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Local History Book Index: Coal Oil To Crude - History of Iron River - La Corey and areas

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley.


Andrews, Bill

Anderson, Anton 

Anderson, August

Anderson, Gustave

Armitage, James and Pearl

Balko, Fred

Balla, Andrew and Doris

Balla, Harry and Clara

Balla, Rudolph and Gloria

Batke, Henry, Lena and family

Batke, Albert and Elsie

Batke, Ralph and Kathleen

Batke, Vern and Lil

Behrens, Chris and Fanny family

Benio, Fred and Family

Benio, Wasyl and Family

Boychuk, Mike and Mabel

Branstrom, Charles and Agnes

Broski, Ambrose and Agnes

Broski, Nick and Mary

Brosseau, Joseph and Angelina

Brosseau, Raymond and Marlene

Burquist, Charlie

Byers, Dave and Sadie

Byng, Fred and Florence

Byford, James and Anna

Byford, Edward and Kaye

Byford, Carold and Lena

Byford, Harry and Bella

Cabanas, George and Sylvia

Carlson Brothers, Carl, Johan, Alfred and Wilhelm

Carlson, Charles

Chacula, Stanley and Mary

Charawich, Ivan and Wasylina

Chirpish, Stanley and Elizabeth

Cholik, Mike and Doris

Chouinard, Philip and Mary-Ann

Chouinard, Louis and Lena

Chubey, John and Mary

Chyz, Walter and Agafia

Cunninghams, Orville Desmond and Annie

Dallaire, George and Family

Davies, Harold, Nora and Trevor

Dayton, John and Lettie

Donnanco, Sam and Sophie

Dubilowski, Peter

Dubinuk, Anton and Christina

Duchesne, Charles and Kate

Dumaine, Henry and Josephine

Dyck, Ben and Joan

Edstrome, Clarence and Jeanie

Erickson, Glen James and Allen Chester

Erickson, George and Georgina

Espetveidt, Engwall “Slim” and Katherine

Fedchuk, Alexander and Marie

Feland, John and Alberta

Frohlich, Paul and Klara

Fersovitch, Nikita and Anna

Fersovitch, Harry and Annie

Fersovitch, Nick and Mary

Fersovitch, Alex and Sharon

Franchuk, Harry

Fredrickson, Rasmus

Fretz, Wasyl and Dora

Galick, Rose and Family

Galick, Edward and Kate

Gavronsky, Joseph and Anesia

Gavronsky, Nick and Laura

Gillet, Les and Joan

Gizowski, Bill and Xanni

Gooler, Charlie and Manerva

Gooler, Ed and Alice

Gudmunsen, Anton

Gurin, Mike and Molaska

Gurin, Nick and Ann

Hall, Frank, Morgan and Roy families

Hanna, Percy

Hansen, Don and Vi

Hargrove, Reed and Myrtle

Hargrove, Bill and Florence

Hartwell (Herman), Alex

Hawyluk, Peter and Marie

Hewek, John and Helen

Hinecker, Ernest and Esther

Hinecker, Allen and Lucienne

Hochachka, Alex and Pearl

Hood, Frank

Hopiniuk, Jefrim and Charitina

Hryhichuk, William and Helen

Humphries, Mrs. A.C.

