile and Bernadette

Doucet, Nere and Clarisse

Doucet, Olivier and Eva

Durocher, Rene and Rosalie

Duteau, Paul and Laura

Dwan, Arthur and Mary

Dwan, Gregory and Margaret

Edwards, Tom and Carolyn

Emery, Andrew and Loretta

Emery, Lloyd and Lora

Erickson, Arnold and Myrtle

Erickson, Fritz and Mary

Erickson, Hendrick and Louise

Erickson, Lloyd and Marguerite

Faubert, Alderic and Olea

Feland, Delmas and Grace

Feland, Tom

Fentie, Gordon and Alexandrine

Fjellstrom, Fabian and Rose

Friesen, Glen and family

Fushtey, William and Pearl

Gagne, Alcide and Cecilia

Gagne, Antoine and Cecile

Gagne, Eugene and Lucienne

Gagne, Leo and Jeanne

Gagne, Ovila and Jeanne

Gagne, Pete and Margaret

Gagne, Rene and Marie-Anne

Gagnon, Thuribe and Georgianna

Gascon, Albert and Marcella

Gascon, Donat and Carmel

Gascon, Ephrem and Andree

Gascon, Luc and Debbie

Gascon, Romeo and Lucille

Gavinchuk, George and Lila

Gervais, David and Marie Rose

Gervais, David and Therese

Gervias, Ovide and Marie Anne

Gervais, Raymond and Annette

Gervais, Rolland and Mariline

Girard, Joseph

Girard, Richard and Lucienne

Godelaine, Antoine and Maria

Golko, Steve and Kate

Gonneville, Alphonse and Roseanna

Gonneville, Dollard and Yvonne

Gonneville, Omer and Cecile

Gosling, Dick and Lillianne

Gouin, Albert

Gratton, Adelard and Eva

Gratton, Albert

Gratton, Anespha and Leda

Gratton, Antoine and Denise

Gratton, Edouard and Therese

Gratton, Henri and Linda

Gratton, Jocelyn and Annette

Gratton, Joseph and Marianne

Gratton, Leo and Rose

Gratton, Leonard and Helene

Gratton, Lucien

Gratton, Lucien and Jeannine

Gratton, Martin and Yolande

Gratton, Roger and Alice

Gratton, Yvonne (Caouette)

Groleau, Ferdinand and Rosilda

Groleau, Theodore and Veronique

Gronningsater, Ingvald

Guerrier, Arsene and Marie

Guerrier, Louis and Marjorie

Guilbault, Alphonse and Marie

Guilbault, Arthur and Alice

Guilbault, Lysenko and Evelyn

Guilbault, George and Agnes

Guilbault, Henri

Guilbault, Raymond and Cindy

Guilbault, Rene and Gilberte

Guinup, Claude and Etna

Guinup, Perry and Betty

Guinup, Raymond and Vivian

Hagen, Bertha

Haglund, Enoch and Francis

Haglund, Gustave and Carolina

Haglund, Irene

Haglund, Leslie and Gertrude

Haglund, Wayne and Ellen

Harasem, Benny and Brenda

Hebert, Julien and Marguerite

Hochachka, William and Pearl

Hoolahan, Henry and Ruby

Horiachka, Bill and Olga

Horiachka, John Katie and family

Houle, Armand and Yvette

Hughes, Michall and family

Hurtubise, Leo and Laura

Isaacson, Owen and Annette

Iverson, John and Grace

Iverson, Wayne and Mylss

Jackson, Theodore

Jobs, Edward and Sophie

Jodoin, Edgar and Annette

Jodoin, Omer and Lenora

Jodoin, Salvator

Johnson, Brian and Sharon

Johnson, Clarence and Dorothy

Johnson, David and Sharon

Johnson, John Peter and Anna

Johnson, Jonas and Tressa

Johnson, Ragnar and Effie

Jones, Ken and Paula

Jubinville, Louise and Laverne

Karatew, Alex

Katerynych, Don and Lise

Kelley, Bill and Alta

Kelley, Earl and Ada

Kelley, Pat and Margie

Kmet, Mike and Molly

Knapp, Clarence

Knight, Silas and Nancy

Krevenky, Alex and Anna

Krevenky, Mark and Lucille

Kumpula, Calvin and Louise

Kwiatkowski, Alfred and Eva

Lafleur, Olivier and Juliette

Lafortune, Fred and Gladys

Lafrance, Noel and Clemence

Lajoie, Athanese and Odilia

Lajoie, Harvey and Louise

Lallier, Simon and Malvina

Lamoureux, Adolphus and Ernestine

Lamoureux, Napoleon and Blanche

Lamoureux, Philip and Cecile

Lamoureux, Richard and Rollande

Landry, Gerard and Margaret

Langdeau, Oswald and Agathe

Langevin, Jean and Irene

Laramee, George and Dianna

Laurie, Robert and Ida May

Lawton, Robert and Lorraine

Lefebvre, Abel and Marie

Lefebvre, Wilfred and Anita

LeJeloux, Julien and Cecile

Lemley, Bertha (Rivard)

Lepine, Euclide and Jeanne

Levesque, Wilfrid and Madeleine

Loch, Alphonse and Eva

Logan, Lloyd and Bertha

Lorrain, Athanase

MacDonald, Neil

MacKay, Niel and Pauline

Mackeracher, Norman and Ella

MacKinnon, Malcolm and Danina

MacMillan, Agnes (Laplante)

