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Local History Book Index
Mellowdale Memories History of Mellowdale
Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Shirley

Andrew, James  pg. 89
Appel, Chris  pg. 89
Bamber, Lee family  pg. 90
Barnhart, R.E.  pg. 90
Baron, Alfred  pg. 92
Baron, Edwin  pg. 94
Baron, Elsie  pg. 93
Baron, Gus  pg. 91
Baron, Henry  pg. 93
Baron, Henry and Louise  pg. 95
Baron, Jack and Lucy  pg. 90
Baron, Katherine  pg. 95
Baron, Louie  pg. 93
Baron, Louie Henry  pg. 91
Baron, Ruth (Kalmbach)  pg. 151
Baron, Valentine  pg. 94
Baron, Wilfred  pg. 94
Becker, Evelyn (Baron)  pg. 95
Becker, Gus family  pg. 96
Bender, Henry Family  pg. 96
Bender, Karl  pg. 98
Bender, Karl Jr. Family  pg. 98
Bender, Matt  pg. 99
Benn, Ludwig and Clara  pg. 101
Bentz, Harvey  pg. 101
Bentz, John family  pg. 102
Bentz, Lewis family  pg. 103
Bentz, Raymond family  pg. 104
Bernrot, Adolf family  pg. 105
Bielert, Garry and Sylvia  pg. 106
Bielert, Helmut (Elmer) Family  pg. 106
Bielert, Julius family  pg. 107
Birnie, F. and A.  pg. 107
Bowler, Sid and George  pg. 107
Brosch, John  pg. 107
Bruk, Joseph (Joe) family  pg. 108
Burke, Carl family  pg. 108
Burke, Elmer family  pg. 109
Calder, Jock  pg. 110
Campbell, Kenneth family  pg. 111
Carter, George and Hilary  pg. 111
Chebry, Family  pg. 111
Christianson, Leroy family  pg. 112
Cramer, Glen  pg. 112
Cummings, Charles  pg. 113
Dams, Adolf family  pg. 113
Dare, Arthur  pg. 114
Davis, Thomas Manley  pg. 114
Dawson, Bill and Fern family  pg. 115
Deichmann, Rev. and Mrs. August  pg. 116
Dewald, William Family  pg. 116
Dorn, August  pg. 116
Dotzlaf, Julius family  pg. 117
Downard, Ed and Lawrence  pg. 118
Duke, Ernest and Jessie  pg. 118
Emmerzael, Peter family  pg. 119
Farmer, Dan R.  pg. 119
Fenske, Rev. August A.F.  pg. 119
Fischer, Eugene  pg. 120
Fisher, W. family  pg. 121
Fluet (Kalmbach), Emma  pg. 122
Fowler, Henry J. family  pg. 123
Gade, - pg. 124
Gagon, Joe  pg. 124
Garrett, A. (Shorty)  pg. 124
Glessman, Rudolf family  pg. 128
Greilach, Carl family  pg. 124
Greilach, Frederick  pg. 125
Greilach, Steve family  pg. 126
Gruenke, Elsie (Baron)  pg. 93
Guest, Fred family  pg. 129
Guest, Hazel Thomson  pg. 129
Hagen, Olaf and Johanna  pg. 130
Harden, Lloyd and Olive  pg. 130
Hardy, Lester  pg. 131
Harris, Charlie  pg. 131
Harris, W.T.  pg. 132
Hartfelder, Oscar family  pg. 132
Heberling, Andrew family  pg. 133
Heberling, Andrew Jr.  pg. 133
Heileman, George  pg. 133
Honich, R.A.  pg. 134
Hoover, Chester Jay family  pg. 134
Houghton, Dick  pg. 135
Howsen, John A.  pg. 135
J.E. Cornell  pg. 113
Jay, Bruce  pg. 135
Jeffery, Dave  pg. 135
Jenner, Andy and Hazel  pg. 136
Johnson, John and Archie  pg. 140
Johnson, Rev. Keith  pg. 136
Johnston, William James  pg. 137
Juryn, Clara Helen (Kalmbach)  pg. 140
Kalmbach, Carl and Linda  pg. 140
Kalmbach, David  pg. 151
Kalmbach, Edwin  pg. 141
Kalmbach, Ernest Rudolph  pg. 147
Kalmbach, Karl and Klara  pg. 142
Kalmbach, Oscar family  pg. 149
Kalmbach, Otto  pg. 143
Kalmbach, Paul C. family  pg. 144
Kalmbach, Redgie Terrance  pg. 152
Kalmbach, Reiny  pg. 145
Kalmbach, Rudolf  pg. 145
Kalmbach, Rudolph and Carl  pg. 153
Kalmbach, Waldemar  pg. 148
Kalmbach. Frederick William  pg. 141
Keiler, Adam  pg. 153
Kemp, George  pg. 154
Kerr, D.  pg. 154
