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Multiple Surnames

Researching: LYON and WALKER

Researcher: Marva Queen

12 July 2010

Hello. I am looking for any photos that anyone may have of a Lyon family member (African American) that were born or lived in the Pa area in the 1800ís. Either in Holidaysburg or New Enterprise, Blair County. If anyone has a Lyons/Walker family member from this area would you please contact me. Looking for my g g grandfather, George W. Lyons and wife Mary E.Lyons   and a Jacob and Margret Lyons from the same area or the Philadelphia area.

Thanks for any help.

Ms Queen


Researching: GRAHAM, ROBINSON, GASKIN, OUTLAW, Georgia & No. Carolina

Researcher: Jaworski Robinson

5 Sept 2007

I am researching the surname Graham from Duplin Co. N.C. and Atkinson, and Coffee Co. Ga. Also the surname Robinson from New Hanover, and Mecklenburg, N.C. and in Atkinson, Coffee, and Lowndes Co. Ga. Gaskin from Atkinson, and Coffee Co. Ga. Outlaw from Duplin, and Lenoir Co. N.C. Thanks for your help.



Researcher: Jo Spencer

26 Jan 2010

Researching the above surnames in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, No. Carolina, So. Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri. I have collected a lot of information about these lines on behalf  of the descendants of their slave. Please contact me to share information.

"I have now been doing genealogy research for eight years and hope to soon be certified. My ancestors are Anglo and Cherokee, but I have now researched many African American lines on behalf of descendents. I am hoping to produce a manual, "Researching African American Ancestry",  to assist others."


Researching: STAFFORD, HARRISON, WALKER, LUCAS and MILLER, Georgia & Florida

Researcher: Pamela Stafford

16 April 2007

I am researching the African American surnames of, Stafford, Harrison, Walker, Lucas, and Miller.  Locations, Southern Georgia & Florida.  Plantation locations, Camden County, Georgia for Stafford, Harrison, and Miller.



 Researching: BERRY - Kentucky

Researcher: Michele Ross

17 May 2006

I have been researching My mother's side of the family, Isiac Berry who was born in Garrand Co. Ky., in 1832. He was a slave and son of the slave owner. His mother's name was Sara or Mary Clara. Isiac was sent to Missouri with his half-sister Julieann Berry who married a man named Jim Pratt . Jim lost everything because he was a gambler and word got back to her that he was going to sell Isiac so she told him to leave. Isiac walked from Missouri to Michigan and then to Windsor, Canada. He also married his father's neice, Lucy Ester Millard. They married around 1859 and moved back to Michigan around 1877. Her father, Soloman Millard disowned her and she never heard from her family . Isiac never returned to Kentucky and never saw his family again. He had an older brother named Harvey who was sold. Isiac had also had brothers named John and Elizah. His sisters names were Nancy and Mary. Isiac never told his children what his father's name. I would like to find his family.


Researching: BERRY - Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan

Researcher: Rene' Austin

04 January 2005

My brickwall is the Berry family, originally from Nicholas and Bourbon Counties in Kentucky. I am looking for any family members or anyone who has information on the Berry family from these counties. They migrated from Kentucky in the early 1900's, moved to Detroit, Michigan and settled in Ohio. Please contact

me if you have information on this family.


Researching: BOARDLEY - Caroline County, Marydel, Maryland

Researcher: Lenora Brown

9 October 2006

I'm trying to find information on George Clarence Boardley.  He was born @1890.  He married a Cora Elizabeth Jones also from around that area.


Researching: BOOTH - Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties MD

Researcher: Lskate

29 March 2005

My deceased uncle James told me his grandfather's name was George. That would be my gggrandfather, George BOOTH, around late 1700 or early 1800.

My quest at this time is to find information on my female ancestors. I do not have a name for my gg grandmother.

My great grandmother was MARY BOOTH PITTS. Her husband was Thomas, they had 9 Booth children. Her second marriage was to Geno PITTS. She had one stepdaughter Stella PITTS. Mary died in the late 1940s in Annapolis, MD

My grandmother whom i am named for was LAURA BOOTH. Her maiden name was either WATTS or GREEN. She died about 1925 in Marley Neck, Anne Arundel County. Her husband was Elijah BOOTH. She died leaving 7 children, one was a new born baby who died shortly after Laura's death. My father was 6 years old at the time.

If anyone can connect any of the above surnames with BOOTH, i would appreciate any information available. Willing to share any research i have.

Researching: BROWN - Arkansas

Researcher: Angela Ferguson

06 February 2008

I am looking for relatives of my Great-Great-Great Grandparents Jacob and Edna Brown. They lived in Columbia, Arkansas (Magnolia and Calhoun townships).   Jacob (Jake) Brown was born about 1827 in Kentucky and Edna (Rose) Brown was born about 1844 in Georgia. In the census reports from 1870 -1910, they lived in Arkansas.  There children names were:  John, Delia, Davie (also spelled David and Dave), Peggie, Henry, Samuel, Joe, Solomon, and James Raford (also spelled Rayford), stepson.


