Vital Records

Submitter::  Jacquelyn Foster-Nelson

File/Register No.:  22284
State of Birth:  Alabama
County of Birth:    Elmore
Surname:  Foster
Given Name:   John Ellis
Date of Birth:   07 June1927
Race or Color:   Colored
Sex:   Male

Born Alive or Dead:   Alive
Father's Name:   Claude Foster
Father's Place of Birth:   Elmore County
Father's Occupation:   Brick Mason
Father's Residence:  Wetumpka, AL
Mother's Name:  Carrie Daniel
Mother's Place of Birth:  Elmore County
Mother's Occupation:  Housekeeping
Mother's Residence:  Wetumpka, AL
Date Record Filed:  28 May 1927
Name of Informant:   Ella Wilson
Birth Certificate submitted?:   No


Submitter:  Jane (Taylor) Turner

File/Register No.:   unk
State of Birth:   Missouri
County of Birth:  Washington
Given Name:   RAY R.
Date of Birth:   14 December 1920
Race or Color:   Mullatto
Sex:   Male
Born Alive or Dead:   Alive
Father's Name:   Alonzo (LON) TAYLOR
Father's Place of Birth:   Missouri
Father's Occupation:   Worker in Lead Mines
Father's Residence:  Tiff, MO
Mother's Name:   Marie (CASEY) TAYLOR
Mother's Place of Birth:   Missouri
Mother's Occupation:   Housewife
Mother's Residence:   Tiff, MO
Date Record Filed:   Unknow

Name of Informant:  Jane TURNER
Birth Certificate submitted?:   N


Submitter:   Claudette Zeigler


File/Register No:   13029

Surname:   Zeigler

Given Name:   Thomas S.

Date of  Death:   October 17, 1977

State of Death:   Florida

County of Death:   Dade

Date of Death:   November 7, 1912

Place of Birth:   Gadsden County, Quincy, Florida

Father's Name:   Isaac Zeigler

Father's Birth Place:   Gadsden County, Quincy, Florida

Mother's Name:   Charity Smith

Mother's Birth Place:   unk

Race or Color:   Negro

Sex:   Male

Marital Status:   Married

Spouse's Name:   Rosa Lee Dorsett

Cause of Death:   unk

Occupation:   Grocery store owner

Place of Burial:   Palms Memorial Park, Naranja Florida

Date Record Filed:   June 4, 1981

Informant:   Rosa Lee Zeigler

Death Certificate Submitted?  No