Kiwit, John Charles family  pg. 154
Klabunde, H.  pg. 156
Klix, Helmut  pg. 156
Koch, Family  pg. 161
Koch, Jacob  pg. 159
Koranda, Joe  pg. 162
Krieger, Sigmund  pg. 162
Kryger, Kristof  pg. 163
Kublik, Ernest family  pg. 163
Kupsch, Bertha (Burke)  pg. 165
Kupsch, Ludwig and John family  pg. 164
Kupsch, William and Margaret  pg. 166
Lambert, Joseph Edward family  pg. 154
Laskowsky, A.  pg. 167
Lee, Lloyd and Ethel  pg. 167
Lee, Ollie family  pg. 168
Lindquist, Ben and Hilda  pg. 169
Lindquist, Carl  pg. 171
Lindquist, Gunnar  pg. 172
Lindquist, Leonard  pg. 175
Lindquist, Sam  pg. 175
Litzenberger, Philip  pg. 177
Loitz, Ken and Vivian (Bielert)  pg. 107
Marquardt, William M.  pg. 177
Martin, Wilhelm and Ernestine  pg. 179
Massey, J.  pg. 180
Mast, Maynard family  pg. 180
Mast, Pete  pg. 180
Maxwell, Fred family  pg. 180
Maykut, Joe family  pg. 182
McClain, Percy  pg. 187
McClanahagn, R. (Mac)  pg. 188
McEwan, W. Jock and Jessie  pg. 188
McGuire, Harry  pg. 188
McKee, G.R. family  pg. 189
McKerracher, John  pg. 189
Metzger, Henry family  pg. 182
Metzger, Jacob  pg. 182
Metzger, John and Johanna  pg. 183
Milligan, Bill  pg. 185
Mohrmann, John Henry  pg. 185
Molzahn, Rudolf family  pg. 186
Monn, Ole N.  pg. 187
Morrison, Alex  pg. 187
Murrey, J.R.  pg. 187
Neate, James and Jack  pg. 189
Nelson, Ben  pg. 189
Nelson, D. Arvid  pg. 189
Olson, Cornelius  pg. 191
Ordze, Lorne family  pg. 191
Paterson, Charles Patrick  pg. 192
Patterson, Pete  pg. 192
Pecka, Joe and Dolly  pg. 192
Pederson, Norman family  pg. 193
Pickrell, Will  pg. 193
Pitt, Adolf family  pg. 193
Plantinga, Aebe  pg. 194
Pozniak, John family  pg. 195
Radke, Fred family  pg. 195
Radke, Leo  pg. 196
Radke, Otto  pg. 197
Raduenz, Rev. A.H.  pg. 199
Redman, Dorothy (Reist)  pg. 199
Rempel, Gus family  pg. 200
Rentz, Ludwig family  pg. 202
Rentz, Robert family  pg. 201
Roberts, Shannon  pg. 203
Ronaasen, Per (Pete) family  pg. 203
Ronaasen, Sven Norman  pg. 204
Roth, George  pg. 205
Roth, John and Emma  pg. 205
Royer, Jim  pg. 207
Schmidt, Albert and Olga  pg. 207
Schmidt, Mathias family  pg. 209
Schmidt, Peter family  pg. 211
Schmidt, Walter  pg. 207
Schneider, Harvey family  pg. 212
Sebern, Family  pg. 213
Shipley, Norman  pg. 213
Silgard, Glen  pg. 214
Smith, Doug and Marie  pg. 213
Smith, George J.  pg. 213
Smith, Len P.  pg. 213
Steinbring, Roy family  pg. 214
Talma, Clarence and Martha  pg. 216
Thompson, Frank  pg. 217
Thoms, Carl and August  pg. 219
Thurston, Fred S.  pg. 219
Thurston, Sidney and Irene  pg. 219
Tiemstra, Albert family  pg. 220
Tipton, Frank and Katherine family  pg. 220
Tomm, Family  pg. 221
Trigger, Mr. and Mrs.  pg. 221
Ulmer, Roy family  pg. 221
Ulmer, Walter family  pg. 222
Urbin, Jim and Marg  pg. 222
Visser, Calvin and Brenda  pg. 222
Voight, Christian  pg. 223
Voight, John  pg. 224
Voight, Martin  pg. 224
Wagner, Ewald (Shorty)  pg. 224
Wagner, Gottlieb  pg. 226
Wagner, Peter and Katherine  pg. 227
Wardell, Mr.  pg. 228
Watson, Edward Milton family  pg. 229
Wegner, Adolf family  pg. 230
Wegner, Julius family  pg. 231
Weisgerber, family  pg. 235
Werner, Albert  pg. 234
Werner, E.W.  pg. 233
Werner, Henry family  pg. 233
Williams, Ivor family  pg. 237
Wilson, Matt  pg. 238
Young, Jack  pg. 238
Zuk, Katherine (Baron)  pg. 95

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