  Researching: BUTCHER - Maryland

Researcher: Dot Brown

08 April 2005

I am researching my G.G. Grandmother, Susan Butcher born ca. 1752 in Maryland.


Researching: DUCKETT & GREENLEAF - Prince Georges County Maryland

Researcher: Sasha Mitchell

01 March 2007


My GGG Grandfather was named Tillman Greenleaf. He was born in 1850 in Maryland.

He married Sarah ________, in about 1881, moved to Washington DC, then by 1900 moved to Pittsburgh PA. He may have been free before slavery ended, I found a record for a free black man named Tilghman Greenlief in 1840 in Prince Georges County, MD


Tillman & Sarah had the following children:

Bessie (1884-<1953); Edward Tillman (1885->1953); Aquila (1891-1953) married James Gwyn; Fredrick (1888->1953); Joseph (1890-<1953); Jackson (1891-<1953); Charles Wright (1895-<1953) married Rose; Jessie (1898-<1953)


Tillman Greenleaf's sister was named Letitia Greenleaf, born May 1850 in Maryland on Sept 22, 1869, she married John Henry F. Duckett in Prince Georges MD

They had the following children: John H. (1872-); George (1880-); Marie (1883-); Alberta B. (1886-) married Isaac Wright; Sylvester (1887-); Edward S. (~1889-); Norman Anthony (1890-1980); Andrew M. (~1891-); Charles A. (1894-) married Cleo Claggett; Raymond (1895-); Helen E. (1898-)

my website address:


Researching: DONAN & DICE

Researcher: V. Lewis

07 July 2010

Looking for G-Grandmother Louise Donan and son Harrison D. Dice my grandfather. In 1930 Louise Donan lived in the household of Harrison Dice. Also before a  different aunt named Dana Stewart passed away in 2008, she was living in Harrison's household also.  Dana gave the info on her death cert listing her name as Louise Wilcoxen.



Researching: EASTER - Arkansas

Researcher: Angela Ferguson

06 February

I am looking for relatives of my Great-Grandfather, Printies Easter.   He was born in 1890 in the Atlanta Township of Columbia, AR and lived in the Calhoun, Cornie and Brown townships of Columbia, AR. He served in the Army during WWI from 1918-1919. In 1920, he was married to Ophelia (Brown) Easter of Columbia, AR. In 1930, they had four children (Nathaniel, Zettie, Mary, Scipio). After 1930, they moved to St. Louis, MO where he died in 1981.  On various records, his first name is shown as: Prenties, Prentiss, and Prentice. On the Social Security Death Index his name is shown as Printies Easter.



Researching: FAYETTE, NY

Researcher: Bruce Kilborn

25 October 2005

I am looking for information concerning John Frederick Augustus Sykes Fayette, supposedly born in France (or French territory) and lived in New York state until enrolling in Western Reserve Academy in 1832, the first black man to attend that college.

He was a member of the Laight Street Presbyterian Church in New York and was recommended to the college by Rev. Samuel Hanson Cox. His father (we believe) was named Nathaniel Jerome Fayette and his mother was Anna Oatfield.


Any information on how we could find records of this man would be appreciated.



Researching: HEBRON: Maryland and Virginia

Researcher:  T. Randolph

11 August 2009

I have interest in the HEBRON families of Laurel, Howard County, Maryland.  They were also located in both Ann Arundel and Prince Georges County during the 1700-1880s.  Some relocated to Baltimore City,

and one other migrated to Clarke County Virginia around 1905.  Thank you.


Researching: McGINNIS: KY and Ohio

Researcher: JTaylor

06 December 2004

Looking for information on the family of Alfred McGinnis, born 1834 Bourbon Co., KY. Moved to Ohio prior to 1860. Need help verify his parentage. His father was said to be a William McGinnis

from KY, probably from Bourbon Co. or one of the surrounding counties.

Contributed Resource: William MESSAMORE - Maryland

Researcher: Beverly Summers

29 May 2005

 In the directory of African American Artisans in Maryland in 1763-1890, is listed a William Messamore, male mulatto/weaver apprentice. This was made available by Valerie Little-Vaughn. - Bev Summers




Surname: NAPIER - Arkansas

  Researcher Anna Williams

20 September 2005

The surname Napier  Ernest Napier moved from Ala. in 1900 to Drew Arkansas .Later in 1930 he was in Lonake Ark.  Thank you Anna


Researching: PEACO - Maryland/Pennsylvania

Researcher: Tiffini Bowers

13 December 2005

Looking for parents of John Peaco (Peco) b. 1812 and wife Mary b.1818.  Were living in the Peach Bottom area of Maryland.  Their children were Isaac, Hezekiah, Cyrus, John, Mary, Martha.  Some members of the family migrated to PA.  If anyone can help please let me know, interested in linking to other Peaco families.