Mageau, Arthur and Yvette

Mageau, Henri and Gladys

Mageau, Jean-Paul and Sharon

Mageau, Lectande and Adele

Mageau, Wilfrid and Gladys 

Mahe, Jospeh and Elsie

Mahe, Michel and Faye

Mailloux, Joseph

Makarus, Tom and Anisja

Maksymiuk, Michael and Anne

Malo, Aime and Marie-Ange

Malo, Floremond and Maria

Malo, Pierre and Lillianne

Malo, Yvon and Jacqueline

Marchand, Bud and Pauline

Marchand, Genery and Albina

Marchand, Hector and Blanche

Marchand, Jean-Paul and Marie-Ange

Marchand, Philip and Barbara

Marchand, Real and Evelyn

Marchand, Therese Worton

Martin, Armand and Marguerite

Martin, Andre and Lorraine

Martin, Denis and Aline

Martin, Jean and Monique

Martin, Marcel and Yvette

Martin, Ovila

Martin, Parfait and Emilienne

Martin, Rolland and Bernadette

Masluk, Mike and Molly

Masse, Henri and Oliva

Masse, Felix and Melodia

Matus, Gladys (Mageau)

McGuinness, Elizabeth (Wilson)

Meaney, James and Thelma

Melynk, George and Edna

Meunier, Aurele and Eugenie

Michalow, John and Catherine

Michaud, George and Aurore

Michaud, Grace

Michaud, Jean-Baptiste and Rose

Michaud, Jocelyn and Diane

Michaud, Laurent and Gisele

Michaud, Louise and Albertine

Michaud, Marc and Rae

Michaud, Maurice and JoLayne

Michaud, Omar and Helene

Michaud, Ovide and Helene

Michaud, Philippe and Anna

Michaud, Richard and Georgette

Michaud, Theodore and Madeleine

Michaud, Yvon and Carmel

Miller, John and William

Miniely, Albert and Pearl

Morisette, Edgar and Laura

Moyen, Albert and Marie

Mulligan, Allan and Lorraine

Nelson, Alfred and Rita

Nelson, Charley

Nelson, Orrin and Katharine

Newby, William and Ada

Nixon, Keith and Janet

Normand, Edgar and Juliette

Normand, Michel and Marie

Oleniuk, Paul and Betty

Ouellette, Bernard and Paulette

Ouellette, Denis

Ouellette, Elie and Katherine

Ouellette, Ernest and Alice

Ouellette, Euclide and Rita

Ouellette, Leo and Florida

Ouellette, Ovila and Veronique

Ouellette, Sylva and Yvonne

Palmer, Roy and Diane

Paradis, Isaie and Delphine

Paradis, Onesime and Alvine

Parenteau, Albert and Jeanne

Parenteau, Joseph and Eva

Pawlowski, Sid and Irene

Phillips, George and Adrienne

Phillips, William

Phillips, William and Katherine

Phipps, Thomas and Grace

Pierce, Robert and Audrey

Pirnak, Harry and Jennie

Pirnak, Nick and Lillian

Plaquin, Albert and Juliette

Plaquin, Arnold and Marian

Plaquin, Arnould and Blanche

Plaquin, Eugene and Simone

Plaquin, Eugene Sr. and Rose

Plaquin, Omer and Marlene

Poilve, Jean

Poirier, Prudent and Yvonne

Poulin, Leonel and Mathilda

Preville, Armand and Eliane

Pshyk, Alex and Nellie

Puschak, John and Linda

Pushkarenko, Thomas and Tatiana

Ralstin, Robert and Valerie

Renauld, Jules and Sophie

Richard, Juliette

Rivard, Margaret

Robitaille, Albert and Millicent

Robitaille, Alfred and Marguerite

Robitaille, Come (Pete) and May

Roche, Patrick and Karen

Rosichuk, Steve and Mary

Rougeau, Joseph and Marie Anne

Rychel, Peter and Nancy

St. Arnault, Daniel and Halia

St. Arnault, Florent and Diane

St. Arnault, Gilbert and Lorraine

St. Arnault, Hormidas and Julienne

St. Arnault, Leon and Marie

St. Arnault, Rolland and Juliette

St. Pierre, Denis and Alice

Schaffer, Charile

Scherba, Family

Schulmiester, Alex and Mildred

Seniuk, Nick and Molly

Smith-Lemley, Family

Smith, William and Hattie

Sopchyshyn, Wilfred family

Sorochan, Wasyl and Elizabeth

Spiess, Harry and Ethel

Springer, Dan and Birdie

Steele, John

Stover, George and Julia

Stover, Sylvestor and Lily

Talaska, John, George and family

Tardif, Gaudias and Eugenie

Tchir, Lorraine

Tenove, Gustav Werner and Sophie

Tenove, Wendell

Tercier, Rene and Jeanne

Therien, Emile and Charlotte

Thomas, Louis and Agnes

Tremblay, Denis and Colette

Trottier, Ian and Corinne

Tymko, Joe and Annie

Urchyshyn, Peter and Christine

Urchyshyn, Walter and Barbara

Vallee, Eileen

Vallee, Emile amd Berthe

Vallee, George and Monique

Vallee, Gerald and Sylvie

Vallee, Rene and Lillian

Viel, Joseph Irenee and Eulalie

Viel, Joseph Albert and Therese

Viel, Paul and Angeline

Viel, Pierre and Edna

Watamaniuk, Peter and Lillian

White, Chris

White, Frank, John and families

White, John H. (Sr.)

White, William B. and Violet

Wilkinson, Israel

Wilson, McGuinness and Elizabeth

Wilson, Robert

Winther, Robert and Phyllis

Witwicky, Peter and Ila

Worton, Therese Marchand

Yakemchuk, George

Zarowny, Jack and Pearl

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