Hunka, Nick

Ilchuk, John and Lena

Inman, Ward and Fern

Jorgenson, Peter and Violet

Jacun, John and Marfa

Kalinski, Moses and Matrona

Kalinski, Alex and Helen

Kalinski, Edward and Linda

Kalinski, John and Rose

Kalinski, Nick and Shirley

Kalinski, Steve and Eunice

Karas, Alex and Tily

Karasiuk, and Galiwoda

Karasiuk, Peter and Elsie

Karasiuk, Stanley and Annie

Keeler Family

Kicia, John and Pelagia

Knapp, George and Margaret

Knapp, Norman and Mabel

Knudsen Family

Kociupchyk, Andrew and Anna

Koleba, Efrim and Domka

Kolody, Nick and Ruth

Kolody, John and Pauline

Kolody. William and Eugenia

Koziol, Jacob and Katherine

Kruk, Steve

Krywiak, Bill and Mary

Kuniski, Aksenty and Effimia

Kuniski, Fred and Helen

Kurek, Julia

Laramee, Armand and Florence

Laramee, George and Diana

Laramee, Joseph

Larmand, Arthur and Arleta

Lauzon, Pierre and Marie

Levesque, Frank and Albina

Ljunggren, Axel and Annie

Lubes, Alex and Sophie

Luchkanych, John and Eva

Lukinuk, Bill and Jennie

MacGillivray, Robert and Florence

MacGillivray, George and Jackie

Martin, Robert and Ethel

Martin, Louis and Iley

Martiniuk, Klem and Katherine

Martiniuk, Trofem and Agafia

Mathes, Robert and Mary

Mathes, Vern and Eva

Mathes. Ernest and Eva

Matichuk, Gabriel and Martha

Matichuk, Mike and Fedora

Matthews, Dick and Florence

Matson, John and Christine

Melynchuk, Alex and Annie

Melynchuk, Harry and Alice

Michuk, Jacob

Miller, Ludvig and Irene

Morton, Everett and Cora

Mykolyshyn, Fred

McDermott, Wellington

McDermott, Bill and Alice

McGregor, Thomas and Tillie

McKinley, Oliver and Effie

Nadon, Joseph and Marie

Nay, Steve and Mary

Nelson, James and Marie

Nelson, Raymond and Mary

Netter, Steve and Ystina

Norhiem, Halvor

Odynski, Dymetro

Oliferowich, Dan and Vera

Omilian, Steve and Alexandria

Omilian, Stanley and Rose

Osland, Arthur

Oudin, Pete

Palmer, Robert and Rowena

Panas, Dmytro and Zanovia

Paradis, Henry and Agnes

Paskuluk, Nick and Ystina (Jennie)

Pederson, Christ

Peters, Isabelle and Ole Wikstrom

Peters, Alex and Isabelle

Peters, Bill and Zella

Peterson, Olaf and Helen

Petryshyn, Steve and Pauline

Plamondon, Joseph and Annie

Plouffe/Tetrault, Angelina

Plouffe, Paul and Beatrice

Plouffe, Joe and Jeanne

Procinsky, Tom and Mary

Rapp, Emil

Raynoha, Wendel and Anne

Remilliard, Jean Baptiste 

Renstrom, Ted

Ridsdale, Joseph and Virginia

Robert, Harve and Antoinette

Romanko, John and Nastasia (Nellie)

Roth, John and Lottie

Roth, Eva (Dayton)

Ryll, Karl and Katherine

Sabatier, Albert

Sabatier, Emile and Jenny

Sabatier, Joseph and Sadie

Sarawanski, Anton and Lukia

Sarawandki, Petro and Maria

Sashuk, Metro and Fedora

Sawchuk, Martin and Dora

Sawchuk, Nestor and Sennie

Sawchuk, William and Edith

Schegel, Louis and Agnes

Scott, Claude and Clara

Scott, Tom and Myrtle

Shaffer, Charles family

Shandro, Fred and Anne

Sherstan, Nick and Bessie

Shiller, Adam and Joanna

Shymchuk, Bill and Fedora

Sneath, David family

Slawuta, Roman family

Slipchuk, Paul and Cecilia

Solberg, Anders and Augusta

Solowoniuk, John and Bernice

Spaniard, Bill and Jen

Stewart, Art and Lavina

Strus, Miron and Barbara

Swetish, Albert and Wanda

Synowec, Bill and Vera

Taylor, Hayward and Leah

Taylor, Donald

Thibault, Delphis family

Tizzard, Alfred and Violet

Tkachuk, Jaffim and Epistma

Tkachuk, Tom and Savata

Tkachuk, Mike and Nettie

Tollefson, Alvin and Alice

Tollefson, Selmer

Tollefson, Gilbert, Ole, Roy

Twerdohlib, Bill and Anna

Ulanicki, Roman and Natalia

Ulanicki, Mike and Madeline

Ulanicki, Nick and Annie

Ulanicki, John and Jean

Urbaniuk, John

Van Raes, Albert and Mary

Villecourt, Fernand

Wakulchyk, Fred and Anna

Waskiewicz, Steve and Pearl

Wassing, Ko Family

Webster, Thomas Henry “Harry” and Minnie

Wierzbicki, Anthony and Jozefa

Worobiy, John and Alexandra

Wuth Fritz

Yaroshuk, Prokop and Tekla

Zaboschuk, Dan Family

Zaboschuk, John and Agnes

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