Researching: RYCKMAN - Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana

Researcher: Jacky Ryckman

10 April 2007

I am researching the RICKMAN family. John RICKMAN (RICKMOND) born 1719 in Virginia and died before 27 May 1784 in Henry County, Virginia. His spouse's names are unknown. He had Peter RICKMAN born about 1740 in Virginia and died before 1830 in Virginia. His souse's names are unknown. Peter RICKMAN had William RICKMAN born 1769 in Virginia and died before 1860 in Indiana. William RICKMAN married Jane. Jane was born 1775 in Virginia and died before 1860 in Indiana. They had the following children: Margaret RICKMAN (1801, Virginia - Bef. 1860, Indiana), Nathan RICKMAN (1808, Virginia - 05 Feb 1884, Howard County, Indiana), John RICKMAN (1809, Virginia), William R. RICKMAN (1811, Virginia - 01 May 1885, New London, Howard County, Indiana), and Jane Frances RICKMAN (1813, Tennessee - 17 December 1890, Buxton, Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario, Canada).


Surname: SHOEMAKE - Alabama

 Researcher: LaVerne Shumake Dunning

14 March 2006

Looking for the decendents of Robert and Rose Shoemake of Henry county and Gordon Al.  I found Robert, Rose and their son  Milton in 1870 &1880

 In Henry Co. Al.

Surname: SMITH - Georgia

Brenda Reddout

16 March 2007

African-American male, Pearl Smith was  born around 1885 in Georgia.  His wife was Bessie.  His children were Theotus, Jetty Mae, Otha, Essie (my grandmother!), Willie.  Mother in law was Viney Thompson.  Any information is appreciated.  He lived in Walton County, Georgia.

Surname: STREAMS - Maryland

Researcher: James Streams

22 December 2009

William H. Streams(born Oct 1840) is my grandfather.  I am trying to find all the information on him that I can find.  I mainly want to know if he was born in Maryland as the Census report states.  My father was James Matthew Streams and he also served in the US Army.


I would appreciate any information you might have on William H. Streams.  Also any burial information you might have would be greatly appreciated.



Researching: TOLAND - South Carolina 

Researcher: Maureen Toland 

19 April 2005

I am searching for Toland's in South Carolina...John Toland whom married Lelia Harris and had children James, John, Leola, and Frank. Am also searching for Morgan's and Sutton's in Florida...James B. Sutton married Amelia Morgan. Amelia's parents were Alexander and Clara James. I have found them in the 1870 Marion County Census. James Benjamin  Sutton's parents were Joseph and ??? They were in Suwannee Co., FL and later in Marion County.


Our Toland's were from the Greenville area, I think. Lelia's parents were Grank and Harriett. I have found them in the 1900 and 1910 census' in Greenwood and Greenville. Unfortunately, I am at a stand still on the Toland's before 1900. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Maureen Toland 

Researching: TYREE -

Researcher: Mrs. Gladys L. Harris-Nesbit

01 May 2005

I am looking for descendents of : James O & Willie Lee Lawson Tyree.                      

Found on 1900 Census in Roanoke, Va.  Children were: Annie, Mary, Willie Lee (my  grandmother), Louise, Georgia and James O, Jr.

My grandmother Willie Lee, married Granville Smith, divorced and Married Albert William Johnson in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Paternal side: Descendents of: Dean & Sarah Jackson Harris, found on census of 1910 in Birmingham, Ala.  Children: Offie, Dean Jr, Robert Harris. After Dean died, Grandmother Sarah, moved to Pittsburgh, Pa and married James Fountain.

Thank you
Mrs. Gladys L. Harris-Nesbit


Researching: WESTERN - Louisiana/Texas/California                                                                

Researcher: Rosemary Mullally

19 December 2004

I am submitting a death certificate for Albert Western/Weston and also his marriage certificate. He is my brick wall in that although his is present in 1910, 1920 and 1930, I cannot find him in the 1900 (although he is in the Shreveport City directory listed as working as a porter for the City Hotel), nor the 1880 census. Mose Western, born in Texas is listed as father on his death certificate but I cannot find him, anywhere. Mother is listed as unknown.

Researching: WILLIAMS - Arkansas

Researcher: Robert

01 March 2007

Hello I'm trying to find a Mary Williams also known as Mollie Williams or Mollie Nathan.She was found in the 1880 cenus in Yell/Pope/Woodruff county in Galla Galla township.She has two children Wash Falls and Ursery Williams.I would like to find the names of the fathers of Mary's children and the names of Mary's parents.


Researching: WINN, WIMES and WYNN

Researcher: Rod Plant

25 September 2008


I would like to add the name Winn, Wimes or Wynn. My g g g grandfather's father were known to be in the VA state somewhere. My g g g grandfather's name is Jasper Winn, b. 1843, not sure where. Listed on his first marriage license were the location of his father without a name. He list him as being in the VA area.


I am looking for the name of Jasper's father.

 Any help rendered would be appreciated.




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