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Local History Book TOC: Meet Southern Alberta - Province of Alberta

Contributed for use in Alberta Digital Archives by Darlene Homme


There is no official table of Contents or Index


The Chinook - Brings June in January

Southern Alberta's Homesteaders - They had what it took...

Sam Livingston - Farming was his pot of gold

Brooks - Giant oaks from little acorns grow

The Calgary Zoo - "Animals today are better looking than pre-historic ones."

George Lane - Without fuss or feathers

Ranching - A big business

High River - Ranching is it's middle name

Mr. Justice W.C. Ives - The Cowboy Judge

The North West Mounted Police - Lest we forget...

Cardston - The Temple City of the Alberta Plains

The Shaws - Of Midnapore

The Why and Wherefore of the Indian Association of Alberta

The Frank Slide - Our tragedy

Father Lacombe - He called himself "The Old Chief"

The Lost Lemon Mine

Medicine Hat - The name you don't forget

Bob Edwards - We still quote him, and his Calgary Eye Opener 

The Calgary Stampede - Ride 'im cowboy 

Lethbridge - The Gateway of Opportunity

Sam Steel - Of the Northwest Mounted Police

The Cypress Hills - A Prarie Oasis

Fort MacLeod - It brought law and order

Kootenai Brown - He read the classics

Bankhead - A ghost town

Brands - Are the Heraldy of the West

Paddy Nolan

The Millarville Races - They're off!

Buffaloes - The staff of life on the prairies

Reverend John McDougall - Missionary and Plainsman

Dinosaur Park - Eerie and old

The Calgary Horse Show - A sure sign of spring

Pincher Creek - Then, and now

Dunbow School - Alberta's Carlisle

John Ware - Alberta's Black Rancher

Crow's Nest Pass - An Indian Battlesite

Calgary - Is it a place or a state of mind?

Banff - The Stuff that dreams are made of
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